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Johnny Chow: Amazing Seats and Amazing Asian Cuisine!

October 4, 2011

Everytime I will go to Resorts World to cover events, I always look at the Johnny Chow restaurant – eyeing it as if it was a target. So when I finally got the chance to be in Resorts World at dinner time (how perfect!), I immediately suggested dinner at Johnny Chow to my friends. My Balikbayan friend was a little hesitant to try it because she has been eating and breathing Chinese food in Dubai for many months now, but when we saw that the menu offers fusion of Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese and Korean, we had to settle down and asked a table for three.

My goal to eat here was rather shallow. I once saw a profile picture of a girl sitting on one of the chairs with Marilyn Monroe-ish painting at the back. I even posted a status message in Facebook asking my friends if they can point me to a restaurant with such lovely chic chairs. My foodie friends were clueless, and even told me to go to France. Food blogs cannot help me too. I found the restaurant like a treasure, like a pot of gold on my own.

Feels like heaven staring at those nice chairs! 

So, we were there. I was finally sitting on one of the chairs. Before I talk about the place and experience, first things first.

How to get to Johnny Chow?

You have to get to Resorts World and take the escalator to the second floor to get to Johnny Chow. You won’t miss it – just look for the cheerful, colorful chairs with awesome faces painted on it! And you won’t miss the lovely ladies in techno colored wigs!

To get to Resorts World, click here.

Ambiance and the Restaurant

I was sooo interested about the restaurant, so I asked one of the staff (with hot pink wig) if this is a Filipino owned restaurant. Yes, it is! It is actually part-owned by Marvin Agustin. I love the concept and the design! Upon checking the menu, we were not even disappointed! I was like a child adoring a toy museum, I eagerly asked, who are the faces on the chairs? Ms. Manager then came to us, and cheerfully answered my question. The faces are actually faces of the owner’s friends. Ok, so I thought I saw Marilyn Monroe, is the owner now friends with Marilyn?! My friends laughed at my mistake of thinking that I saw Marilyn Monroe in the picture posted in Facebook! It must be the owner has a friend who looks like Marilyn Monroe. Period.

The faces look so cute, and glam and chic – they all look like artists and celebrities to me.

Out of curiosity (I know… I am always curious!), I asked how many “characters” are there in the restaurant. She cannot tell because most have duplicate faces. I just asked for Ms. Owner’s chair – and here she is!

She’s sooo cute! Thanks for bringing this restaurant and giving a twist to dining experience!

I love the concept and the ambiance. It is relaxing yet modern – not the usual Chinese restaurants with dragons and chinese characters. Inside, there are pieces of displays which showcase the Asian culture.

Reminds me of Terracotta Warriors

There is still a touch of Chinese in the restaurant with its Chinese Lanterns hanging in the ceiling which just give perfect lighting.

What to Order?

I was already feeling satisfied sitting in the precious seat that felt like a throne, that I couldn’t decide what to order. Plus, I just came from a kid’s party, so I was not in the food-trip mode when we ordered. But I browsed through the menu and it has good offerings, with creative names to boot!

We decided on ..

Shrimp Wanton Soap at Php285

I am telling you this is good. Coming from a person who is not a fan of soups. You have to believe me. 
The soap is so flavorful. 

Special service from the server with a Retro-ish attire and a nice make-up! Love her watch too!

I love how she carries that wig!

 Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs at Php325

Tasty with the right rubber-like texture in the mouth with every bite. 
Dunk in vinegar to let the flavor explode in your mouth!
Beijing Oysters at Php295

I am not really a fan of seafoods, I can only eat Scallops. 
But they say this is good.

Johnny Chow Fried Rice at Php 216
It best complements the food! I love Fried Rice, I can eat it without the main dish!

Bottomless Iced Tea at Php108

Red Citrus

 Green Tea Lychee
I love this one! Refreshing!

For desserts, we had:

Chestnut Tiramisu at Php 228
I love Tiramisus! Although I cannot really taste the added flavor.

Mango Cream Torte at Php228

This is also good, but I can say, my mom can make a whole pan of this with its price. 
You don’t have to tell me, the desserts are quite expensive, but hey, at least we get to taste them!
Other desserts in the menu include Fruit Platter, Almond Jello and Banana Fritters

Total Bill

Php1,807.00 (less 10% for using my Resorts World Card and we paid in cash!). Total is Php1,771.511 (for 3 pax) including service charge of Php145.21. Please don’t let me do math.


This store has the most attentive staff I ever encountered. Despite busy hours, the staff ensured that they bussed out the used plates, refilled the Iced Tea with urgency (by request), and answered questions to the best of their knowledge. They are consistent with all the guests. Not to mention that they look sincere when they greet their customers. They even posed with us for a photo-opp! 🙂


Families, friends, barkadas. I didn’t see a couple on a date though. Maybe because it was a Sunday.

Dress Code

Come as you are! I came in shorts and tank top with cute red flats. My friend was wearing shorts and heels! It is a casual dining restaurant. Enjoy the good seats and food!


There are bus/shuttle service going to Resorts World. Just check the schedule.
Ample parking and the taxi queue in Resorts World is in order.

Payment Options

Cash or Credit Card accepted (only 5% discount when using Resorts World card)


Prepare Php500 for a good meal!

The Washroom

There is a common washroom inside (just behind the curtain!) so you don’t have to walk to the mall washroom. It is well maintained too.


I cannot think of any. I just hope it opens a branch near my office or home. It is just sooo sooo far!

The Verdict?

I love the place and the restaurant! I would be back to try the other dishes and to take more pictures!

Johnny Chow is celebrating its first year on October 15th (I was informed by the supervisor). They don’t have any info at the time of our visit if they would be having a promo of some sort, but please like the Johnny Chow Facebook Fanpage.

Thanks for the fun night team! Hope next time I can wear those wigs!

Johnny Chow, Amazing Asian Cuisine

2nd Flr., Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila Pasay

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