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Meeting/Presentation with “Green Team” in the Hospital

March 29, 2012

A blog series about my in-country assignment to Makassar for IBM Corporate Service Corp.
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Seems like everyone in the team had a great day today. Nitu (India) and Sabine (Austria) – working for the Marine Conservation Team had a village tour and witnessed a local wedding. Marcelo (Brazil) and Jessica (USA) working for the Library and Archives Group attended a story-telling contest. Cheryl and I met up with the “executive” Green Team and some doctors of the General Hospital of Makassar this morning. I am glad that the meeting went okay and everyone is so engaged.

 We first started with introducing IBM. We shared that IBM stands for International Business Machines. For them to better understand IBM, I told them that they must have encountered the brand when shopping (one of the things I love!). Most of the POS (point of sale) are products of IBM. But now, IBM is not just focused on hardware, but is also doing other businesses such as consulting.

To know how the meeting went, click

Then, we introduced the IBM Corporate Service Corp, which is just one of the programs of IBM in helping communities. They must be wondering how we suddenly got there and ask them questions, and now presenting about the “Go Green” campaign.

We also presented a slide to introduce the rest of the IBM Team Indonesia 3. Our team is called Indonesia 3 because we are the third CSC participants who went to Indonesia to help businesses and government offices.

I, introducing the Indonesia Team 3

Cheryl (USA) is more of the expert. She also writes about the CSC Experience

Then, it was time to introduce the project. We already met and interviewed some of the hospital employees and we know that most of them are very involved about the “Go Green” campaign. Most of them are forward thinkers. I am not surprised when they asked questions about how the change can affect the mindset of the employees, when can they achieve the goals, what are the things they can do at this point and how to influence others.

I am very happy to hear recommendations on doing network connection in the hospital to decrease the use of paper and at the same time, improve efficiency. But then, it might be a long term goal. Like what I told them, change cannot happen overnight. But their involvement would mean a lot in taking the first step.

After a 3-hour session, time for photo opp! There were actually more photos and more cameras, but like what Tom (USA) always say whenever we have our group picture, “only one camera/photo”.. So I am posting only one. 😉

We then visited some Instalasis (department) and interviewed more employees. It was a tiring day, but very productive. I learned a lot from the employees and I sure miss them (and will miss them). It is amazing that eventhough Indonesia and Philippines have a lot of things in common, there are things I learned from Indonesia that I never learned, or will never get the chance to learn in my country.

I, as the Dentist

I can’t remember the last time I hold a microscope. Probably College (Chemistry Class)

A handsoap! One of the recycled products from the hospital. The lady from Crematory Instalasi gave this unique piece! She also sang for us a local song after lunch break.

I thought we had to stay in the hotel until 7PM to avoid the demonstrations. But the hotel driver is really brilliant and knows a lot of alternate routes – and we got back safely after 1.5 hours of commute. 
For dinner, I had KFC Chicken and Mocha Float. Comfort Food. Not that I am missing home. But something to comfort me.

Nitu (India) and I were talking how time went fast and we only have one week left. It would be VERY VERY VERY hard for me to come back and live my life back. I got used to everything. Going to the hospital, interacting with hospital employees, doing Yoga session in the afternoon, thinking where to go for dinner, attending team meetings in the team room, and waking up each morning in this room knowing that my teammates are just in their rooms on the same floor (except for Sabine who transferred to second floor). My life will be forever changed, and I never know if I would ever see and be with Team Indonesia 3 again.
Vivek (India) and Sabine (Austria) gave me this cute bandage. I got a light punch from Vivek just so we can use this. Vivek has one in the forehead and nose, while Sabine has one in the arm and chin.

I know, they are crazy people! We are probably crazy people – that is why we get along. And it breaks my heart because I may not be able to join them for the weekend trip. I want to spend time with them, but I only have this weekend to do what I wanted to do. I wish we have another week or another month..

I hate it when I let my friends down..

Torn and blogging from Makassar,


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