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The KFC Cheezy Bacon Twister

October 20, 2013

When my (new) friend told me I am the KFC Queen. I didn’t contest. The new friend is a lovely lady from US who I have only been with for a month (read about the story of our friendship here)- but it was probably my eating habit and obvious love for KFC that prompted her to think I am Mr. Kentucky’s long lost daughter.

I actually just realized that KFC Chicken is one of my comfort foods (there are alot!). It’s a fact that I always eat KFC even outside the country (but nothing compares to the KFC in the Philippines and its yummy gravy!). Lately, I found myself eating, and dining in at KFC (even at work). There are just so many things going on in my life now that  I found comfort in eating those crispy chicken skin and tasty white meat. Now, I am hungry..

Anyway, last month, KFC sent some products for me to try as they launched the Cheezy Bacon Fest where in they tried serving their meals with cheese sauce and bacon bits!  But unfortunately, I was in Bacolod for an organic farm tour so I missed the feast at home.

Nonetheless, I tried this new Cheezy Bacon offerings. I love cheese and bacon and I was so excited to try them. My favorite is the Cheezy Bacon Twister.

 Click Read More to know why I love the KFC Cheezy Bacon Twister..

First bite is loooove! 

Flavorful chicken fillet wrapped in soft chewy tortilla with generous cheese sauce and bacon bits! 

I know for sure this is a good deal. This is not the same product that KFC has sent at home but the one I ordered from the store and that gives you an idea that this is not just about promotion.  It is a good meal until the last bite.

You know how wraps can sometimes be disappointing that most of the fillings are just good at the first bite (or just when you reach the half). The Cheezy Bacon Twister is filled and stuffed to the last bite. Maybe the finger lickin’ good tagline can still be used here.. if I were not too quick, cheese sauce will be all over me. 😉

Of course, I still love the KFC Chicken like no other!

 But this time around, I usually eat it with brown rice. Something to balance the cholesterol 😉

KFC Cheezy Bacon Twister: Php85 (ala carte)

So have you tried the KFC Cheezy Bacon offerings? 
What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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