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I Tasted Flavors of Asia (in Marriott Cafe)

July 8, 2012

I have tasted 4 different cuisines in one night. It felt like traveling from Philippines to Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. I have tasted Flavors of Asia in Marriott Hotel last week.

I always love attending Marriott, especially, Marriott Cafe’s events because it only means – FOOD PORN! Have you seen my post about the Marriott Lunch Buffet Promo? and the launch of Chocolate Room? Reading those posts makes me want to go to Resorts World NOW!

Anyhow, Marriott Cafe makes it more tempting by inviting chefs from 4 different Asian countries to offer only the best cuisines from their respective countries. Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Ruhizad Muri, JW Marriott Jakarta’s Dadang Wahyudi, Renaissance Riverside Saigon Phan Tien Hoa, and JW Marriott Bangkok Thanatorn Krobsuay brought more than their expertise, but the finest dishes of their countries.

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When I arrived in Marriott Hotel, I found the chefs waiting outside – waiting to be introduced, because they are Asian, and they look alot like Filipinos, we talked to them in Filipino. We had to be reminded that they are foreign chefs! It could be the same thing for the Indonesians, when they talk to me in Bahasa Indonesia!

Inside The Den, I was surprised to see alot of bloggers! Most were too busy taking pictures, so I decided to just catch up on some friends.

Before we lined up to the buffet tables, Marriott cooked a game for the bloggers – a memory game! The fashion bloggers won! Congratulations!

Then off we went down to Marriott Cafe, and time for a gastronomic feast! We you will not only find Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese food, Marriott Cafe also maintained the Chinese, Filipino and Japanese in the selection.

Here are some local drinks..

I love this one the most!

We started off with a soup – a Vietnamese Soup. You can choose if you want beef or chicken. I chose beef, and I was not disappointed.

It is not the usual salty beef soup that you will have. The taste of cilantro makes all the difference. It is calming, in some way, and appetizing. 

After the dish, I went straight to something heavier. It was funny asking the chef to pose for this picture. I have completely forgotten he is from Indonesia. AND I took the chance to interact with him more. I told him I spent a month in Indonesia and love the food there especially Gado-gado. He seemed pleased to know that I love his country. AND it is even nicer to speak some Indonesian phrases again, like Selamat Malam and Teri Makasih! He replied with, Sama, Sama! I missed hearing that!

I topped my slice with red wine sauce! Yum!

Don’t forget the satays – Indonesia’s popular dish, which shows the love for grilled meat. Selections include chicken, shrimps, calamari, beef, goat, pork and fish in assorted marinades.

This is not omelette, but Bhan Xeo, a vietnamese dish. It is not made of egg, but crepe. Fillings could be beef, pork or shrimp. 

Here’s my second plate. Those are grilled squids with sweet & sour sauce (as suggested by Indonesian Chef) and a serving of a curry dish!

Let’s check out some Thai food..

I requested for the not-too-spicy salad..

Here’s my second plate. I love the salad because it is not made of the usual fattening and thick dressing. There is a certain bite, and taste that lingers after you are done with the dish.

Writing this post made me realized that I didn’t eat a lot. Here’s my third plate – I couldn’t leave without having some sushi and tempura.

I so much lived and literally eat the moment, I wasn’t able to take a lot of food pictures. Anyway, let’s go to dessert station

I, Mommy Lace, Ria, Krystel and Irish while we were waiting for our sweets!

We wish we have a ref like this at home..

Here’s my dessert plate!

And here are some blogger friends who joined us that night..

I went straight to work after the big meal. My coworkers love my dress (thank you!). I love the color too! For those who were asking, I got it on sale from the Mango VIP Sale. Too bad, I don’t have full body shot. But yeah, I wore a simple black pumps with it, and the necklace I bought from a colleague.   I am kind of loving necklaces with semi-precious stones. It is quite heavy, but I love it! And also, I am kind of loving pink lipsticks! I used the pink lipstick that Mommy Pehpot has given me! 

Here’s my pic with the chefs!

You can also experience Asia! For only Php 2300 (Sundays to Thursday) and Php 2500 (Fridays and Saturdays) at Marriott Hotel, Manila, Resorts World. Call them at 988-9999, reserve and eat. You’ll also get the chance to win a 3 days and 2 nights accommodation in other Marriott properties in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam.

You can see more of events picture in my Facebook Fanpage. Also, check out Kumagcow’s blog for more pictures. 

It is always nice to go to Marriott Hotel because I always feel welcome and taken cared of. Hoping to stay in one of the Marriott Hotels soon (we should consider Marriott in our next trip..).

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