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March 15, 2015

City Living: Design Ideas for New Condo Space

Some weeks ago, I got hooked in watching documentations about Tiny Houses. I feel that the more space I have in my room or in our house, the more unnecessary things I (we) accumulate. I want to dispose the things that I do not need, and choose to live with the basics. It was not easy, but little by little I am able to let go of things.

I thought, I couldn't live in a condo, or studio type rooms. I am so used to moving around a home with second floor (even third floor) - but when I saw new design inspiration and model units by SMDC, I got excited to owning a unit!

SMDC invited me and my mom to take a look at the model units in the SMDC properties. I am quite surprised that very much like SM Malls, SMDC properties are everywhere - most situated in business districts which are accessible to offices, malls and where things are happening. 

Here are some design inspirations for your condo units based on SMDC model units:

M Place
16 sqm
Studio Unit
Perfect for students or single yuppies
Trying my hands on the kitchen. It felt like staying in a hostel :)

M Place 
20 sqm
1 Bedroom Unit

M Place
20 sqm
Studio Unit


Breeze Residences
27 sqm
1-Bedroom Unit with Balcony

I love this kind of glass partitions :)

Light Residences
27.37 sqm
1 Bedroom Unit

Jazz Residences
26 sqm
1 Bedroom Unit

Sun Residences
40 sqm 
Upgraded - if you have bought two units to make one cool home!

This design and layout feels like a real home :) 

Two-Bedroom Unit

Studio Room


House-Like Layout Condominium Design

Which design is your favorite?

Check out http://www.smdc.com/ 

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