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Meeting the Country General Manager

March 14, 2012

Blog written on 3/11/2012 at Hotel Kempinski, Jakarta, Indonesia 
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Kiki, the security head in Indonesia and the rest of the IBM Indonesia team welcomed us all with a warm smile. So this is how a client feels when visiting the local IBM office – or probably, they are just warm and happy to see “relatives” in their country – we are all IBMers after all.

We got to meet the IBM Indonesia, Country General Manager and he is one smart guy who is fun and witty too. It is also nice to visit IBM offices. IBM Indonesia office is located inside the mall. I personally love the modern interior and interesting Indonesian pieces displayed in the conference room. I would have loved to take more pictures that night but we needed to go to the restaurant for dinner.

It was a pleasure meeting the Country Manager but it would be a lot more fun if he could join us to dinner. It was nice that he came to the office just to meet us (it is a Saturday, and he should be spending time with his family).

The meeting ended (of course), with a photoshoot! Unfortunately, I don’t have copy of the team picture, but I think my team members have. I will just wait for uploads and tags from Facebook.

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