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Who is Luigi D’Avola?

February 19, 2013

You might ask yourself, and I am asking it too. He is a new pretty boy in the music industry. But he is not just all face as this boy got talent and spunk.

And I am telling you, he is going to be a star, with (another pretty boy) Champ Lui Pio on his back – Luigi D’Avola is being launched as the fresh new face of Mecca Music. His debut album slated on March 2013.

Just in case you have not heard, Hale‘s former frontman Champ has successfully ventured into artist management and is now the CEO of the Mecca Music (oh, how I miss Hale!). For someone who has produced so many great songs, Champ sure knows a good talent once he sees one. Take for example, Rez Toledo (read my blog about him on this link!).

Now who really is Luigi D’Avola (pronounced as Da-vola)?

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The basics – 18 years old, from Cebu. His age makes me feel too old.

Luigi is the younger brother to Urbandub’s lead vocalist Gabby Alipe-D’Avola which makes him not so-new about the ins and outs of music and the industry.

Listen to his first single – “Take A Chance“– saccharine, bubble-gum pop track that speaks about moving way beyond limits  – the song already made it to the MYX Channel Pinoy MYX Countdown’s top 15 in just two weeks. Have I mentioned it already got 20,000 views?! His song makes me wish I were only in my High School. Would people laugh if I add it on my playlist?!

Seriously, I have heard this song before, and I thought it reminds me of Rez’s music and beat, and Champ’s playful way with melodies and falsetto-like singing. I know I am no expert in music, but maybe it is just me (now I find myself listening to Hale again..). I miss the good old OPM songs! I am so glad I lived in the 90s and twenty hundreds. But luckier is the new generation – they got to listen to good old OPM songs and they got Luigi to watch out for.

Luigi was first introduced through SMART Telecomm’s LIVE MORE campaign with a music video for the song “It’s Your Life” joining Somedaydream and Champ.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Luigi’s name would soon flood my Facebook and Twitter news feed. Champ does know how to manage his talents and push their limits. As evidence to his passion and hard work – Someday Dream was awarded as 2012 MYX Music Awards’ Favorite Celebrity VJ; 25th Awit Awards’ Most Downloaded Song and Most downloaded Ring Back Tone for “Hey Daydreamer”; and RX 93.1’s Song of the Year for the song “Sing This Song.” And of course, landing projects for Rez such as Selecta’s Cornetto, Coke, Yamaha and SMART.

I wonder if Champ would be interested in signing me up as an artist too?!
So what do you think of Luigi D’Avola?

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