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June 4, 2012

New Kids On the Block x Backstreet Boys in Manila Concert

So it is over. The NKOTB - BSB Manila concert is over. Last night was the last leg of the New Kids on the Bloc and Backstreet Boys concert series, and they said they chose Manila to end the tour. How sweet! It is weird that I am feeling a little sad, disappointed and bitin. I want more! There is nothing to look forward to.

Yeah, another New Kids on the Block post from me. See one I posted before the show here. Let me share some pictures I have taken. There aren't alot - because I chose to live and experience it, than worry about getting good shots.

To see more pictures of NKOTBSB concert, click

Arriving at SM Arena..

First time to watch in SM Arena. There is a Starbucks beside the entrance
I was hoping to see Jon Knight before the show because he tweeted 
that Starbucks is only 50ft from his dressing room.

Even at the VIP Patron area, the lines were just sooo long. 

People were just so excited!

Yeah, we were still early. I made a visit to the washroom twice.
I was worried I would need to pee in the middle of the show!

Even at the Snack Bar, the NKOTBSB ad was there..

We ordered bottled water - but cashier said they had to remove the cap 
for security reasons. I just asked to transfer the water to the cups.
Some even bought beer! Would love to drink beer but worried about my bladder.

Donnie Wahlberg with Jay-R!
When Donnie came out of the stage, I was on my way out 
and I had to rush back to take pictures!

Jay - R and Boy Pick Up (?)

 Waiting for the show to start..

Intro Video..

The Boys! 
I thought we reserved good seats, but it is still far from the stage. 
My camera was no help..

I forgot the playlist for the concert, but I know NKOTB sang Single

That's Joey McIntyre, Jon Knight and Danny Wood
I have to say the NKOTB looks hotter, younger and leaner compared to BSB!

The NKOTB went in front of the ramp and BSB stayed in the middle of the stage
You can see from the audience who were the NKOTB and BSB fans :D

Sorry, you will see a lot of NKOTB pics from this set :D

One of the many "blasts"

Ok, here is one BSB picture..

Donnie and Jordan (on screen)
They are so hot!

Jon is my favorite! Glad to capture that screen shot!

Amazing how his voice never changed!
Look at that body!

I just realized Jon was the only one wearing shirt
He gained a few pounds but he's still cute!

Aren't they gorgeous? :)

Donnie is the man! 

Good job Jon! 
I know you suffered from Panic Attacks, 
but seeing you do the dance floor and joining the reunion tour is 
a big, BIG thing!

Jordan always running around the stage!

Nick Carter always doing the rockstar-playing-guitar move
I think he has gained too much weight..

 Here comes my boys again!

Singing "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?" I think..

Joey singing "Please Don't Go Girl.."

 I was surprised to see Nick on our area looking for a girl to serenade..

I sat down because I didn't want to be picked! (Haha)
I was hoping the NKOTB would do the same too!

He picked someone who is I think a former Close-Up Commercial model

He is fun and flirty. The audience went wild!


Lucky Girls! You made history!

Jon.. Jon..

Donnie showing his sexy body! 
He's hot for a 40ish!


Joey asking who among the audience felt that they were back in 1989..
and 1999. You bet the 1999 crowd screamed louder. I got tired of screaming.

 The US Security told me twice to stay in my seat and give way in the aisle.
I found out minutes later why.. Donnie went down in the VIP area!
And he hugged me! Too bad I was not able to have pic taken.
Was too shy to grab him and kiss him!

One of the girls in our area tried to grab his cap, and he got serious. 
Really serious. Tsk. What did the girl thinking? That's rude, dude. 
It is like grabbing someone's clothes and trying to undress him/her!

The audience went wilder when Nick started singing and came at the back door

I love the colors! Here's for the BSB fans

NKOTB again singing "I'll Be Loving You Forever"
I saw from Jordan's tweet that Jakarta beautifully sang the song..
I am so sorry to disappoint him in Manila, but I sang. Promise!

Now BSB.. 

Two boy bands sharing the stage

Jordan and Nick goofing infront of camera

A jump for finale.

NKOTB wearing Philippines Jacket singing "Hanging Tough"

And the end of the show -

Who ever got the shirt, raise your hand!

And after the show..


After the show, we heard hysterical screamis in the exit hall, and checked if the boys were out, but only found the Azkals Team. I was disappointed.

Some highlights:

  • Donnie introduced Jay-R! Can you believe that?
  • The Backstreet Boys picked some girls from the audience to serenade on stage with Call Me Maybe on the background

  • NKOTB went down at the VIP area! Donnie gave me a hug! Was too shy to pose again with him for a pic and I was so scared of bouncers pushing me back to my seat!
  • AJ wore a leopard shorts - also Joey Joe!
  • Nick and Howie came from the back door exit for their performance. As expected, the crowd went crazy!
  • NKOTB showed their abs!
  • One of the BSB Boys did the booty dance (don't recall the name!)

I am actually feeling a little bitin about the show. I wanted to see more of NKOTB. It was obvious that the crowd were mostly BSB fans, and I felt that I was the only one singing and dancing with NKOTB.

It was funny when Jordan asked the crowd to scream - and people were seem like following him (and I know they were laughing too!). How many times did Donnie tell the crowd, "I can't hear you.." Probably, he was speaking with the BSB fans, and people didn't know the original bad boy of boybands.

I wish the crowd were a little more reactive. Most of the crowd only started waving, dancing and clapping their hands in the first seconds/minutes when the NKOTBSB asked us to do so, then.. done. After the "final act" when the boys said goodbyes, no one even screamed "More!!" I think I was one of the few screaming - at least to show these boys that we want to see more of them. Some even started leaving their seats - so I am not sure if they were able to see the encore when the boys  came out and sang Everybody and Hangin Tough.

 I have seen alot of NKOTB concert videos and I have seen how girls go gaga over them and it is the exact opposite of the Manila Concert. It was even funnier that when BSB boys told the crowd "Mahal kita..". Instead of replying I love you too.. the audience screamed "Whooo!!" Okay, maybe most were just too excited with the thought of them speaking in Tagalog.

I am sure the people beside me and behind me were irritated with all my dancing and waving, but, I was trying to enjoy the show. Some regrets:

  1. I booked the wrong seats, although it was good enough because I got to see and hug Donnie. I wish I booked the section 5, left side, which is just next to the stage. It is like sitting in the SVIP (which got me and my friend thinking, that would be unfair for those who booked in SVIP section 5, right side because they only get to see the side of the stage. Tsk).
  2. I could have grabbed Donnie and asked for a picture together!
  3. During the final rounds of the boys, I was busy taking pictures of Jordan who stayed infront of us, and I thought Jon was back on stage, but I realized he was the last one to come back.. I could have gotten his attention since most of the people beside me are BSB fans. Argh.

Sorry, I am really an NKOTB fan. I wish they will be back, and I want to watch the concert again with all the NKOTB fans. I am not sure how an artist or a band would feel performing in front of the stage with another boy band getting more screams and waves from the crowd. I was looking at the other side of the arena where the boys were facing and the crowd were just seated comfortably with no reaction. It is as if they were watching an opera.

I know BSB and I know some of their songs (even sang with the crowd last night) but I have outgrown the boyband stage when they came in the scene. I was already listening to Alanis Morissette then.

I hope the next time NKOTB perform here, they would do it on their own - and I wish the ticket prices are cheaper (I hate to ask our seatmates how much they paid for the tickets! Most I think got discounts from groupons). Before the show started, we saw some people occupying seats in the VIP area - probably thinking the seat owner would not show-up. I don't know who these people are. But we were just surprised.

I also received feedback that audio in the General Admission is not too good. That is something that should be improved.

Anyway, I still love NKOTB. They can still move, and dance - and they still have the charm. It is amazing how they look even younger than the BSB - and we are talking about 10 years gap.

On the concert aspect, I wish the BSB sang their songs differently. Listening to them perform is like listening to the radio. But I love their humility and respect to NKOTB. But seriously, if there is any original boy band, it is gonna be The Beatles.

Now, I am thinking of going to US to catch the real NKOTB concert and scream like it was 1980s again!

I am sure the review would be different from a BSB fan. ;)

So were you at the concert too? Thoughts, reaction, regrets?

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