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A Taste of Eataly

October 16, 2014

I love eating out and discovering secret dining places especially secluded restaurants that serve Italian dishes aside from the usual pizza and spaghetti. It was like hitting a jackpot when we discovered the quiet little Italian restaurant in Wilson, Greenhills called Eataly.

Before we event see the place, we were already briefed that this year old restaurant is not in anyway connected with Eataly (in New York City). The name is a play of words Eat and Italy – the same idea that the owner of the famous Italian restaurant has thought. The good news, we do not need to fly to Italy to experience a restaurant that offers more than the usual pizza and spaghetti.

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The restaurant’s logo is a cheerful display of red and words Eataly. I find it a bit too relaxed, unitimidating and welcoming. When we got inside the store, there is a different vibe that welcomed us – intimate, secured and secluded. The experience actually feels like a visit to a friend’s house. The store is a defunct school which was transformed into a homey Italian restaurant with fine brick walls, antique frames and comfortable couches and seats.


I love the high-ceiling structure and the staircase that becomes the focal of the store with its interesting bannister.


There are couches in and round tables in the first floor dining. The second floor is also functional with enclosed room for private events.


I liked the first few minutes of my stay in Eataly. Now let’s see what’s cooking in the Kitchen.



We were first served with an appetizer – Stuffed Squid. I love its chewy texture and how perfect it was made. Cooking squid is a bit tricky because it can get tough when overcooked. The filling is equally good, especially when dipped with the salsa sauce. 

Stuffed Squid Php 240

Next is the Shrimp and Squid Pizza. It was fragrant and inviting – my eyes were feasting. I don’t usually order and enjoy seafood pizza because most of the ones I encountered were too salty (seafood meat plus cheese). The savior that made this pizza a fantastic feast is the Alfalfa sprouts. It balances the flavor and gives a different texture to the pizza experience.

Shrimp and Squid Pizza Php 375

The Braised Lamb Shank is another good treat. It is big in serving and heavy in flavor. The meat is prepared with a combination of blanching and oven-cooking to achieve the fine flavor of red wine and natural meat juice. Well-cooked that was perfect with the blanched vegetables on the side. The serving is good for sharing, but I could have ordered a rice.

Braised Lamb Shank Php 625

The Baked Salmon with Pesto Lemon Sauce defines what Eataly is all about. The dish was like a specialty home-cooked meal perfectly plated with fine contrast of color and texture. The taste did not disappoint as it is moist and tasty (again, salmon is a another tricky food), and although I am not much fan of this fish, I found myself getting my second serving.


For desserts we had the Mochamisu and Decadence Chocolate Cake. The Mochamisu is a layered cake of goodness. I love the melt-factor in every bite. The Chocolate Cake is not the most perfect one I had, but still good to have.

Mochamisu Php 145

Decadence Php 145


What makes Eataly close to good Italian dining is the wine selection that they have in the restaurant. They only serve and sell wines per bottle, but single diners need not fret, as they have small bottles for solo or sharing. Another interesting wine product is this wine called Gago. I heard it was good and one of the bestsellers – people are probably curious. I didn’t want to be fooled so I just hand a glass of red wine.



Parking space available in front of the restaurant. You would need to bring car or take cab to get to the place.


Affordable for the intimate time that you are also paying while dining.

Eataly is a rising star in the strip of well-known restaurants in Wilson Greenhills. It is for intimate gatherings and dinner dates, and for an Italian palate adventure.

Who is dining out there? Take me out on a date please! 🙂

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