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The New Colgate with Sugar Acid Neutralizer

October 20, 2014
I went to an event this afternoon in Marriott Hotel, and when we were served an appetizer, the plate contains (what looked like a) cheesecake and blanched vegetables with garlic dressing. We were all looking at each other asking why we were having dessert when the event has not even started? I thought the plated meal rules have changed. I was not informed.
We had to ask the servers and they confirmed that “we are having cheesecake for appetizer”. I shrugged it off and enjoyed each spoonful.
Then the host opened the event and asked who among the guests had cheesecake for appetizer, and who had vegetables? I had both and enjoyed them. The next question was, which dish do we think can cause more cavities? There is no right or wrong answer as both cause cavities.
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The common misconception is that sugar is the main cause of cavities; however, any kind of food can be culprits – even healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. The reason is  – sugar acids. Sugar acids are created in the mouth when common oral bacteria feed on starchy food residue causing the acid level in the mouth to rise. It then causes weakening of teeth and causing cavities.
The alarming news is that tooth decay and cavities are becoming more serious problem which can lead to more serious health risks.  Personal hygiene and daily oral routine can help combat tooth decay, but may not be enough to weaken the sugar acid in the mouth.

I remember my dentist once prescribed me a different kind of toothpaste because I was very acidic and it weakens my teeth. It is a very, very expensive product. Thankfully, Colgate has a latest breakthrough in cavity protection – the new product combines Sugar Acid Neutralizer and Flouride.  The Sugar Acid Neutralizer helps deactivate the sugar acids in plaque making it easier for the Flouride to strengthen and repair teeth.
Celebrity moms Maricel Laxa, Pia Magalona and Dimples Romana
joined the launch and shared how they love the new Colgate.
I love how Dimples shared that her kid loves it because it is purple!
We are used to seeing toothpaste in red, green, white and blue, so I am excited to use this purple Colgate 🙂
Now, we can enjoy whatever food we want to eat..
be it pumpkin soup..

Steak and Prawns..
or Sweets!
(There goes the dessert!)
What do you think of this new product from Colgate?
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