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New Attraction: Archery Maze at Sandbox, Porac Pampanga

February 1, 2016

Sandbox in Alviera, Porac Pampanga has recently launched a new addition to their outdoor attractions. We got to shoot and kill “monsters” in the new Archery Challenge Maze called Aqtiv Archery. 

The Aqtiv Archery is operated by Oculus Archery which was first introduced in Sandbox last year (and yes we were there!). You can read about my Outdoor Archery experience here. 
Now what makes the Aqtiv Archery different from the normal outdoor archery?
Think of a maze and distracting objects. Unlike Target Archery, participants must expect turns and twists in the game. 
Sandbox let us try the Archery Maze, but first – we had a short briefing and practice shooting. 
archery maze sandbox porac pampanga
archery maze sandbox porac pampanga
I previously tried archery in Sandbox but it is always good to listen to instructions. As usual, I find it hard to hit the target but I now know the right stance and ease of releasing the arrow. If it was your first time to try Archery, the first challenge is letting go of the arrow 🙂 
My Archery Maze Experience
Now let’s try the Archery Maze!
In keeping with the theme, Sandbox prepared fun headgear for participants to wear. 
archery maze sandbox porac pampanga
Squad: Paul, Rodel and FPJ
The first theme is Monsters of the Wall. We were given 2 minutes to complete the task. We had to step on some pedals to activate the movements of the “monsters” to make it more fun and challenging. 
My 2 minutes started and I had to make a quick stride to the first point. My first challenge is loading the arrow (!!!!!). But I know I did great in shooting those monsters, I was able to get them on the first shoot! 
It was crazy going and running around the maze! I could hear them cheering and shouting banters – which made the maze challenge more exciting (you should bring a crazy crew with you!).  I wasn’t able to complete the challenge (I missed two monsters).
archery maze sandbox porac pampanga
The design reminded me of the Habitat for Humanity build with Alden Richards! Haha
The root-cause: I spent a few seconds ensuring I reload the arrow correctly. 

Thank you Teepee for taking my pictures via @rodelflordeliz‘s camera 🙂 
I therefore conclude, more than being good at targeting and shooting, one must also practice quick and correct loading of arrows. If this is a real game, I would have been dead. 🙂 Hands down to Katniss Everdeen.

I didn’t get to finish the game, but at least I made the whole staff laugh! Haha

Aqtiv Archery Price:
Php 250 per attempt on the challenge maze and a package of PHp 400 includes 30-minute target archery. This includes basic lessons, equipment and stationary target. This will assist participants in agility and hand-eye coordination. 
What to wear for Archery Maze?
Archers and participants are required to wear appropriate footwear – sneakers or sport shoes. No slippers or sandals are allowed. Wearing of jewelry, loose or sharp objects such as steel, belt buckles or key chains and valuables are not allowed inside the maze. 
Can Groups Compete with Each Other Inside the Maze?
Only one archer can be accommodated inside. Total playing time is 5 minutes
(what? the media launch allowed us to only play for 2 minutes!!! I think I would have finished it in 3 minutes!)

Prize for Winning the Archery Maze:
Archers who beat the set time for the challenge will be granted Archery Elite Status and will win tokens from Oculus Archery. Every end of the month, the top 5 Fastest Archers will be showcased. 
It would have been fun to put that on your instagram!

What are the other attractions in Sandbox?
Giant Swing, the country’s tallest swing at 10 meters. 
Wall Climbing, Rappelling and Free Fall at Adventure Tower.
Avatar One – roller coaster zipline,
ATV and mini- ATV rides

What are the new attractions in Sandbox coming this 2016?
I noticed that Sandbox is expanding. Here are the rides and attractions to watch out for:
Summer music and camping festivals
Urban Karting, Airsoft and Paintball
New restaurants

Book your adventure at Sandbox at
Sandbox is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9AM to 5PM

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