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Getting to Know Boardwalk tru Eat.Play.Blog: Not Just a Direct-Selling & MLM Company

November 13, 2011

I was already feeling weak and sick last week, but I had to go to the events I had committed to. Boardwalk invited us for the Eat.Play.Blog Bloggers Forum. I didn’t know what to expect, but I went there to know more about the brand. All I know is that it is a direct-selling company. Period.

Such a cute invitation!

So we all gathered in Ming Restaurant in Ortigas. As soon as I walked inside the restaurant and said hi’s and hello’s to the familiar faces I see, I curiously asked what they were busy about typing and swyping on the tabs and laptops – bloggers were blogging. They were live blogging and guest posting in the Boardwalk’s Blogspot, and so I did too. Read my entry here.

Busy B’s – Busy Bloggers

I thought the event is just going to be a talk about Boardwalk – I read and understood the word forum incorrectly. Hehe. The event had more than talk and video presentations but interactive games. But first things first, let’s get to know the brand.

I really looove the backdraft!

Do you know that Boardwalk has been in the industry for 20 years? It is awarded as the best-managed networking company and one of the most outstanding organizations in the country. Boardwalk Business Ventrues, Inc is in the business of empowering people first as it takes pride in uplifting the lives of every Filipino with a brand that they can be proud of and call their own.

The garment manufacturing company started in 1989. Bernardo and Imelda Madera decided to venture into the business of direct-selling and mutli-level marketing so in 1991, the Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc, was born.

True to the vision of uplifting the lives of Filipinos, Boardwalk supports the 11.20.2011 Run for the Pasig River event lead by ABS CBN Foundation which promotes a safe and clean Pasig River and aims to bring back its former glory. It is also supported by personalities such as Derek Ramsey, Matteo Guidicelli and Coco Martin.

To showcase the collection of Boardwalk (I was so curious!), and introduce the Boardwalk Style Council, we played the dress-up the model game using the Boardwalk’s collection. We were grouped in 5 members, and we picked our model.

Lucky to pick Justine Gabionza (who leads the Style Council ambassadors and is also a family friend of my boss!). We were free to use whatever clothes in the rack, and be innovative with our ensembles. We were even provided scissors! Not to undress the models (silly!) but to cut those trimmings and laces that we can use for our ensembles!

There goes the finished products! (sounds like a recipe). We were touched when Fashion Guru and Boardwalk’s resident fashion designer Avel Bacudio said that it is (fashion) bloggers that create an impact and shape the future of fashion. I am no fashion blogger, but I do write about fashion and I can share with the word “blogger”, yeah? 🙂

A multiway top, a top used as skirt and lace trimming cut from a top used as belt!

What’s your bet?

Avel was so kind to announce that everyone is a winner. Plus the leaders would even be given a custom-made piece especially made for them! Wow!

But Avel was compelled to only choose two. So there goes the real winners. Congratulations! The members of the teams each got Gift Certificates from Boardwalk!

So now I got a better understanding of the Boardwalk’s collection. I am impressed. I thought that Boardwalk only has the plain shirts and usual cuts and designs, but I was wrong. I find myself wanting some pieces from the racks. Something that I can probably wear in future events.

It is not a surprise that celebrities did say YES in endorsing its products. Celebrities like Jean Garcia, Ryan Agoncillo, Cherry Pie Picache, Assunta de Rossi, Rich Asuncion, Bangs Garcia, Jake Cuenca, Gabby Concepcion and Derek Ramsey; as well as Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Nikki Gil and Matteo Guidicelli grace the Boardwalk’s catalogue, and they each represent different styles.

If you would ask me how affordable the products are, it is very affordable. The tops start at Php350, jeans below Php1,000 and shoes at average Php650. You can check out the catalogue here.

As for the quality, having a mom who is a dressmaker, I am very particular with not just the quality of cloth used for a piece but also with how the item is sewn and how the prints are plotted together. I am satisfied with the quality of products and quality of work. Even my mom agrees.

After that tiring and fun game, time to hit the buffet table for some real Chinese Food! Thanks to Ming Restaurant.

Will be back in this resto soon! Yum!

After a full meal, Boardwalk presented an amazing service that they are offering – Personal Shopper! Wow, I thought personal shopping is only for the rich and famous, and for busy people who do not have time to hit the mall to shop, or even think of what style suits them. Boardwalk does know how to transform the lives of Filipinos that everyone can enjoy the services of Personal Shopper, or just be one.

For us to better appreciate the service, Boardwalk asked for volunteers who would experience the Personal Shopping service from Boardwalk’s resident stylists. I should have volunteered because I wanted to feel pampered and experience being styled by a professional. Although I love fashion, and they say everything looks good in me, I always stay on the safe side. I only find inspiration in the random pieces I see in malls and magazines. It is funny but true that I seldom visit Fashion Blogs and fashion websites (well, I only do visit the bloggie friends’ fashion blog). I wanted to know what a professional stylist can suggest for a wardrobe that would work in my line of work where we are required to be in Business Casual and at the same time I can wear when attending events.

 Anyway, again, here comes the “finished products”:

Sarah of FashionEggplant

Jeman of OrangeMagazineTV

Flow of AngSawariKo

The volunteers did look happy about the results. They should be! Because they got to take home the pieces they were wearing and holding! Plus they got Gift Certificates too! Another WOW!

Everyone should all be happy that day. Everyone went crazy when Boardwalk announced that we could choose one top, one bottom and one pair of shoes to take home! Now that’s a real WOW!

I got too busy searching for the perfect top and jeans and shoes for me, that I have totally forgotten to take a pic of the chaos the Boardwalk has created. 😉

Bloggers were consulting each other what to pick and choose, checking available sizes and comparing their pieces. The good news, there was no cat-fight recorded that day.

I finally decided on the red top, pedal shorts and lacey shoes (the pair didn’t actually fit – I have such a big size! but that’s okay, I can probably give it as a gift or prize for my blog giveaway).

The same red top Nikki Gil is wearing in the Boardwalk’s Catalogue. I don’t get a chance to wear jeans often, so I decided on shorts.

Everyone loves the shoes I picked!

I meant to stay longer and enjoy the company of bloggies and warm staff of Boardwalk, but we need to run to another event and report to work. Before I left, they were already preparing the mobile bar for a fun drinking game. This is the most fun event I had ever attended! The one without famous celebrities, yet fun and interactive!

Those colored drinks are enticing!

It was nice finally knowing the brand, and meeting the cool people behind Boardwalk. They are all cool yet warm people – the staff, the stylists, the marketing people and designers – they breathe the same air of fun, dedication, passion and hardwork – the team does work together. It is nice seeing them share laughs and banters that reminds me of my own team. I guess, that’s Boardwalk‘s secret for its success – the team that works as team.

Thank you to Flow of for putting me on the list of invitees. Thank you again Boardwalk for giving me the chance to get to know the brand, the collection, the team and its advocacy. Also, for the chance to meet Avel Bacudio! He’s such a darling!

Please visit the Boardwalk site at to know more about the brand, services and collection.

Follow Boardwalk on Twitter:!/BoardwalkPH

See more of the events pictures here.

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