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Uniqlo Philippines’ Pre-Opening Event: The Store, The Staff and Items to Buy

June 14, 2012

From Tokyo to Manila! Uniqlo is now in the Philippines. I got to see the whole store before it opens tomorrow, June 15th and even got to buy some nice pieces.

The first time I encountered the store, we were in Beijing, China with some friends. My guy friend spent hours in the store, buying shirts, polos and even pants – while I got bored after making a quick stroll around. All basics and plains. Not my thing, I thought. I was even itching to try the Happy Lemon across and silently praying that they finish soon (my girl friend also bought a lot). 
My friend then told me that he saw a shirt with my company logo. Being the loyal employee that I am, I jumped, went to the rack and grab one of the three shirts left. Good thing it was my size. The shirt is under the Corporate Collaboration collection. So I left the store with a paper bag, and got back to Manila owning one piece of Uniqlo shirt. See the shirt here. After a year, Uniqlo finally will open in Manila. I was still thinking, the store will only carry the plains shirts and basic tops, but after last night – I found out there is something more in Uniqlo.

To know what are to-buys in Uniqlo, and get a first-look of the store, click Read More
I got to visit the store last night and buy new items even before the store officially opens tomorrow. I just want to share what happened during the Pre-Opening Event..
Hosts were wearing Uniqlo clothes!
Mr. Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President & CEO, Fast Retailing Co. 
welcomed the guests and expressed how 
happy he is with the partnership with SM and Uniqlo.

Ms. Tessie Coson and Mr. Tadashi Yanai.
Brand Ambassadors, Chito Miranda, Izza Calzado and Chris Tiu 
during the sake-toasting ceremony. Kampai!
All of the guests received this sake cup to celebrate with the team. 
It was supposed to be a fashion event (I should be imagining party music), so imagine everyone’s delight when they introduced Parokya ni Edgar!
Men in suit and a Rock Band! Cute!

Just food. Now I am hungry.
UE Chorale. They look good in colored plain shirts!

They said that the store will open at 8:30PM. But my bloggies and I 
decided to go up and line up. I think everyone was excited. 
So even before 8:30PM, they opened the store.. Attack!!

Very pleasant staff. All of them were smiling and bowing 
everytime I would pass one of them.

Time to shop. I attended the store tour earlier, so basically 
I know what I wanted..

Chris Tiu

Izza Calzado

Chito Miranda
Also spotted Rajo Laurel, Champ and Chino, Andrew Wolfe, 
Kitkat, Kelly Misa.

Forgive the stalker shots. Next time, I would ask them to smile for my camera. 😉
Now I know you have been itching to know what to buy.. 
Yes, at Php590 from Php990. Special Opening Sale!

Bra-Tops. This is nice because it has silicon pad (no need to wear bra!)
Would give you certain boost! And nice material too.

Leggings. Plain or Laced.

Something for kids!

Men’s Soft Pants
For Work.

For Church?


Yummy Colored Socks

Accessories for Him

 Here’s what the girls are raving about!
Ladies can wear Hello Kitty again!

For Him

Don’t forget Minnie and Daisy!

Snoopy! Php590 too!

This one I like! Andy Warhol!

Some things I love, which I didn’t buy. Hehe.
We have seen a lot of the same prints in Flea Market
but this one got better cloth

Barbie Shirt

I love Basic Shirts! 

I always worry about shirts being too short for me.
But this one is just perfect. Now I know where to buy next time
I need plain black shirt.

Shirt Dresses

More of Bra-Tops!

Pretty Hats!

Denims at Php990

Pringles Shirt from Corporate Collaboration Collection

Too bad there is none for my company (Teehee.. Loyal!)
 Gundam Shirts

And this one I missed! Barbie Shirt! 
Would be back to get it!

You enjoyed my quick tour? The store is 1,550 square meters big with cashier area that reminds me of a bank, and a separate dressing room for Men and Ladies.

What am I most impressed about is the staff. Such attentive, helpful, and all-smiling staff! When I was in the dressing room, I asked one staff to get me a size 26 pants, because I thought I gained too much weight and brought size 27, she brought me new pair with all smiles (and a bow!).  I wish it would continue even after the Pre-Opening Event.  Have I mentioned they speak good English too? Impressive!
Thank you for accommodating us!

This man bought a lot!
Thanks so much Uniqlo Philippines and Congrats!

What have I got? 
Snoopy! I am not a t-shirt person but it is nice to own one Snoopy Shirt!
Barbie Shirt is not the usual shirt. I love the baby collar and puffed-sleeves.

Of course, Colored Pants. Rovie and I were thinking what color to buy.
I was supposed to get the Beige one but decided to get the 
Red and Blue! Spunky! (Php590 each!)
All Barbie Shirts come with a pony-tail! Looove!! (Php590)

The Pre-Opening Sale will run only for a week. Head to SM Mall of Asia tomorrow for Uniqlo Philippine’s Opening tomorrow, June 15th!
I don’t have much picture to share, but here’s I and Rovie
(my shopping partner last night – had so much fun girl!)

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