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Insider’s Report: Lenovo Takes London Yoga 3 Pro & Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Launch!

October 20, 2014

Three weeks ago, I received an invitation to an exclusive and big event in London – the unveiling of new products from Lenovo. I jumped for joy but had to battle with deadlines and limited time to get my passport renewed and Visa secured (I will share them in a separate entry).

God does miracles and the good forces of universe was with me. Last Wednesday, I boarded the plane from Manila to Heathrow, London. After a long 15-hour flight and a posh ride in Mercedes Benz, I found myself in Cumberland Hotel. Just perfect timing to prepare for the Welcome Dinner in the Smith of Smiths.

We were joined by the other Lenovo Insiders from different parts of the globe. It was also awesome to meet the wonderful people behind Lenovo. I have been working with them for several months, and it was an honor to meet them. Interestingly, we were joined by the #YogaMyWay winners from different countries – Eduardo (Mexico), Natasa (Croatia), Muriel (Argentina) and Amir (Abu Dau Dhabi). It felt like IBM Corporate Service Corp once again – traveling with different people from different countries.

The following day, the #YogaMyWay contest winners had the whole day to explore London, while we (insiders) were given the chance to meet the big people behind Lenovo’s new products. So we got to touch, feel and know more about the Lenovo products before the big reveal that night!

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Round Table Discussion with Lenovo Team
with Jeff Meredith
Vice President and GM, Tablet BU and Marketing
and the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

with Dilip Bhatia
Vice President Marketing and Design, Lenovo PC Group
with the new Lenovo Yoga 3

It was amazing to get to know these people and learn more about Lenovo, and the new products. Some things I want to share:

  • Ashton Kutcher is part of the development team for the new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro tablet. He flew in to Beijing for research, and conducted series of FGD’s (you can see some of the videos here). People think that he was acting, but it was an actual FGD! Haha I love the one with kids!
  • A simple notebook is the inspiration to the Lenovo Yoga laptop. It is convenient to use, flexible and easy to carry – very much like the Lenovo Yoga! 🙂
  • The bento box is the inspiration to the ThinkPad – it has everything you need when you open it.
  • Lenovo acquired IBM Thinkpad, but did not change the design, instead develop it further to fit consumer’s needs. I love both brands 🙂
  • Lenovo listens to the customers. The design and development of the new products are based on the consumer feedback. Unlike other brands which innovates based on what they want and just feed everything to the consumers.
The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro  13.3 inches- First Impressions & Specs
The new Yoga 2 Pro series provide the same thin, light and flexible features. You can use them in different modes – Hold, Tilt and Stand. With the new collection, the new Yoga 2 Pro introduces the Hang mode to view contents. This is in response to consumer’s feedback. 🙂 I personally think it is awesome for people living in small spaces, or in the kitchen when experimenting and you don’t want your tablet to mix with flour and egg 🙂
Amazingly, the specs also got an upgrade:
♥ Intel Atom processor
♥ enhanced sound with dual front speakers
♥ cinematic Dolby Audio and Wolfson Master HiFi
♥ 8 mp rear camera
♥ dual band Wifi and mirco USB with OTG connection that lets people charge their phones
♥ extended battery life

The most awesome feature – TENEN! The built-in projector!
We were all awed with this amazing feature. You can instantly share your videos and pictures with friends and families. This is also perfect for businessmen or anyone who always stand in front of the crowd to present. Just amazing!

The Pico Projector allows users to project 16.9 high resolution image in any surface for an instant
50-inch theater experience.

The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro series comes in different sizes and operating systems that fit the consumers:
♥ Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (in 8 and 10 inch) Windows – Ebony-colored
♥ Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (in 8, 10 and 13.3 inches) Android 4.4 Kitkat in Platinum
Price starts at $499.
The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – First Impressions & Specs
The new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is a work of innovation and art. The box itself is so impressive that it pops the product out once you open it. It truly uniquely addresses the consumer’s desire for an extremely stylish device, best in breed performance capabilities and hardware and software adaptability they crave.
The design features hinges that looks so strong, sturdy and durable. This allows the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro to bend and tilt in different modes smoothly. Lenovo engineers redesigned the hinge to provide the same flatness seen in metallic watches.
Comparing it with the Yoga 2 Pro (left) , the Yoga 3 Pro (right) is thinner and lighter. It is only 1.19kg – lighter than a bottled water.

The hinges allow it to lay really flat on the table (as compared to the Yoga 2 Pro).

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro also provides the harmony experience in the software – example of such amazing development is when users use the Yoga in Tablet mode for reading e-book, the Yoga will automatically adjust its brightness and color temperature based on the lighting.

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is equipped with
♥ Intel Core M processor
♥ QHD+ screen
♥ JBL audio features

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro comes in Clementine Orange, Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold

Can you see how thin it is? 🙂

Now, let me share some snapshots during the official launch which took place in the Sorting Office.

The Launch

There were 200 + guests from all over the world – journalists, media people, celebrity bloggers, vloggers and #YogaMyWay winners. I am so happy to be part of the guestlist!

We were lucky to be seated in front and we got the best view of the launch.
With Steven (USA) and Chris (Thailand – he is originally from US but based in Thailand). Steven is one of the first few who I got to interact before my flight to London. He knows my struggle and battles to get that Visa (haha). He’s awesome and nice to accept the challenge of being my official photographer (thank you for the wonderful pictures!).  While Chris is a nice guy who loves to take candid pictures and loves to shop too 🙂
Picture taken by Teresa 🙂
At exactly 8pm – the event started as hosted by Rachel Riley.
(A little different from the other events I attended that usually had us waiting for hours)

Just in case you have not heard of Lenovo yet, Lenovo is a global company
and leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technology.
Aymar De Lenquesaing, President EMEA and VP for Lenovo

The Yoga inspiration 🙂


Dilip Bhatia
Vice President Marketing and Design, Lenovo PC Group

Then it was time to present the Best Home Entertainment Tablet , as Ashton Kutcher claimed it!
The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro!

 Live stream with Ashton.
He was originally part of the London team, but he had to stay with wife and new baby. 🙂


Live Demo of the awesome projector feature! 

For those who are asking, yes, Ashton is a real Product Engineer of Lenovo.
Ashton believes in the products, and Lenovo and he is dedicated to providing products that consumers can use.

After the BIG Reveal, the gates were opened to let the guests feel and touch the new products
I just used the time to enjoy the food and drinks and socialize!
I roamed around and checked how the tech writers and bloggers find the new products..
It was awesome to see how they do their quick reviews and record “unboxing” videos.
Here are the new Lenovo Yoga Products (once again)..
  During the event, we also got to interact with Ashton through an interactive app 🙂
Lenovo projected the guests’ tweets and IG posts in the wall!
Can you spot my tweet? 🙂
(I saw Lizza’s IG post too!)

and there’s my IG post about the Yoga 3 Pro!
Here’s more pictures for you all!
I want to ride my bicycle..!

 With the #YogaMyWay winners –
Amir (Abu Dhabi), Muriel (Argentina), Steven (USA), Eduardo (Mexico) and Natasa (Croatia)
 Too awesome to meet these kids! They are so fun and good at what they do. I feel so honored to have met them. Amir is one of the kindest man I have met, and he is a doctor based in Abu Dhabi.  Muriel is like a mom and sister to me – always making sure that we were good and we have everything we need. She is a designer and she loves to travel 🙂 Natasa is another wonderful lady! So humble and sweet! She is always smiling and always ready to serve others (thank you for letting me taste Croatia babe!) . Eduardo (my mom says he looked like a Filipino :)) is your typical Latino – sweet, gentleman and fun to be with. He is a professor in one of the best schools in Mexico.
Winning photos 🙂

So happy to have met these girls! ♥

This time with Xoxo Lizza and Eduardo (and another good fellow from Lenovo)!
This is a fun picture because we were so happy for Natasa! I am not sure if
I could disclose the story.. let’s just say, Lenovo supports people who really
pursue their dreams 🙂
 with fellow Insiders – Xoxo Lizza (USA), Ivan (Russia) and Steven (USA)
Ivan is from Russia who just arrived the same day (Thursday) and had to fly on Friday morning.
He is a contributor to one of the biggest technology sites in Russia, and he loves technology so much he makes epic articles. Can I just share that by the time the big reveal was done, he had already published the article about the new Lenovo Yoga products? This kid is fun to be with too! Awesome rockstar!

With Lizza here, who seems like there is a Yoga product running on her system! She is full of energy and always fun! I love how sexy, sassy and fun she is! I miss her to bits! ♥ Please follow her adventures around the world. I am hoping to invite her to the Philippines soon 🙂
Just me and my Yoga tablet 🙂
What I Wore that Day:
White Tee: Forever21
Baby BodyCon Skirt: Terranova
Leather Jacket
Boots: Payless
Bag: SM Accessories
  Back in the bus – we reunited with Kodi of @lifeofkodi.
He is one of the most popular vloggers and this kid knows how to have fun!
Happy Kids!

You know what is amazing? After interacting with these kids and awesome people who came from different countries, we realized we don’t just share the same humor, but also the same passion to pursue what we want. They say we are lucky – the winners are lucky.. to see London and experience this. People didn’t realize that we all worked hard for this. Life is not all about good luck. It is hard work, and knowing what you want, and doing more of what makes you happy.

 Ivan was busy checking how TALL I am 🙂
Thank you so much again Lenovo for having me!

Such an honor to be part of this team and to share the news about Lenovo in the Philippines.

The London trip was short and sweet. Another once in a lifetime experience that I am keeping with me. Thank you Lenovo for all the support. Thank you for helping me show people that whatever it is that you want to do in life, you can achieve it as long as you work hard for it. People always tell me that I should have joined international beauty contests, but hey, I get to represent the country and inspire more people even without a sash. 🙂
Now, I cannot wait to share with my family the pictures and videos I have taken in the Harry Potter Studio – the projector feature in the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is just perfect!
If you want to see more pictures, check out #LenovoTakesLondon #YogaMyWay and #RuthGoesToLondon hashtags in IG. Shout out too to Miran (Slovania) and Hugo who we got to party with after the launch 🙂
Check out this youtube video created by Lenovo which features the event highlights. Find me! 🙂

Connect with Lenovo:
IG and Twitter: @Lenovo
 What can you say about the new Lenovo Yoga products?
Products would be available last week of October and first week of November.
Lenovo is starting to ship globally! Watch out!
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