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One Month with Gloww

June 18, 2012

Busy Bee. That’s what I am. I officially went live on my work last month – and I am now handling executives from US going to different parts of Asia. My work requires me to get them to their assignment country smoothly. I also have assignees who are ending their assignments this June, and I need to ensure that their repatriation would be smoothly processed too. I wish I could share with you the end to end process I do but you can just imagine the stress. Add the countless events that I attended. Plus the extra-curricular activities I do in the office, and of course, family hours. I wish I have more than 24 hours in a day. On a normal week, I only get four hours of sleep in a day. You might be imagining that I look like a zombie, but thank God I do not. Probably, it is because of my one-month relationship with Gloww.

I have blogged about how I met Gloww here. I was hesitant to try it at first (like a drug?) but I am glad I did, and now we are on our second month.


 To know more about my unhealthy lifestyle, and Gloww, click Read More…

To give you a background of how unhealthy my lifestyle is, I don’t regularly eat vegetables, but I do love fruits (and I eat fruits everyday), my food is mostly meat and pork, almost everyday for the whole month of May, I order large fries from McDonald’s, I eat alot of chocolates (never ending supplies from friends coming from US!), I drink alot of caffeine, I don’t have time to exercise and my only means of work-out is commuting.

Add the fact that I carry genes from my parents which are recessive to my siblings (they have fairer and finer skin tones!), I would expect tons of zits and dullness in my face, but those are non-existent!

At some point, people at the office think that I just came from an event because they see me as all glammed-up and glowing, when infact I only had four hours of sleep. I bumped into my former co-manager two weeks ago, and he thought I was on my to work, and I told him I was on my way home and had to extend work hours. He was surprised and commented “so ngarag ka na nyan?” (so you were looking all stressed with that?)

 My latest picture with Rovie
Taken during the Uniqlo Pre-Opening Event

 If it is Gloww that is keeping me sane and presentable, thank you. Anyway, it consists of 11 essential nutrients to help nourish our skin’s Color, Luminosity, Brightness, and Transparency. Now if we can improve our CLBT, the result would be radiant and younger looking skin. I love the fact that it Gloww doesn’t give me headaches, stomachaches and/or try to manipulate my bowel movement. If this goes on okay for the next months, I might stick with it.

I still have two boxes to finish, and will keep you posted on the results.

Are you also using Gloww? What skin supplement have you tried and will recommend?

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