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Excited for New Kids on the Block x Backstreet Boys Manila Concert Tonight!

June 3, 2012

I got tons of other things and topics to blog, but I have to put them at the bottom of my list. I just want to write about my excitement for the New Kids On the Block x Backstreet Boys NKOTBSB concert in Manila tonight!

When I told my friends I am watching the show, they were like clueless about who the New Kids on the Block members are. They said they were too young to remember, or they are just pretending they didn’t know, because (sadly) some are just too shy to admit their real age!

They would sing New Kids on the Block has a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick!. That’s all they can remember – but I do, remember all the songs of NKOTB! I am even listening to their songs now while writing this post! Does anyone remember the NKOTB Cartoon?

My friends call me crazy for paying more than Php9,000 for the VIP tickets. I told them it is in my bucketlist – to watch NKOTB concert. I am even planning of watching their concert once I go to USA. But since they are here in Manila, I am willing to pay for the ticket. So imagine my horror when I saw some groupon sites offering 50% off. I bought the tickets first week of May just to reserve good seats (and I was surprised that in one week, the VIP seats were mostly taken!). I had to beg my friend to join me watch the concert. Most of my friends are not into boybands (so they say).

Here are the New Kids on the Block:

Jordan Knight

Joey McIntyre

Donnie Wahlberg

Danny Wood

Jonathan Knight

I know.. he looks like Vic Sotto! Maybe that’s why I also like him 😉

I just cannot believe I am watching the concert tonight! I waited for more than 20 years for them. It was my sisters who got addicted with the band. I remember my sister would even borrow betamax tapes of NKOTB videos and concerts from her High School friend. We would even patiently await for the special NKOTB feature in radio and would even record their songs. We hated it when the DJ would start talking even before the song has finished (we were recording!!). You see we even sent a mail to the fan club, and we got a response letter. Generic one. Something like this. 😉

I got this from TheBoxBlogProject.
I lost ours when our house burnt down

To read more about New Kids on the Block, click Read More.

I know their songs, even the ones which were not released. I even convinced my Grade School friends to dance My Favorite Girl during our Christmas Party! Haha.

I was surprised four years ago when I found out that they had come together again! For weeks, I watched and read updates regarding their reunion. (read post 1, post 2, post 3).

Lookie, I even bought some old books from ebay … yes, I am a fan!

If you want a little refreshing of memory, the New Kids on the Block sang songs like “Step by Step“, “The Right Stuff“, and “I’ll be loving You Forever”. They even had back-up stint with Tommy Paige for “I’ll Be Your Everything”. And yes, because of their popularity, another boy band came to the scene – The Guys Next Door with their one hit wonder “I’ll Be Waiting For You.” My sister and I always laugh at the video with the money while they sing around the carousel.

What else do I know about “the kids” (The Kids, as my mom call them because she knew her girls were gaga over the New Kids on the Block!). Well, Donnie had duet with Seiko Perfect Combination
Jon (my favorite kid) dated Tiffany.  During our days, we even buy/borrow/order Bop Magazines to read about the NKTOB!

Jon Knight is my favorite! (I remember we were surprised when Kuya Germs introduced his nephew – John Nite!) He’s always very quiet, and seldom talk and/or dance. I found out from interview with Oprah that he was suffering from Panic Attacks. I cried when I saw the interview. I remember hearing the news about him breaking his leg from horse-riding, which was what they use to cover his real condition. So I am glad to see him dancing with the group again (and Backstreet Boys!). He has such a beautiful voice and I hate that he only has few songs (I think, only one? The Happy Birthday song – which I love listening to – birthday or not).

I just want to share these album covers to show how much the “kids” had grown into really gorgeous men. I am not certain about the chronology of the albums. I just got them from different sites. Thank you to Google and internet.

And now..
 I don’t want to think about the gay issues. They are beautiful men.

Here is the Step by Step video I used to get excited about everytime it would be shown in Video Hot Tracks and Video Hit Parade! (There was no MTV yet then!)
And here is the video of Summertime from their come-back album. Hot!
This is my favorite video of NKOTB! 
Very candid! Watch how Danny Wood laughs!
And here’s one cool video taken from one of their concerts abroad.
Expecting the same fun night tonight! Jon kisses a fan!
Here’s the NKOTBSB Performance in American Music Awards 2010!
Who is excited tonight?!
The Backstreet Boys might cater to the younger crowd,  but seeing them is a bonus!  I am still wishing for Meet and Greet/Backstage Passes. I have to worry about my credit card bill next month, but tonight is the night! See you at the SM Arena!

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