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The Maple Restaurant Story

January 2, 2015

The search for a red maple leaf was our mission on our last day in Canada. I remember walking down the streets of Markham, picking red maple leaves to bring home to friends who requested for a red maple leaf as souvenir. It was the story that quickly played back in my memory as we entered the Maple Restaurant in Shangri-la Mall. 

An upscale pancake restaurant by Pancake House. It is how my friend #T described Maple when he suggested this restaurant. While #D was craving for some fine wine, and I was praying for some fastfood (as in burger + fries!!! I seriously missed!) – we all agreed to have late lunch at Maple Restaurant.

A quick scan via Google – the story of Maple started from San Antonio Plaza, the Fort where the flagship store was built. There is a fine, fairy-tale like story behind the Maple Restaurant which reflects in the interior. The place is warm and cozy. It somehow reminded me of autumn especially when looking at the warm, golden silhouette of maple tree which serves as the focal point.

I would have wanted to sit on this corner but we decided to stay on the other side where light is warmer and couch is more comfortable.


The walls of the restaurant have script texts design which is really nice I wonder what font they used for that (?). I took the opportunity that there weren’t much guests in the restaurants and snapped a few pictures. I don’t want the waiter to think I am doing competitor’s check of the restaurant – and I don’t even want to announce that I am writing a blog feature or review (I was #bloggeroffduty – and I think that’s unclassy). Haha

Each guest is served with bread and butter. The bread is phenomenal! It looks rock hard but it is soft, light and delicious with a drizzle of maple syrup perfect with salted butter. We were kidding if we could ask for another round! (of course, we did not!)
It was good to be with a company of fun, chatty friends while waiting for the orders (which took a while to be served). What we’ve got..
 Spaetzle Jambalaya Php 390 
This is fresh spaetzle pasta with special Jambalaya sauce topped with shrimps and mussels. I don’t really eat Jambalaya but the spaetzle pasta made me enjoy this dish which is nicely presented in a skillet. I love the chewy feel of the pasta (over rice) and the biting chili flavor. 

Chili Fries Php 225
This is officially my favorite appetizer next to TGIFriday’s Ball Park Nacho’s! Fresh cut fries perfectly fried topped with chili-con-carne, cheese sauce, jalapeno peppers, scallions and grated cheese. Erase the word – topped, because the toppings were generously and evenly scattered in a skillet (again, nicely presented!). 
Maple Burger Php 475
I was serious when I mentioned I was craving for fastfood meal. And I got my prayers answered. 
Maple Burger is juicy patty with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and bacon. It is served with fries (topped with grated cheese) and onion rings and pickle slices on the side. The burger is not dry and perfectly grilled.
We only ordered three dishes, but surprisingly we didn’t finish everything because servings are good for sharing. I was looking forward for dessert, but I totally dismissed because I was so full. 
Service: A bit slow for off-peak hour. There were only two tables occupied when we visited. Our orders took more than 20 minutes. Other than that, the server (Clint) is nice and gracious. He even offered to take our picture (I think) because we were struggling to take the #welfie.
Total Damage:   Php 1,500 for 3 pax. Breakfast sets at Php 300 to Php 500.
Parking: In the mall.
Plastic Money: I think Maple Restaurant accepts major cards – Visa and Mastercard.

Washroom: none.
Dress Code: Come as you are!
Crowd: There were only us, and a family + granny 🙂 But it is more of a family place because of the all-day breakfast. 
Verdict: I love the Chili Fries. Although I am not quite impressed with breakfast menu selection (esp pancakes) which I think I can order at my favorite Pancake House, I love that Maple offers entrees, pastas, and appetizers aside from All-Day Breakfast. Oh, and I have to repeat, I love the Chili Fries. 🙂
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
LG/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 477-8027
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