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Oh Yeah, It’s Ye!! Bluetooth Speaker

November 15, 2014

My mom enjoys receiving packages as much as I do that at times she is the one most eager to unbox and unpack the stuff that I am receiving.

The ones I love the most are gifts with personalized note. 🙂 
I received this cute little package our friends at Digits Trading and it came with a note that says..
Here’s something for your music fix. Happy Listening! :)”
 (yes, smiley included!)
I wished to unbox, take a picture and share with you what I have received, but it is crazy that sometimes I don’t even have a single minute to take a picture and thank the people and brands who continuously believe and support this blog (here’s a BIG thank you!!!). 
Anyway, let’s go to the real unboxing.. my initial reaction is – Oh, Ye!!!

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Ye!! is not a new brand for me. I have previously reviewed the Ye!! Powerbank that gathered a lot of interest from my friends and readers. 
The glass box contains:
Bluetooth Speaker
USB Cable Jack Output
Thank You Note!
Sweet! Hehe
 The Ye!! Bluetooth Speaker is simple and straightforward. I love the shiny finish in the interior and the front speaker surface. The base has a nice rubber bottoms.  I have reviewed different bluetooth speakers, and aesthetically, this is my favorite 🙂 
  • Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or via Stereo Line-in
  • Easy pairing and setup
  • Built-in Lithium rechargeable battery play up to 10 hours
  • Micro USB port for charging and audio input
  • Compatible with all devices enabled with A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
  • Compact design for easy portability

What makes this Ye!! Speaker extra cool is that it also works with non-bluetooth devices.
The pack comes with a dual-USB cord which is also used for charging the speaker.
You just simply select which modes you want to use it. 
The Blue LED light continuously blinks until it connects to a bluetooth device, 
and it stays up when you are using it via connector. 

 Here are the specs and figures that you may want to know:
 To better test its little devil, I paired it up with my new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.
Check out the video here:
The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro actually has a JBL Speakers in it
but if you want loud blasting music, go for Ye!!
(I could almost feel the pumping pulse of the speaker!)
(I hope you can view the video because my annotations don’t seem to work. 
Youtube might block this in other countries :()

The little devil is a real loud monster for only Php 1,450
I would say it is perfect for home and desk use, as it doesn’t have a 
clip-on feature to make it a cool travel accessory when driving. It is compact which you can easily slip in your bag or luggage but the case looks a bit sensitive for road trips (now that when the pouch comes handy). But solely, you can use this baby in any way you like it – anywhere. 🙂 
The Ye!! BTS700 Bluetooth Speaker comes in 7 yummy colors. 
Available at Astrovision, Astroplus, Istudio, Mobile 1, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub Burgos, iStore, District 32, iGig, Technoholics, and Digital Walker.
What do you think of this new speaker from Ye!!?
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