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A Visit to the New Pancake House in Lipa, Batangas

November 18, 2014

Pancake House debuted a new look in Lipa City, Batangas and we traveled 1.5 hours from Manila to Batangas to visit the new store (and have my favorite Best Taco in Town!)

Only 1.5 hours of travel and the universe was kind to us for giving us a cool weather, sunny day and smooth traffic as we went down South boarded the Black Fleet party bus. 
I thought the travel would take us 3 hours to get to our destination, but we were surprised with how near Lipa City is from Makati Central Business District! The coolest thing was that we were boarded in a party bus! 
 Yes, you can say we had fun inside the #partybus! But these were taken during the first hour of the ride.. Keep, keep reading 🙂 

New Look: Pancake House, Lipa Batangas

Here’s the new Pancake Store in Lipa, Batangas! The place gives a taste and feel of home. You can see the changes from the logo down to the landscaping details. The inspiration of the new look came when Jim Fuentabella, Branding Director for Max’s Group, Inc saw the construction space in Lipa. “Its long and narrow facade reminded me of a shed. The first three words that came into my mind was shack (functionality), shelter (comfort) and shed (accessibility) The new design concept is all about comfort and finding a place where everything one needs is already there – just like home.

It truly felt like home when we were inside the store. It reminded me of the restaurants in other countries where they have good landscape and parking space. It is good to be able to breathe while outside, and feel the light, home ambiance inside the store with couches and wooden chairs. I kind of missed the framed movie posters though. 
The New Old

The new theme and design will soon be experienced in the Pancake House stores in Manila. To give you an overview of the changes – you will notice the logo which now shows the restaurant’s frame house symbol. Tying the concept of home and comfort is the glow from the house cascading to the old orange background. The brand’s complementing colors – fuschia, brown and blue are also integrated in to the new design scheme. The colors are actually chosen by the original owners of Pancake House because it shows the spirit of the 70s. 
Orange still shines through the new store design – but it is not defined by the color alone. They added texture and feels to the senses. 
Pancake House Favorites
Speaking of feeding the senses.. we had an awesome time indulging in the Pancake House favorites! The Best Taco in Town and Spaghetti are my favorites! Seriously, I love how meaty meat their spaghetti sauce is! 
and for desserts.. we had pancakes, waffles and crepes! I am not eating for the rest of the week! Haha
Truly, Pancake House is everyone’s favorite family restaurant.. look who was there during lunch time – it’s Vice Gov Mark Leviste! He was curious what’s inside the party bus! Haha. It was awesome that they had lunch at Pancake House the same time we were there. He shared that Lipa is the best transit point because of different entry points. He believes that Batangas gets the most number of tourists in the Philippines but sadly there are no ways (yet) to track down the visitor count because of land travel. In a short talk that we had with him I found out there are so much to explore in Lipa and products to bring home more than the Balisong – the Barong Tagalog with detailed embroidery is really nice 🙂 If you are visiting Batangas and Lipa, post pictures in social media and use hashtags #BeautifulBatangas and #LovelyLipa 🙂 

Mommy Longlegs and Daddy Longlegs per Earth 🙂
That’s Mr Adrian Benepayo hehe
And back to the party bus, we sang and danced! This #BlackFleet is looooove!
On our way home, we stopped by at Max’s, Nuvali – to have dinner! Seriously! This was the most fun and food-flooded event I have attended! Oh, in case I missed to mention, Max’s Group has acquired the Pancake House. As a brand who is genuine, thoughtful and delightful, Max’s will use the same values to handle Pancake House moving forward. Max’s will also handle the quality of Pancake’s products and services to the next level. To fully reach to the market, Max’s believes that to move the brand forward is to remain loyal to its heritage.

Ahhh.. Sago’t Gulaman!

Max’s Team also let us taste the new desserts from the Max’s Bakery
Chocolate Ganache Cake is just pure goodness – chewy, and moist. It felt like 
tasting a chocolate cake for the first time! And.. it only cost Php 500+ for whole cake! Wow!
The #BusogBatangas and #LamonLipa team 🙂

Thank you so much Pancake House and Max’s Group for having me! What a fun adventure yesterday! Thank you too Ms. Therese and Shy! Awesome to party in a bus with you guys! 🙂 
Pancake House, Lipa Batangas
Mataas na Lupa, Lipa

What do you think of Pancake House’s new look?

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