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ODM Watch Fashion Styling Event with Male Fashion Blogger David Guison

June 11, 2012

I love, love watches. I even bought a watch case to keep my watches – so it is easy for me to grab one and pair with my outfit. I mostly go for girly type ones. At one point, I got addicted with bracelet watches with charms. Then, I went crazy over bangle watches. Then, started digging through my mom’s jewelry case, and grab some vintage automatic watches to use (think Seiko). I don’t actually buy (or receive) expensive watches. Just the good branded ones which are just fit to my lifestyle. The main question is, how do you pair your watches to your outfit?

ODM Watches broke the rule. I think Jeff Paulino (L Time Studio Marketing Manager) agrees that when we were growing up, we thought that watch and clothes should match. During the first ODM Watch Series event that happened the other week, male fashion blogger David Guison shared his styling tips.

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 Jeff Paulino
Event was hosted by DJ Joyce Pring

L-Time Studio launched their Fashion Series program. L-Time Studio endeavors to inspire the consumers on how to draw their everyday fashion inspiration from their wrist watch, with the help of today’s most influential and inspiring online personalities like David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co and VJ Joyce Pring.

So, I attended the very first event. Let’s get to know ODM first – It is a dynamic designer watch brand positioned as an “inno-trendy” timewear showcasing futuristic and trendy design for the next generation. It is a brand that also conveys the philosophy of originality, dynamic and minimalism.

Interesting description, I wish I could wear ODM watches in the office. Then, why not? We have Friday Casual Day!

David Guison
One of the male fashion bloggers who has 
established a name by his cool style

David shows how his style evolved..

.. and gave tips how man can dress 
to cover flaws 

A male model sporting David’s suggested styles 
and what kind of ODM watch to go with it. 

David shows some of his signature pieces

During the event, there was a styling challenge too. Challengers must use David’s clothes and style male guests using those pieces and ODM watches!

 I never realized Shen (Shen’s Addiction) cannot just do
make-up but style too!


Paxiness (Drowning Equilibriums) styled the PR Guy, Paul

Sarah (Fashion Eggplant) also joined but failed to take a pic
Guess who won the challenge! 
Pax and Paul!

Rovie won the Best Dressed Award!


Then, I also enjoyed the food at Capricciosa, Greenbelt 3

It is always fun attending fashion events. I just had a quick chat with Shen and we are both amazed at how good and creative these kids are (yes, most of them are young and hip!). I cannot imagine attending events almost everyday, and looking all fashion and stylish! These are the new, young fashion bloggers I met.

And here’s Paul the PR Guy and Shen(‘s hand) just being a kid!

One more shot! Modeling the new ODM watch!

Paul is also one of the few male fashion bloggers and he has been making a name in the blogging world. We cannot deny the good looks, plus he is very personable. The PR Guy just matches the personality.

Also in the event – Jackie Go, Ana Gonzales, and Melai Etuna (whose boyfriend is actually a best friend of one of my colleagues!). Too bad, I wasn’t able to have a picture with David Guison. The shyness in me always kicks in if I am surrounded with celebrities (and I treat him like one! Haha!)

Here are some cute ODM wathes. Love. love, love them!

The “work area” that afternoon

I had to run to the office after the event. People might be wondering how I manage my time – working more than 9 hours in the office at night, attend events, and blog. Well, I only had 2 hours of sleep that day, and you bet that my head was spinning in the office then. But I am not complaining. It is always nice to learn from these events. On my way down from Greenbelt 3, I saw some fashion bloggers doing an outfit shot. They are too cute! Til next!

So, how do you style your ODM? Do you wear such kind of watches too?

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