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All-American All Good Buffet at Marriott Hotel: Extended Fourth of July Feast

July 8, 2014

It was a red, white and blue affair as Marriott Hotel extended the Fourth of July celebration with the launch of the “All American, All Good” food festival. Last night, we got to savor and enjoy the ultimate favorites from classic American treats to modern twists.

The nachos station was the first and the last I visited last night.
 I got addicted with the Chili Con Carne!

Click Read More to know more about the All American All Good Buffet..

I was not kidding when I mentioned food festival. Look at this giant pot of Jambalaya with genrous servings of shrimp!

 All I can see.. shrimps swimming in a sea of red rice!

 At the Barbeque Station..
Soup Station (we skipped it and went for meat first Haha).
 I find the soup a little salty, but most of them tasted the spice.
Dixie Pies Station

Too fancy cupcakes I didn’t want to touch and eat!

These are just some of the offerings you can try from the All American Dinner Buffet at Marriott Cafe starting from July 9 to 31 from Sundays to Thursdays for only Php1, 950.

Buffet spread will include cheeses with freshly baked breads and cold cut. Chef Salad Creations include waldorf salad with buttermilk dressing, macaroni chickin and potato salad. Meat Lovers can try Butcher Class with rib eye steaks, tenderloin, striploin and pork chops. The Rotisserie Finest will feature US Prime Rib and Crown Proks Ribs served with hot sides of creole potato wedges , garlic, sweet corn, baked potato stuffed with cheese and grilled vegetables. There will also be Jack Daniels’ ribs.

Savory treats will include pumpkin pie, pecan pie cherry pie and warm bread budding with maple creme anglaise and pecan brittle. More desserts will also be presented like mud pie, cheesecakes, maple creme brulee, summer American-inspired candy bar flavors like Snickers, Chocolate Gianduja, Dolce de Leche, Tiramisu Kit Kat, Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, Butterfinger Dolce Latte and Black Forest Nestle Crunch! Sounds yummy!

More exciting events from Marriott Hotel this July!

Cru Steakhouse Features Chef John Havens and Beringer Wines . Continue your American feast by learning straight from the experts! July 12 will be an afternoon of tasting, toasting, and discovering because guest Chef John Havens will share his passion for American cooking while a wine sommelier will give suggestions on the best wines to go with each dish. For only P2,000 discover these fun-filled facts from 1230PM-230PM .

American Greats at the GreatRoom. Bottoms up! Keep the nights merry at the GreatRoom with Budweiser Beer and Jack Daniel’s along with U.S. Angus Beef sliders and other American specials. Harley Davidson’s bikes and RJ guitars will also be on display from July 8-16 to keep the good times rolling. And if you’re there from 6-7PM on July 9-31, Budweiser Beers are up for grabs because it’s Buy 1 Take 1.

A Wine Affair with Robert Mondavi. It’s a delightful mix of music, meat, and Mondavi on July 11! Aptly named “Out of the Box”, this casual social event brings together Robert Mondavi’s brilliantly-crafted crisp wines fresh from Oakville while enjoying Chef John Havens’ live cooking demo of appetizers using U.S. Certified Angus Beef. Bands will play American classic hits to keep the fun flowing from 7:30-10:30PM.

To keep the guests excited over the events line-up for July, prizes were raffled off such as buffet treats, overnight stay and even glass guitar.

We all wished they gave these away..

We were, however, treated to a heart-throbbing performances.. Can you guess the song? (it’s New York.. New Yoooork…!)

You must see the succeeding pictures!
These two guys are awesome!

G Toengi (event host) with lovely kids

 What is a feast without alcohol? 
(well, it is still a feast!)
But last night, Jack Daniels was the king of the night!

It is always nice to be back at Marriott Hotel! Although I was expecting that we were all gonna be trying the actual buffet offerings, I was surprised to feel full with just the slices and spoonfuls of dishes that were offered last night. I am officially addicted to the Chili Con Carne!

So, make sure you mark your calendar, and make all the days of July red. Head on over to Marriott Hotel for an extended Fourth of July celebration feast!

All American All Good is presented by: Certified Angus Beef, Jack Daniels, Happy Living Wines for Beringer Wines, Harley Davidson, RJ Guitars and media partners: 2nd Avenue, ETC,  Fox International, ANC, Lifestyle Network, ANC, Business Mirror,,, Homebased and

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