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Be Summer-Ready with Dove Deodorant!

February 11, 2015

Dove welcomes summer earlier and makes us summer-ready with fun, engaging and fitting activities at the Manila Polo Club.

I love that Dove understands what most women do to prepare for summer –  getting back in good shape, booking summer getaways, shopping for swimsuits and planning summer outfits.  Admittedly, I am still on the first step for the big summer preparation (ah, the #balikalindog!), I don’t want to shop for new clothes because the goal is to be able to wear the old clothes (my old size).

During the event, I found out that 84% of women are unhappy with their underarms – and that these women chose to not to indulge and explore things that would require them to show off their underarms. Well, I personally feel that my underarm is a private part 🙂 but, I had made peace with myself long ago – and I just care less if people have something to say about my underarms.

Click Read More to know how you can win a trip to El Nido!
Thankfully, Dove is here to help all women get summer-ready. Dove Deodorant has 1/4 moisturizing cream which helps underarm skin recover fast from irritation, and darkening caused by hair removal. With regular use, Dove Deodorant will help make dark spots go away even faster. It is probably Dove that helps improve my (overall) skin condition.

So girls, it is important to start using Dove Deodorant before the summer starts 🙂

During the event, we were engaged in an event that required us to raise our hands (ah, yoga!), cleanse our body (via Detoxify Bar), and be creative (we designed our own tank tops!).

As usual, Unilever set up a lovely event – and I love that most of the guests came in white casual clothes (super cute and dainty!)

Saab Magalona hosted the event and she is fun despite few cute hosting blunders. I love her! I wonder if I would get the same hiccups after I get married? 🙂
Joining the event were certified Dove Girls – singer and musician, Kiana Valenciano (oh, she’s so pretty and gorgeous! I love her skin tone!), blogger and aspiring designer, Dani Barretto, make-up maven Sabs Hernandez (we have a common friend and it was nice to finally meet her in person!), and of course, beauty blogger, Angela Nepumuceno. 
They manned the activity stations and what we were required of us was to complete the activities (and get their signature) for a chance to win a trip to El Nido! 
Sounds easy? 
We first started with the Yoga Session 🙂
My tree pose died and it was not easy to pose with cameras rolling in front of you 🙂 
Tracy won some awesome prizes for holding the most graceful pose 🙂  
Since we were feeling tired, we then tried the juices!
I love the berry one that was suggested by Dani 🙂
We then started to be creative at designing our tank tops 🙂 
My simple top 🙂
Then off we went to see Sabs and learned more about Dove 🙂
When we got our passport completed and it was time to draw the winners – part of me was hoping my name not be called just yet. I was surprised to be called as winner of DetoxifyBar Juices! Wow, I always wanted to try cleansing juices 🙂 
So, yeah, I didn’t win the raffle but I still have a chance to win the trip to El Nido 
– and so are you!

Win a Trip to El Nido!

Dove is giving all girls a chance to win sleeveless tops, or a trip for 3 to El Nido, Palawan. 
To join: purrchase a Dove Summer-Ready Box and text DOVE DEO PROMO CODE to 2600. Winners will be announced weekly through the Dove Philippines Facebook page
Dove’s Summer-Ready Box is available in supermarkets and retail stores nationwide
Regular Dove Roll-on Php 89
Aerosol Php 175
(+ it comes with free summer bag!)
The Summer-Ready Box contains
Dove’s Summer-Ready promo will run until April 20, 2015
with Dove Girls – Angel, Rhea Bue, Earth and Mother Ruth 🙂 

I seldom wear white, but I enjoyed this event –
thus, a picture 😉
Thank you Unilever and Bridges for having me! 🙂 
Til my next adventure!

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