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Italian Buffet at Frankie Tomatto’s

October 21, 2012

A few blocks away from our hotel, I found a leaning tower of Pisa in the quiet road of Woodbine, Ontario. I see it everyday on my way to the office. My heart jumped when I saw the name – Frankie Tomatto’s, and I know it equates to Italian. I got even more excited when my colleague told me it offers Italian buffet!

So for our last Monday in Toronto, we went Italian for dinner. It was freezing cold outside. The few meters walk seemed like hundreds of kilometers as the wind blows cold air that I felt my fingers getting numb. It was that cold, and I surely miss that.

The warm ambiance of Frankie’s Tomatto served like a warp zone that transfer us from Canada to Italy.

My eyes were feasting (and now I am craving!). PIZZA. PASTA. ROASTS and GELATTOs! I wanted to dive straight to the buffet table and live the moment, but being the “blogger” that I am, I found myself feeding my camera lenses first.


I have never been to Italy but the design, walkway details, and as simple as the table cloth speak Italy. I love how the owner carefully considered the design.

Click Read More to know more about Frankie Tomatto’s!


The food is also presented in a way like we were on the streets and choosing different food from different stores.



When my friend saw the pictures, she thought I was outside the street.


I love the variety of food that they are offering – from pizza, pasta and different meatballs. I was expecting they would taste the same but each dish has an interesting and distinct taste. I personally love the Eggplant Parmesan and Beef Lasagna.

Don’t miss the Roast/Rotisserie Station. I have tried the steak with butter and cherry tomatoes; and the combination of texture (chewy meat), slimy sour (tomatoes) and creamy butter is just.. divine.

The ribs is also good! Whatever mixture they use is just perfect!
It is char-grilled sweet that you can even taste it from the bone. The meat is 
fine and velvety-chewy. I am now craving!!

The restaurant also offers different meatballs and my favorite is the Turkey Meatballs (the one in white sauce!)

You love my presentation? 🙂

The pastry station is like a real bakeshop with cake chiller and fancy cupcake holders! Alot of attractive cupcakes, and I say attractive because I felt that I have tasted more sinful desserts.

Next stop is the Gelatto/Ice Cream Parlor with really interesting flavors.

For healthier option, you can try the fruits station. I had strawberries and poured chocolate syrup from the Ice Cream Station! Yum!


Service is good! Servers
are attentive and really nice. I asked permission from the manager to
take pictures, but I think some of the diners are not used to seeing a
“mad” diner taking pictures of the restaurant and food.

The staff knows their food offerings which is good! There is even a Filipino worker who graciously greeted and chatted with us. His family is staying in Pasig (hello Kuya!!)


We only shared $25CAD each including tips and taxes (and we ordered bottomless drinks!), but the buffet pricing is only $16.99CAD for that night (Monday to Thursday pricing). Frankie Tomatto’s offers alot of good deals. Check out the price list here.

Again, the price is really cheap! As fastfood meals range from $7CAD to $12CAD. Thinking and writing about this makes me want to fly to Toronto and eat at Frankie Tomatto’s! I regret that we ate there only once!

I wish we also have an Italian restaurant that offers buffet in Manila.


You might want to consider celebrating your birthday with Frankie! Just like in TGIFriday’s, the staff will all gather and sing for you, with Frankie poster.

We had witnessed around 5 surprised birthday performances and the behind the scenes in preparing for the performance. Check out this awesome radio!

Look at the girl’s priceless reaction!


Frankie accepts cash and international credit cards. I like that in Canada, they have this portable terminal which the credit card user can use to personally swipe their cards. I felt safe and secured that no one can access or copy my card details. I hope we also have this in Manila. 😀

The terminal however asks for something in French.. should I press Oui or Non?

It appears that the waitress doesn’t understand French too, and she had to call another guy to translate. Well, the terminal was asking if I should also charge the tip. I pressed Non, and we just left some coins in the bill envelope.

Don’t forget to leave a tip when paying through credit card, 15% of the total bill is just customary.

And we got these Frankie Tomatto’s candies too! Reminds me of Tarzan gum from Aysee!


There is an ample parking space outside the building.


Come as you are! I meant to come in my everyday clothes, but it was freezing cold, and I really had to cover-up. I even wore a turban, and my friend says I look like an Indian, in an Italian restaurant in Canada 😉


You will see families (and their kids), friends, business people, lovers, punks, models and people from different countries. Everyone loves Frankie Tomatto’s!


Well.. Frankie Tomatto’s is in Woodbine, Toronto, Canada – and is hours flight away from Manila. I would love to dine in again and burp with a smell of Italy. Frankie Tomatto’s, please open a restaurant in Manila!!


I love Italian! I love Frankie Tomatto’s!

See more of the pictures I have taken here.

Do you know any good Italian Restaurant that offers buffet? Share it!
Frankie Tomatto’s
7225 Woodbine Ave.,
Markham, ON L3R 1A3

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