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The Daniel Padilla

April 29, 2013

I was scanning TV shows yesterday afternoon and I caught Daniel Padilla on The Buzz. Boy Abunda was just telling this kid that it seems like everyone adores him – mother, father, grannies, kids, teens and even boys of his age.

Ha, so it is true. Fact is, it is not just my mother who adores this kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if mom starts to join the Friends of KathNiel Club. She watched the teleserye until the end and she was one of the firsts to watch their movie! Daniel Padilla so much reminds me of his uncle, Robin Padilla. Probably, if I were on my teens, I would also have a big poster of him posted in my room.

My 7-year old niece is also a big fan. Her brother loves to tease him and plays Daniel’s songs. Although she denies it – and tells everyone that “hindi ko naman sya mahal. Friends lang” (I don’t love him. We’re just friends!)”. Seriously, where did she get that?!

What makes this boy click? Probably the bad boy image. He’s all that rough and rowdy with his husky voice, but gets too sweet to Kathryn Bernardo – and we just fell inloved with his moves all over again. And by the way, I love Kathryn Bernardo – she so much fits the description of a “teen star”. So girl, please, no kissing scenes yet. 😉

Some kilig pictures.. (I missed that feeling of kilig! When was the last time I felt kilig?! I feel old. Argh.)

And so I heard, Daniel gave Kathryn an expensive bag, and Kathryn in return purchased a really nice guitar for Daniel. Spell sweet!

Anyhow, Daniel will have a big concert on April 30th, and  Bum Equipment is one of the sponsors. I heard that tickets had been sold out, but they are re-printing more tickets to meet the demands.

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BUM is also the official licensed manufacturer of “Daniel Live” concert shirts and is now available exclusively at selected BUM boutiques.(Victory Mall Antipolo, EDSA Pavilion and Farmers Plaza)

It was fun, talking about show business. I am usually sleeping Sunday afternoon, so it was cool to catch up on what’s new in show business. I heard about the Barretto vs Barretto story – I might go jump to Pep for some juicy stories about that.

So anyway, who’s going and watching the Daniel Padilla Birthday concert? 😉

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