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The New Spiral Buffet Experience

November 15, 2014

How many of you graciously walked down the staircase in Sofitel Hotel Manila that leads to the Spiral Buffet? I know very well how it felt like striding down the staircase (ah, like a debutant?) because that’s where my mom and I walked down when we had our first dinner in Spiral. Haha. Yes, we did. 🙂

That was in 2011. Four years after, I was back in Spiral. I have been to several events in Sofitel but never did I experience dining in the new Spiral – not until last month.

Sofitel Team invited me to try the new Spiral buffet – and I was truly honored/delighted/touched to receive such invitation! Imagine, there was no need to wait for discount deals from group buying sites – all I needed to do was show up and say the magic words – “Reservation under Dave *****”. (I really had to censor the last name because he might get bombarded with requests!). 

I was escorted to a 4-seater table, and soon came Ms. Jane (former E-Commerce Executive for Sofitel) and Dave (new E-Commerce Manager for Sofitel). I have previously met the two during the Oktoberfest Media Launch and I was too excited to have lunch with them. We were also joined by Ramon (Veitura’s Marketing Officer).

But before the big lunch, Ms. Jane showed me around the new Spiral..


It is bigger than the old Spiral buffet boasting with 21 Dining AteliersSalad and Appetizer, L’Écailler, Sushi Sashimi, L’Epicerie, Hot Japanese, French Stove, Rotisserie, Wood fired Oven,  Churrasco, North Indian, Asian Noodles, Peking Duck Oven, Steam Baskets, Chinese Wok, Filipino, Thai, Korean, La Boulangerie, La Patisserie, Chocolaterie and Creamery.

I am sure you have read reviews and raves about the new Spiral buffet from different blogs, so let me just share with you some insiders info that Ms Jane had shared with me.

Spiral has different function rooms that are perfect for parties, events and conferences
Have you ever noticed that Spiral has no food tags attached to its food displays?
The reason is simple, Spiral wants to highlight its talented Chefs to assist the guests
in answering their questions about the food.
There are jars and jars of local food preserves that you can buy
 to take home with you the taste of Spiral

Filipino Dishes!
Chinese Bites
Peking Duck Oven (I would never get tired of eating Peking Duck!)
Next would be my favorite station.. TENEN!!! North Indian!

It is a new addition to the Spiral family. Ms Jane shared that they
had to ship the two cooking vessels and showcase them through a glass panel.
The Salad Bar is nothing but ordinary.. fresh greens and colorful veggies and dressings.
If you are not quite sure how to mix and toss the flavors,
you can grab one of the jars from the Salad and Go station

I couldn’t miss these beautiful and enticing wraps!
Looks healthy and delicious (I hate that I am blogging at this hour!)

Chef gladly flashed a smile for me while at work
(He is one of the most photographed chefs in Spiral..
I just have to feature him on my site too!)
This chiller (or heater) is not just your ordinary kitchen worktable
It is one of the best food warmer and elegantly designed to fit in the luxurious
buffet area of Spiral
Here’s another interesting area – the chiller that showcases premium meats
that guests can buy (again, for them to take the Spiral experience in their kitchen)

Sushi and Sashimi Area
Pasta Station
I was served by a trainee (OJT) and I was equally impressed with her skills.
Coming up next..
The best part..
Spiral has its very own cheese room with 35 different kinds of cheese from different
parts of the globe including , Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland! Ms. Jane said
I may be the first guest to say I am not much of a cheese-lover, but hey, I might
be a convert once I get to know all the 35 kinds and pair them perfectly with aged hams and sun dried fruits :)b
Premium aged hams
The Hot Japanese Atelei is where you can find fresh ingredients, grilled seafood and meat.
Think hot, goodness Tepanyaki!
La Boulangerie is where the smell of freshly baked goodies come from!
There are gluten-free products too perfect for those with allergies.
Now, let’s jump to where sweet-endings happen.. The Creamery!
I am not much a fan of milk and dairy products but the Salted Caramel ice cream is the bomb!
Oh, and they have the local Halo-halo Station too! Must-try!
and here’s another favorite..
La Patisserie and Chocolaterie!
I could just stay here forever, and just admire the beautiful, detailed
baked goodies and chocolate goodness!  


This TREASURE CHEST is deliciously and elegantly presented!
What you would find in each drawer and chest?
Jelly beans, sour strips and chocolate truffles in dark, milk and white varieties!

If you think that buffet is a little too much for your appetite, you can dine at the La Veranda where you can order ala carte meals. This is right in front of the bayview area and just perfect for lunch meetings and dinner dates. I love the glass panels and greens surrounding the restaurant.

Wow (just wow!) I am truly impressed with the new Spiral Buffet – from the floor layout, food presentation, facilities, and service (from chef, to trainees, wait staff and executives) – I only needed to have a taste of the delectable dishes to give this place an A+. Where did I go first? I had Indian food!

While I enjoyed my plate of curried dish and flat bread, I took the chance to ask about the story after the storm surge and typhoon Pedring hit Manila and Sofitel.

Ms. Jane proudly shared the story of the team’s dedication. She shared that the morning after the storm hit the hotel, the staff came in to work, showing dedication to help and facilitate quick clean up. The team showed positivity, some of the staff would even sing while doing their work and helping the management. They never asked questions about their compensation or the status of their employment – they just do their job as if it is business-as-usual. They showed concern to the hotel as if they are part-owners. The top management was even more supportive to the team – and in Novemver 2012, the new Spiral re-opened.

I marveled at the story behind the more luxurious Spiral where I was that afternoon.  On my second (and third plate – which I failed to take a picture of), we talked about other different topics that the meeting felt like a lunch date with friends (especially if you found out that you have common friends!). 

Thank you so much Dave, Ms. Jane and Ramon for having me! Special thanks and love to Ms. Blessy! 🙂

Have you tried the new Spiral Buffet?

Spiral Buffet Manila 
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, 
CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 
(02) 551 5555 

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