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Jasmine’s New TV Series

May 29, 2014

The truth is, I seldom watch TV and local teleseryes. The last TV series I have watched were the one starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, and (of course), the re-run of Meteor Garden. This explains why you seldom see me in showbiz-related events because I feel that I have not much to share about the topic. 

It was a surprise for me to receive an invitation from (award-winning advertising agency) Ace Saatchi & Saatchi for the launch of the new TV series starring Jasmine Curtis Smith. There is something about the new TV show that compelled me to go to the launch (plus, it is always nice to work with this PR team!). 
The event was held in the (cozy) Saatchi House where we have seen the pilot episode of the new series. We were joined by the cast of Jasmine, including Jasmine Curtis Smith herself. 
While we were watching the new series, we also downloaded the new TV 5 Mobile App (available in Google Play), which provided trivia and other cool facts about the show and its characters pop up in real time. 
The app showed the blogcon was on going 😉
To be honest, I personally choose not to see pilot episodes of new series because I tend to get hooked easily (until probably the story starts to drag me, that’s when I would stop – like what happened to my love affair with Smallville :)). 
Interestingly, the Jasmine TV Series is more than your traditional drama/romance series. Jasmine is a show full of mystery and suspense that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Jasmine plays a fictional version of herself: an indie actress who is on the verge of becoming a mainstream celebrity. She faces the usual challenges in the show biz industry: failed relationships, rivalries, the pressure to win awards, and unsuccessful auditions. Amidst all this, Jasmine begins to receive mysterious messages from Maskara, an obsessed fan who is willing to do anything to make her happy—even if it means hurting everyone around her. 
The innovative, and creative approach by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, in partnership with Unitel and TV5, is something that is truly unique and engaging ‘Jasmine’ brings the story to life 24/7 by also making its characters exist online—and in person.

Click Read More to know more about Jasmine, and what I have caught on my camera!
One example is how supporting character Wendell Bautista, a famous entertainment blogger and friend of Jasmine’s on the show, has an actual blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter and Instagram accountsall of which are regularly updated. Wendell has even appeared in blogger and fan events to support Jasmine’s endeavors.

Lookie, Wendell even tweeted me!

Then there’s Maskara, who takes cyberstalking to a new level, and displays his love for Jasmine in his digital shrine  Can you believe that Maskara even showed up and followed Jasmine during our blog event?
We have no idea which character from the series is the man behind the mask.. probably the co-star who was not in the blog event?
Anyway, you can check out the updates about this new Jasmine TV Series through the social media below:
 Sharing some snapshots from the event:
I love how articulate and smart Jasmine is. I seldom watch TV interviews
and attend presscons, so it was nice to actually listen to her as she shared 
her views about how awesome this project is. 
One of Jasmine’s partners in the TV Series, Gerard Sison.
He said he wants a stalker, so girls.. you know what to do! 🙂
Super love these bar stools at Saatchi House!
They say these are so me! As expected, I had my pictures taken on these bat stools!
I was not kidding when I mentioned that Ace Saatchi & Saatchi
is an award-winning advertising agency. These are just few of the awards displayed 
in the office.
I would love to work in this office 🙂

Saatchi House provides free mobile charging
powered by Solar Energy! Love it!

Jasmine will premiere on Sunday, June 1 at 9:15PM at TV5.
‘Jasmine’ co-stars Vin Abrenica, Gerard Sison, Alwyn Uytingco, Matt Padilla, Carlo Orosa, Cai Cortez, Marvelous Alejo, Justine Pena, Nicole Estrada, Jelson Bay, and Meyanne Plamenio. Big names from TV5 are also expected to make cameos throughout the show’s nine-episode run.
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