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How to Care for Your Curves?

July 6, 2016
Sometimes, I wish I were a man. Being a woman takes a lot of effort – from dressing up, taking care of our body and caring for our curves.
Thankfully, there’s a brand like Avon which has empowered women across the globe with only the best beauty and fashion products for 130 years.  Avon sent a beautiful #bloggermail with the note to “care for your curves” that echoes to celebrate my femininity.

As the Philippines’ number one intimate apparel brand and lotion brand, Avon Fashions and Avon Skin So Soft match their best products that pamper and empower—pamper with revitalizing bodycare and empower with perfectly fitting intimate apparel.
how to care for your curves
sexy avon lingerie
Care for Your Curves to Get a Vibrant Glow!
Colorful accents plus an instant glow will make you feel both vibrant and radiant. Embrace your curves with the Heather Underwire Brassiere (₱425) and Heather 7-in- Panty Pack (₱650) which feature playful, nature-inspired designs in cool, bright hues. Complete the look with Skin So Soft Soft & White Radiant Glow Whitening Hand & Body Lotion (₱ 299), which moisturizes with marula oil and visibly whitens instantly after one application.
Care for Your Curves to Feel Flawlessly Feminine! 
Match gorgeous prints with firming technology to bring out flawless confidence and highlight your femininity. The Charlotte Underwire Brassiere (₱425) and Priscilla 7-in- 1 Panty Pack (₱650) wrap your curves in dainty floral designs made of microfiber for a smooth, figure-hugging fit. Compliment this intimate apparel with Skin So Soft Soft & White Cellulite Minimizer and Whitening Hand & Body Lotion (₱299) that combines Triple Firm Technology—which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and marula oil which leaves skin whiter and feeling soft and smooth after one application.
Have I just typed Marula Oil? Read my review and why I love marula oil!
sexy avon lingerie
Care for Your Curves to Be Confidently Whiter!
Full support plus whitening protection will make you feel confidently whiter. The Joanna Underwire Full Cup Brassiere (Sizes 34B/36B/38A=₱425; Sizes 36C/38B/40B=P480) that offers U-back support and full comfort, now available in bigger sizes to fit all curves. Pair the bra with Skin So Soft Soft & White Glutathione with SPF 15 Whitening Renewal Hand & Body Lotion (₱370). Glutathione fully moisturizes in just 12 hours and leaves skin noticeably whiter in 3 days. It lightens dark areas caused by overexposure to sunlight and environmental skin stressors and protects with SPF15.
Care for Your Curves to Enjoy Exquisite Softness
Dainty lace and intense moisutre will leave you feeling exquisitely soft. The Penelope Underwire Brassiere (₱425) and Mylene 7-in- 1 Panty Pack (Sizes: S/M/L=₱650; Sizes XL/XXL=P699) feature intricate lace details and matching floral designs. Pair these intimates with long-lasting 24+ hours of luxurious moisture by using Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion (₱299).
Here are my other tips on how I take care of my curves:
1. I try to exercise, even at home. We have 3 floors and I usually just go up and down to stretch muscles when I am staying home.
2. I do indulge on unhealthy food and junk but I eat healthier (and go for organic food if there’s an availability). I always choose veggies and fruits whenever I go out to cover events.
3. I wear good-fitting underwear – especially bra. They have to be the best ones; because like what I always say, you wouldn’t know what would happen to you at the end of the day.
4. I drink a lot of water (I stay away from juices – especially iced tea).
5. I try to moisturize. I tend to be too lazy when it comes to applying lotion, so I make sure that my body wash has moisturizing properties.
Bonus: I always pray 🙂 I take care of my heart because everything flows from it. 🙂
how to care for your curves
How do you care for your curves?
To order Avon Fashions and Skin So Soft, contact your Avon Representatives or visit Follow @avonph for more updates!
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