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What to Discover in The Mind Museum?

May 20, 2012

I finally got the time to visit The Mind Museum! Weeee!!! Last year, I remember blogging about it here.

There had been a lot of opportunities to visit the museum, but schedule conflict didn’t permit me. It was timely that I was invited to the event held in The Mind Museum; and even if I only had half hour of sleep, I took the chance to roam around the museum and be a kid again.

Why am I so excited?! It is dubbed as the “first world class museum in the Philippines“, and everyone was excited for its opening. I, personally love visiting museums and exhibits – and the thought that we would have something like this in the Philippines makes me so happy. How fun it is to be kids today?!

I don’t want to bore you with too much introductions.. Let me tour you around.

To see more of The Mind Museum, click Read More…

Welcome to the Mind Museum!
This robot will greet you at the entrance..
I remember when Mind Museum was still under construction, it called for sponsorship. You could sponsor as low as Php1,000, and in exchange, one of the stars would be named after you. I wished to participate, but completely forgotten about it… =(
I missed the supermoon last May 6th, but here, I got to see more than the full moon..

Choose your moon!

Sun is in the center of the solar system.. 
I remember Shaira in that commercial. Oh, I met her during the Marriott Hotel, 
Christmas Tree lighting, she is really nice!
 But look at this nice solar system. I suddenly missed Grade School days..

That’s I and my friend from the Shadow Room
I looove those quotes!

I spent so much time in this area where you can use the microscope to 
magnify the stuff in the glass panel. 

That’s one big brain!

You can listen to your heart beat in this exhibit!

Yes, umami! Chef Rosebud would agree!

 Look at that big hand raising the ceiling!

Even adults enjoyed exploring

Hello, people!

 I super loove this exhibit! I love how it is designed 
and positioned in the center.It shows different phenomena
 – earthquakes, storm, volcanic eruptions, etc. 

It changes color which makes it more interesting

How can I forget the term? My High School project was a fail then. Hehe

Hair-raising experience?!
This is my favorite! 
The Table of Elements with sample element in each box.. 
Some were still empty, and others .. I just don’t get..
Is this guy German? or what?

Let’s go to the second floor.. 

I tried playing this.. This is super fun!

  Kid checking how coconut smells like..

Nice quotes and excerpts from books.

I read some of the lines and checked my heart rate.

Before and wordpress.. there was Printing Press. 🙂

I loooove this wall! You see there is even an equation on how to calculate beauty.

This mirror explains Beauty Proportion – the Golden Ratio -how proportioned our body is.
This is also applied even in architecture and 
guess that most of the wonders of the world has this Golden Ratio.

I love the that information and facts are presented even on the floor!

.. and ceilings..

I love how things are presented. 
Most are actually donations of different companies and brands.

There are staff roving around the area to assist. 
But everyone is free to explore the exhibits (which I loove!)

My friend checking this exhibit which reminds us of a sewing machine.

There is an x-ray machine, but it is not working though.

Math. Angles. Geometry.

There is a food station in the second floor with concessionaires.
I forgot to get the listing, but I remember Cafe Bola.
You have to finish your food in this area though. You cannot go around eating and drinking.

The washroom is decent with supply of tissue, towels and hand soap. 
It is colored white and orange. I just have to share 😉
You can even play arcade games inside. 
There is one like a dance revolution, drummer game and (our favorite) racing!
There is a store outside but we weren’t able to check it because it has closed.
We spent too much time playing..
On the other side is the playground where science and discovery are integrated too

I loove that trip in The Mind Museum! I will sure bring my nephew and nieces there. Wondering how to get to The Mind Museum? Check it out.

Mind Museum Ticket Price:

Adults Php600
Kids and Students (up to College) Php450
Public School Students Php150
Teachers Php150
All Day Pass Php750 (no minimum three-hour maximum stay)

The Mind Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

To give you an idea, we spent around 4 hours in the place (2PM to 6PM) – that is because we played and went out for a break. Three hours maximum is okay for adults, but for kids who might want to stay and explore more, go for All Day Pass.

 For more info, check out:

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