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Sandbox Alviera Go Play

July 4, 2016
Updated January 2023. Here are the current Sandbox Alviera Ticket Price and Packages:
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023
When my friend invited me to join the  Sanbox Alviera Go Play event on that lazy Saturday morning, the first thing that he told me is that it was going to be like a Takeshi’s Castle experience.
If you are kids of the 90s, you know how exciting it was to watch every mean episode of Takeshi’s Castle. For the kids of today, there’s Wipeout and Gladiators shows to relate to.  I woke up early morning, packed extra clothes in my backpack (I love my new Herschel bag!), and off I went to the meeting place. 
Sandbox Pampanga Entrace Fee 2023

Sandbox Pampanga Entrace Fee 2023

Sandbox Pampanga Entrace Fee 2023
Favorite Snack: Jack n Jill Calbee!
I got used to the long drive from Manila to Porac Pampanga, having attended several events in Sandbox. Thank you to our dear friends from Stratos and Alviera. 
Every time we visit the adventure park, there is always a new addition to it. 
Alviera Go Play was full of lively games, mental and physical challenges, foamy frolic, bouncy inflatables, prizes, food and music.
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023

Sandbox Pampanga Entrace Fee 2023
Hi Aci Girl!
We were torn about which adventure and maze to try first. 
Sandbox Pampanga Entrace Fee 2023
We decided on the XOXO game where we competed with another team. Unfortunately, we lost the game. I never realized that running and controlling the momentum could be so painful in my butt 🙂 
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023
A lot of people lined up and we just enjoyed watching them play the games. For every game and challenge that you completed, you earn tickets which you could exchange for goodies. Prizes could be as big as gadgets and trips. 
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023
It was truly a last fling in the summer as it featured the craziness of Human Foosball, runners in a Wacky Inflatable Obstacle challenge, Agawan Base players dressed in zorb balls, and lay-ups with binoculars in Binocular Basketball. 
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023
Active challenges delighted and challenged guests such as kicking a goal without wobbling, but only after spinning yourself silly in Dizzy Penalty Kick.
We tried the maze which is a lot more challenging because we were wearing googles that blurs the vision. I was so proud of myself when I got to the right path and successfully completed the challenge!!! (will upload video soon :))
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023
The water obstacle course where players had to avoid giant swinging balls to get to the end was a challenging game – and we sure had fun watching it! 
As much as we wanted to try all the challenges, we just decided to enjoy the show. 
It is already too much for me to get my skydiving experience aired on national TV. I don’t think I would be able to handle another fall 🙂 
Fun times with my favorite squad! 
Sandbox Pampanga Entrance Fee 2023
Rodel Flordeliz, MJ de Leon and Rod Magaru
Thank you Alviera for having us!
Alviera Go Play is a partnership between Alviera and Runtertainment, the company behind Outbreak Manila, Slidefest Philippines and Breakout Philippines. 
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