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Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine

May 20, 2013

While everyone went to see Sarah Jessica Parker at SM Aura opening, I had a date with Carlo Rossi at Gallery, Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood. 

Carlo Rossi has become fine, sweet and red. He does know what’s best for the ladies. He is with me during rainy nights. Okay, I am talking about Carlo Rossi Wines. 

While waiting for the event to start, they started serving us glasses of wine. I was actually shocked to see ice cubes on the glass.. I got one glass and tasted it. I had to admit it is good. It is sweet, and refreshing. It is more like drinking a soda or juice. Perfect for bonding with friends, and celebrations – the kind of event that doesn’t require you to wear a gown or suit and tie.

The Carlo Rossi Team and Gallery prepared really good food for the guests. I just had to say that this is one of the few food selections that I enjoyed. It is not even a set dinner, more of snacks and pica foods – but I enjoyed it. It could be because of the Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine that serve like an aperitif?

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Carlo Rossi has been serving wines for over 5 decades. I am no wine expert, even if I studied beverage management. Although I know that when there is a wine on the table, it simply means celebration or bonding with family and friends.

Now, Emperador Distillers brings Rossi Sweet Red, from California’s sun-drenched vineyards with layers of vanilla, bright cherry and raspberry flavor.

Von De Torres warned guests about unauthentic sweet wines which are basically bottled with very low alcohol and lots of sweeteners.

Pouring wine over ice is also now a trend in US – which explains why our wines have ice cubes. The ice brings out the flavor and makes for a smoother finish. Even if the ice melts, the taste stays sweet and flavorful. 
True to Carlo Rossi’s way of launching good wines, the night was celebrated with a singing contest a-la The Voice.

Bloggers were given the chance to sing and judges would decide if the singer/blogger deserves to win. Well, it was a fun night to hear fellow bloggers sing and pour their hearts desires over a simple song. Carlo Rossi does know how to make a simple gathering appear like a celebration. 

Thank you Carlo Rossi for making simple gatherings feel like a celebration.

Have you tried the Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine?


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