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Blogger Off-Duty at Buffalo Wild Wings

March 23, 2015
Data connection off, social media account outdated and my smartphone was basically untouched.
The best times of my life are usually not shared online as they happen. Instagram might soon give me a red card for using the app for #latergram ‘s.
I spent my Saturday night with friends I have not seen for a year! They are the few people who can really make me laugh. The rare species who I enjoy conversing with. People who can understand my wit and can even make my jokes a lot more funnier. 
We had a really fun dinner at .. (my favorite restaurant!) Maple! The original plan was to meet up at Buffalo Wild Wings in Capitol Commons – but some were not able to make it, so we decided to stay in Shangri-la Mall where I also had a quick meeting (oh, I have exciting news I just cannot share just yet!) 
What we had..
Of course, my favorite Chili Fries!!! 
They were all surprised with how big the servings are at Maple! Talk about value for money. In Facebook, we even had discussion about skillet vs iron cast pan. I seriously think skillet is another term for fying pan. So what are used in Maple are “iron cast skillets” 
What do you guys think? 
Huevos Rancheros Php 340
It is an interesting Mexican breakfast made with tortilla, grilled chicken, beans, sunny side-up eggs and ranchero sauce. It is like a skillet of tossed tacos. I am not sure if I like it though. 
 Eggs Benedict Php 315
I love the fries on the side! Maple’s version of Egg’s Ben has a bed of lettuce. The hollandaise sauce didn’t disappoint though. 
Chili Burger 
I thought I could share with my friend – but I was already full from quick dinner/meeting at CPK. But I am telling you, the servings are really generous!
You could imagine the roars of laughter we shared. We had the feeling that the other guests of the restaurants were already complaining – well, we can read the look in their eyes. We were the annoying bunch that you don’t want to encounter in an intimate dinner. But life says, laugh harder and louder and enjoy the moment. So we did! I am sure that the other guests enjoyed my monologue of my experience traveling to UK. Haha!
We decided to transfer to another nest.. but we couldn’t find a fun place to stay in Shangri-la. We thought of checking out Buffalo Wild Wings.
I missed the opening night of Buffalo Wild Wings in Capitol Commons and I promised our friends from PR team that I would visit and check out the place. The night felt like the perfect time to grab a bottle of beer. 
The place was jampacked with families, friends and couples.
This guy welcomed us and kept us entertained while we wait. 
No, actually, our talk about Andrew Wolfe x Melissa Mendez airline incident kept us entertained!!!
As soon as we were seated, we were presented with the menu and we were introduced to Buffalo Wild Wings’ – customize your sauce experience! 

I was very full and all I needed was a cold bottle of beer. I am glad that Buffalo Wild Wings offers different beer from different countries (hey, there’s Chimay Red!). I should not be surprised, this is the first store in Asia. The store also offers pay-per-view services (especially for the upcoming Pacquiao fight). The price would depend on the seats though. 

Now, here’s my bottle of Guinness (Php 235)
I love that they served it with chilled glass. I hate that my friends think it tasted like a soy sauce – because of the color! Don’t you just hate it when your friends have so much witty opinions? Haha. Well I enjoyed my first taste of Guinness back in London – where the weather is colder. 
Vanilla Ice Cream for Php 95
We found some interesting food in the menu.. so we ordered:
Jalapeno Pepper Bites Php 395!
These are yummy cheddar and Mozzarella cheese rolled with Jalapeno Peppers and bacon! They are like Mexican Flautas! 

Buffalo Chicken Flatbread Php 375
This is oven-baked crust with spicy chicken and blue-cheese and Mozzarella. The blue cheese was quite strong but I love the spicy kick on every bite. 
Here’s an interesting discovery on Buffalo Wild Wings’ menu.. 

Chicken Salad without Chicken 🙂 
We just found it funny – we were crazy bunch and we had a drink 🙂 
How would you call a Chicken Salad without Chicken? 🙂 
We are #naturallycurious like that Haha
You can tell by the way I overused the exclamation point that I enjoyed my night! Never mind the expensive beer and food, we enjoyed our time at Buffalo Wild Wings. The sports bar gets too crowded though and service seemed a little slow, though. We had to call out the servers again and again to follow up on our requests. 
On a good note, the servers are nice and cheerful. I would understand slow service, but rude servers are real No-no in the food industry.
My friend misplaced his ATM and the Buffalo Wild Wings team was able to recover it and keep it. Guess where they found it (I am not sure if it was another guest who found it) – but they got it in the Comfort Room! Haha. Not that there is an ATM inside the Comfort Room. You should ask my friend how it happened Haha 
And that’s how my Saturday went. I love Blogger Off-Duty Days. 
Looking forward to beach trip and staycation with these peeps!

All pictures taken using Honor 3C Lite except for the menu.
Minor blur edits applied but no major filter adjustments.
More about this smartphone soon!

How did you spend your Saturday?
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