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Axe Anarchy Raid Event in Eastwood: One Fun Cops-Robbers Chase Event

June 9, 2012

How does it feel being chased and frisked by stars like Bianca King, Sarah Lahbati, , Gwen Zamora, Megan Young, Nadine Samonte and Ellen Adarna? Add Iwa Moto, Nina Jose, radio jocks – Jinri Park, Andi Manzano and Karen Bordador, don’t forget Divine Lee and beauty queen Gwendoline Ruais and all other girls who wore skimpy shorts, white tops and Axe Anarchy for women. That is actually a question I should be asking the 100 hottest men (including Rocco Naccino, Victor Basa, Boys Night Out boys – Sam YG, Slick Rick and Tony Toni, and my other blogger friends and a coworker!). Are you one of the 100 guys who was part of the game? Answer the question then.

Well, I have witnessed it, and it was a riot! An organized riot. I am actually uploading one of the videos of one guy being chased and frisked by a number of girls. They look like bees! Seriously.

Credits and messages usually are at the bottom of the post, but first I want to congratulate Axe Philippines and the team who organized the event and campaign. One awesome event (that made 100 guys’ dream come true..). Everything was good, except for the media pass and security issue which I don’t want to talk about here because I am over it, and I just had fun, even by watching the “game”.

So yeah, it is a game. I know you are excited to read about the event (and even see pictures).. well, let’s start.. Going to the Eastwood Mall is an ordinary day for me because that’s where I work, but I know it was not an ordinary day yesterday, I saw this and more of this in C5 road. I know it is happening – see my post here. 

To read how the fun the chase was and who won, click Read More..

So at the Eastwood, I met up with a friend and got surprised with a number of people in the activity area. I was worried because I didn’t know how to get my Media Pass and I couldn’t find the registration table (there are just soo many people who were excited about the event!), so I called Jeman and asked him how he got inside – well apparently, he was part of the game! But it was nice of him to actually call Steph who then called me and advised me where to go. Then I got my precious Media Pass. Off inside, games and more games.


It was funny that on my way out, it was the same time the lady cops were walking back to the Prison Area – and I looked like a leader walking infront of them! My blogger friends thought I was part of the game! Haha

Lady cops..

Break Time! Perfect timing to catch up with friends, and get to know Rovie (BargainDoll), she is such a darling! I don’t have a pic of us in my camera – will just grab from hers. 🙂

Okay, here I go again, writing and writing about non-event related stuff. I just love writing.. Anyway, between mingling with the bloggers and the actual game, what happened was there was a “miscoordination”on how media (including bloggers) will be accommodated. Anyway, the realization is – I need to buy a camera with good zoom specs soon!

So back to the event – it started with the introduction of the celebrity lady cops! Here’s the list of all celebrity cops:

Bianca King
Sarah Lahbati
Kylie Padilla
Sheena Halili
Ryza Cenon
Gwen Zamora
Megan Young
Vaness Del Moral
Bangs Garcia
Nadine Samonte
Ellen Adana
Iwa Moto
Nina Jose
Regine Angeles
Jacq Yu
Jini Park
Andi Manzano
Karen Bordadorr
Gwendoline Ruais
Dorina Groh
Chloe McCulley
Anne Real
Karel Marquez
Divine Lee
and some other young, pretty lady cops to complete the 100 cops!

I don’t know some of the entertainment figures. I honestly cannot tell who among those cops are the celebrities and who are just participants who registered. They are just all pretty. At one point, I got insecured. I felt old.. and older everytime I would see age brackets. And being surrounded with these pretty lady cops, I might turn into a lesbian.

And why were they looking up? Nope, it is not a bird.. not a plane.. 
Not even Superman.. Even hotter and more charming than Superman..

It is Marc Nelson! 
What a fun, action-packed entrance!
Too bad, I didn’t have a picture with him, but got some 
before from Soyami Event.
This is actually one of the highlights of the events.
Then I dream of him rescuing me from a burning building! Hehe.

Off to the stage, he fought with “bad guys” and met Ramon Bautista!
Ramon has been entertaining the crowd since late in the afternoon!

 They are a good duo! 
Ramon Bautista is sooo witty!
The architects of the Axe Anarchy Raid – 
Rafael Echanova and Gem Laforteza welcomed the guests and robbers & cops!
I know you are itching to know the mechanics of the game. Some might think that it is so easy to find your match. But nope! There are rules. A number. So each lovely cops has a number combination, and they have to find their match from the 100 robber guys. Or maybe not 100. But more. Because there were guys there who also joined the game who have number combination but none matches any of the girls’. They are like jokers!
The girls can only chase, search and frisk the guys if they are standing in the designated spots. Like the ones below. There were blue spots on the left side, and red spots on the right side. The spots are activated for 30 seconds, and the guys must be standing in the spot before they can be frisked. If the guys overstayed in the spot, or if they did a violation – they will be put in jail for 30 seconds before they could go back to the chase area (so that’s 1 chance less to get a million). 
To make the chase more exciting, there were Wardens. They were in the area to catch the guys too, and the guys being hopeless with their hands cuffed behind their backs, couldn’t say no to Wardens. So the goal of the guys was to get to the spot, pass the Wardens and enjoy the sight of girls running after them. 
The arrival of the Wardens. Some were even riding bikes!

Ok, enough of the talk. I just shared the rules for you to better understand and appreciate the game. The number code btw, were placed in different spots of a guy’s shirt. 
The crowd went wild when the ladies took off their jackets. 
Now the cops were sent back to the barracks, and the Wardens and Bouncers
were in position. It is like they played Patintero. Cool!
(Btw, it was the same set of bouncers I encounter in the NKOTBSB concert!) Haha
The cops were ready to chase robbers!

And GO!
I will do the pictures do the talking (blogging..)
or you can even watch this video and appreciate how things went 
last night..

That’s my friend and colleague, Franco!

Bianca King, taking a break..

The divine, Divine Lee sporting heels!
She’s so chic! One of the highlights of the events!
And look at those shorts!
Are those studded or pierced? Just too fasyon!
Only THE Divine Lee can pull it off! I like her because she could be gay 
and still look glamorous!

 Petra Mahalimuyak taking a break. 

More girls here.. Probably tired?

Bianca King (again), waiting for a target this time..?

And the game was called over! 
Someone finally found a match!
Mocha Girls performance and we were off to Choi Palace for the 
Press Con and Dinner
A view from the top.
During the Press Con, celebrity lady cops started coming in at the same time the dinner was being served. 
Why do they still look gorgeous despite the sweat?!

I wasn’t able to take much pictures of the celebrity cops. 
I didn’t want to bother them because I know they were all 
tired, hungry and thirsty – the same way I was 😉

Oh, Ramon Bautista is so funny and adorable!

I was surprised to see some blogger friends who were part of the robbers pool.
Juan Manila Express (and Jeman – I didn’t have pic with him. 
He changed immediately after the game).
Carlo of the WebMagazine (I looked so ngarag! I felt the game!)

Found two of the Boys Night Out boys..
And outside was my friend who said, he was “used” during the demo.

And this guy, you have to know.. That’s Eric Losloso!
And since I mentioned Eric Losloso, I have to congratulate him and Petra Mahalimuyak for winning 1 million pesos! I asked him how did it happen, he said that Petra Mahalimuyak was just so good! She found the number combination at the chest part of his shirt and she dragged him to the Verification Area. Petra Mahalimuyak said that they were the 5th couple who got there, so she was feeling nervous. Glad that the first four couples didn’t match! It was really meant for them! Congratulations!
Vince of, asked a very nice question to the organizers and architects of the event, why did they choose such an activity? Robbers-and-cops-chase-game, they said is an old kids’ game, and it would be nice to play the game again; plus, share the dream of a guy (that is – being chased by girls) to 100 other men in the country. 
Fun and exciting the game was, but it was not easy to win the prize. Petra Mahalimuyak said that she had gone through a lot of **pples, abs, and what-nots before he got the right combination.
Wondering how they will spend the money? Eric said that he has a family and will allot it for the kids education (such a sweet dad!). Petra Mahalimuyak wishes to use the money to buy a new car, shop at Forever21 or even go on a trip to Europe! (now, I am also dreaming).
Congratulations! Look at those big smiles!
Congratulations again to Eric and Ashley (Petra Mahalimuyak), and to Gem and Rafael, and the Axe Philippines team! I so enjoyed the event and chose not to tweet and go online. One of the few fun events I attended! Good job!
As for the Axe Anarchy Women’s Deo Body Spray I like it! It smells fresh with that just-came-out-of-the-shower-effect. Not strong yet girly. I am not a fan of fruity and flowery scents, so this one got a two thumbs from me 😉
My friend who was part of the robbers pool said the he can’t forget the sight of Megan Young running towards him.. I wish I could relate to his story, but I am sure the other guys were just so jealous. So next time, follow my blog and Axe Philippines‘ fanpage to get updated with this type of event!

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