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May 28, 2012

The Philippine Fashion Week Feat Bacudio x Diaz x Delos Santos x Ramirez

The weekend went so fast. It has been a hectic weekend. I took the leave last Friday and promised myself I would be working from home on Saturday morning. But I failed. Now, I am too scared to open my work inbox. I just made sure my Out of Office Notification is on.

So what happened? Seemed like I only stayed at home to sleep. Friday morning, I spent it in the mall - to buy shoes and blazer needed for the shoot (Saturday). I realized I do not have black pumps (a must-have in every women's shoe rack), so I thought it is the best time to buy one. My favorite place to buy shoes - Payless. But I am quite disappointed that they are not stocking on new releases. I saw some nice pairs in Makassar before, hoping that we will also have the same designs in Manila. Fail. Anyway, I bought a classic black pumps.

The best thing - I used my BDO Credit Card and got 10% discount. Yey. Then, off to SM Cubao to search for nice fitted blazer. It is hard to look for the best fitting blazer. I found one nice blazer with shiny lapel in TheMall.ph, but it is too small for me. The seller gave me incorrect measurements, and I am too tired to send message about it.

Anyway, I was feeling lucky that morning, and found a nice long blazer with white lapel collar (on sale!). The problem - the shoulders sleeves are too short for my arms. I bought it anyway, thinking I can always fold  the sleeves - 3/4s style.

So finally got home after lunch, and got to bed at around 3PM. My wake-up time was supposedly 6PM but mom woke up at 7PM! I thought I would miss the show. I only had 1 hour to prepare, and off I made it to the SMX - still a few minutes early.

Here are some pictures. I really need to buy a nice camera especially for covering events.

Doors had not open yet.. 
During Fashion Week, expect a lot of fashionistas!

There were photobooths in the area where you can have
your pic taken and send it to your email. I got good bloggers and photographers
with me, so I didn't bother ;)

We stayed at the back - beside the elevated area for photographers. 
We just hated the fact that the security kept on 
asking us to leave the area. I am too pretty to be pushed around. Kidding.

Avel's collection is a little futuristic. Can you spot Wilma Doesn't in the pic?

He is such a riot! Met him in the BoardWalk event.
Love how he came on stage running! Cute!

I was not able to take much pictures of the collection. 
Apologies. Sharing some few good shots.

Eric Delos Santos' collection is a fun showcase!

That's the very regal, Joey Mead on Raoul Ramirez's creation.

And one last walk..

Blurred. Again. The Designers.

After the show - time to say hi's and hello's.

Found Andre Chiang who looks someone so dear to me. 
So, I couldn't let the opportunity pass..

Thank you to Alex Dizon  for this shot. 

Alex told him that his friend (me) wanted a pic with him. He is so nice to say "yes, and wait". Because he was catching up with some friends. A bunch of girls came up, and he was nice to remember me and posed with me first ;)

And for those who were asking what I was wearing (please don't mind the pink camera case!):

Nude Lace Dress from Forever 21 
Vintage Clip Earrings (hand-me-down from mom)
Clutch Bag from Accessorize
Black Pumps from Payless Shoe Store 

I am no fashion blogger, so that might be the last time I would write about my outfit of the day. Anyway, most of my clothes and dresses are made by my mom. 

You can check more glam pictures at www.kumagcow.com ;)

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