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#NationalEventsDay A Day in a Life of a Blogger (?)

March 20, 2015
It was #NationalEventsDay yesterday. The term we (bloggers) use to describe a day when most of the brands would hold events on a same day, some are even happening on the same time.
I rarely go out now and cover events. I was telling my friends how blogging has changed my life and lifestyle. But I don’t want to be a slave of press releases and backlogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love attending events, discovering new products and working with brands I love. But I feel that attending events (spending time stuck in traffic) and re-writing press releases (to fit the tone of my blog) eat up my time that should have been spent writing about the experiences I love or doing the things that would add value to me and my blog. I would like to discover new places, travel more and do more volunteer work.  Heck, I haven’t even finished my blog stories about London and Harry Potter studio tour. But then again, when you are invited to exclusive events (especially invites from brands you love), you get excited/hypnotized/distracted and you find yourself preparing for the event once again #bloggerproblem
Parang nag-lunch out lang kame? Picture by Rodel
with Rowena Wendy LeiKristel Ann CruzPhylicia Marie PinedaJen Maslang and Rodel Flordeliz

Yesterday, I covered four events (surprise! surprise!) but unlike in the previous #NationalEventsDay ‘s.. yesterday was a bit more fun and relaxed. Why? Well, we only needed to hop in and hop out of different venues in Makati 🙂 Woot!
First event/meeting –

Global Call with Lenovo Team

8 pm EST (8 am Manila time)
In my room 
My day actually started at 4 in the morning (I only had two hours of sleep!). I am not sure if I can disclose the topics we discussed. But, just keep on following to find out what’s new about this brand 🙂

Lazada’s 3rd Anniversary

11:30 AM
M Cafe

Wow, I cannot believe Lazada is celebrating its 3rd year!  I love shopping at Lazada because of the variety of items, crazy discounts and fast delivery of items. More of the Lazada’s birthday anniversary on my next post.. but to give you heads up, you have to mark the dates – March 24 to 26. Here are the fun deals that you can expect for the 3rd Anniversary:

  • 3 Days of Flash Deals on exciting products from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM;
  • Announcement of Discount Vouchers for the Night Shoppers (12:01 AM – 7:59 PM);
  • Best-selling Items marked at its best prices;
  • Fun contests and games on the Lazada PH Facebook Fanpage;
  • Hot discounts and bundles available on the Lazada Mobile App

During the event, Lazada raffled off cool prizes – and I won a Samsung Galaxy V phone! I thought Rochelle was playing a prank on me about winning and claiming my prize! Haha. Thank you Lazada and Rochelle + FabFour ! 🙂

GSK’s Panadol 

2:00 PM
New World Hotel

Panadol made the guests a superhero for the day with the launch of the new brand ambassador. Can you guess who? It is Ryan Agoncillo! We were all guessing it would be Robin Padilla, or Raymart Santiago Haha. Ryan perfectly fits the term superdad – with his busy schedule and different activities that he does, he can still play the role of a dad to his kids.

The event was held in New World Hotel and was hosted by Angel Jacob. The team asked us to have our picture taken with a cape and commitment shout-out. During the event, we have also seen the behind-the-scenes of making the new Panadol commercial with Ryan and his son. I love seeing father-kid bonding and play time moments 🙂 

A little fun experiment to show how Panadol works 5 times faster than other brands.
It is easily dissolved and big chunks of it go to our blood which instantly relieves pain – unlike other brands that take forever to dissolve.

We spent a little time in the hotel after the event (we love the lasagna!) and Yuki #MyStyleCat joined us and we talked about travels, blogging and her new project – Project Tassel (I am not sure if I am allowed to share this now) but anyway, it is an exciting project by Yuki Tansengco. Hint: about graduation pic which surprisingly, all 3 of us (Rodel, Yuki and I) didn’t have! Anyway, the project is really nice. Such amazing woman! I wish I could do something like that – or even think of a nice project that is really unique and helpful for others especially for the youth!

To the next event..

Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus

5:00 PM
Raffles Hotel

I originally declined to this event (because I thought I could rush to visit a friend in Tomas Morato) but Rodel was all set to go (and we had movie screening at 7pm) – so I thought I would say hi to the PR who endlessly invites me to her events – but I don’t get the chance to meet. PR contact texted me she has measles and her colleagues were there to accommodate bloggers. TeamAsia was nice enough to accommodate us.
I love Raffles Hotel because the head of the Security Team even talked to us about security and safety guidelines in the hotel – briefing us about things to do in case of emergency and where to go and locate Fire Exit. First time to encounter something like this, but hey, it would be good if all hotels would do something like this (or at least, include in the host’s script). 
We, however, missed the actual event which (I am guessing) started too late. We left at 6:40 pm. Anyway, just to share – Chevron Philippines, Inc announces the launch of its patented Techron Concentrate Plus fuel system cleaner in the country. Motorists will now have direct access to the benefits of Caltex’s technology – which cleanse vehicle engines running on gasoline, ensuring optimal performance by restoring lost power and reducing emissions while maximizing fuel economy. You can read more about it at

Cinderella Screening by Globe!

7:00 PM
Greenbelt 3

I didn’t have plans of watching Cinderella movie just yet, because I wanted all the magical praises to die down, but since Globe invited us to the special screening and I have a willing plus one – slash – prince charming, Rodel to see the movie with me. I said yes! What’s more awesome, we got to see it with Ria and Jen too! Yay!

with Jen, Ria Hazel and Rodel

I knew we were a bit crazy happy inside the theater. We were thinking Cinderella were a blogger who gatecrashed the event, and even won  the raffle. Haha. We love the part when she started writing her experience in her diary 🙂 The prince reminds me of Tom Taus (oh Prince Cedie!) and Cinderella has this Anne Curtis-Smith angles. 
I super love the Cinderella action film. It is just beautiful and real. It makes me want to believe in magic. Thank you Cat and Globe for being my fairy godmothers last night!
Anyway, Globe also launched the HOOQ, an online entertainment provider which has an extensive content library of movies, television and shows available for users to watch online, including titles from partners Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, Entertainment.  Local film and TV content will also be available through partnerships with country’s top studios like GMA, Viva, Regal Entertainment and ABS-CBN.  More about this new service soon on this blog! 🙂
My dates yesterday – Rodel and Jen 🙂 
We were looking tired?
I got home at around 10:30. I joined the gang in the MRT ride and took a cab home. Thankful that I got to ride with a nice driver. The crazy cab crime stories are making me paranoid in taking a cab and going out at night. When I got home, I just made a quick check of my inbox and chat boxes (and shared with my friends how I love Cinderella!) Haha
I don’t normally spend my day out covering events. I have different things I do everyday. I am guessing, most of the bloggers who cover events every single day can relate to this story – except that, there are commercials in between (being stuck in traffic or battling MRT war). Some of them even write or update stories while on event, or while waiting for the next event. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of lifestyle I choose to embrace, but yesterday’s activities were a bit light for me. 
Anyway, hope you guys had a fun time reading this story. Let me know if you want more stories like this 🙂 
PS. I wore my favorite dress that I got from Tango 3 years ago. 
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