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(Finally) Meeting Petra Mahalimuyak: Host for Kanta Pilipinas

May 21, 2012

I finally met Petra Mahalimuyak! There was no need for me to go to the US to meet her. She is here in the Philippines and she is here to stay (I think). Remember, that I even sent her interview questions and wished that we were doing an interview while sipping coffee, and just being crazy? Read my blog about it here.

But coffee shop is not where we met, but in Robotosan (The Fort, Taguig) together with other bloggers and very friendly people of Future Entertainment and TV5. So what is Petra Mahalimuyak (or Megan Ashley Rivera in real life) doing in the Philippines? She will be hosting TV5’s newest singing reality search – Kanta Pilipinas!

She is so funny! What a riot!
I find it hard to take a picture of her, because she is always moving..!
But she is really nice and cute!
My friends know that I am not really into singing. So imagine my horror when I found out that we have to sing during the event. Thank God that the host, Jhai Ho-Ang is very forgiving. I didn’t need to sing. He is so funny! He so much reminds me of my friend.

To know what happened during the event, click Read More…

But here are some bloggers who tried in the audition:.

During the event, we got to watch the very first episode of Kanta Pilipinas – in which Petra tried the audition. She fell in line, waited for her turn, talked to the other aspirants and did her stuff on stage. Unfortunately, poor Petra didn’t make it, BUT the Kanta Pilipinas team thought that she is the perfect host for the show – so we will be seeing more of Petra in the webisodes of Kanta Pilipinas which will be aired in
Even the regular diners in Robotosan got the chance 
to watch the first episode! And they sure love it!

Look at her, watching herself on the screen..

Petra will feature video clips of auditions held in different regions and may soon feature also those who fell short of the audition judges’ expectations to give more chances to those who aspire to make it in showbiz.
By the way, I just want to share what we had in Robotosan..

I love pasta, sushi and leche flan! 
Mix of everything!

Thanks to Rain for being the Grille Master!

The Kanta Pilipinas is really a new innovation in entertainment. Imagine that you can only watch the webisodes online. I was able to talk to some of the people behind this program, and they have a lot of exciting things to unveil as the show progresses. 
It is not just a reality show, and definitely not just about singing. Petra would also talk about weaknesses and strengths of contestants while netizens are free to post their comments about the show in the Facebook Fanpage for staff’s consideration. We have Petra on the show, so it sure entails alot of laughing. And when we are happy and proud, what do we do? We share, we tweet, we take pictures and share. 
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Alright, so here are some pictures of me and Petra Mahalimuyak. Finally. Thanks to Juan Manila and Orange Magazine for taking the pics!

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