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Freeway National Artist Collection Series Launch feat Levi Celerio

June 15, 2012

When I told my friends that I went to the Freeweay National Artist Collection Launch featuring Levi Celerio, they gave me a blank look. They don’t know Levi Celerio. I am not sure if I should feel sad because it means I am older than them, or if I should feel sadder because my friends didn’t get to witness how great Levi Celerio was. Some actually found meaning to the name and associated him with music. Only a few mentioned the word – leaf.

I remember watching him in Eat Bulaga (noontime show), and I was really amazed! How many people can create such good sound and form music using a leaf? Only the Levi Celerio can do that. Freeway, being the leading local brand which supports nationalism and National Artists gave tribute to a music icon by launching a National Artist Collection Series feat Levi Celerio.

I always love attending Freeway events because the program doesn’t just showcases fashion but also talent and cultural awareness. Have you read my previous coverage for the F.Sionil and Manansala collection? When I got the invite for the Levi Celerio launch, I got excited!

The launch happened some two weeks ago (I know, this post is a bit too late, but never too late to pay tribute to a great artist. I kind of misplace my memory card. So that explains). Who cares about traffic and rainy afternoon? Freeway didn’t disappoint me that night. Like in any other NACS launches, the program was just entertaining and engaging!

To know how G Toengi and Ms. Pilita Corales rocked the event, click Read More…

The event was hosted by the beautiful G Toengi. She is back in the Philippines for good, and she was one of the first models of Freeway (I sure remember that! I am that old and old follower of Freeway! Love shopping in the Glorietta store!).

Ms. Pilita Corales entertained us with Levi Celerio’s music. It was my first time to watch Ms. Pilita Corales perform on stage. She is popular with her bending poses (which for once I found a little too much), but seeing her perform in person and listening to her voice beautifully form a good melody everytime she bends, I was amazed!

She even knows how to engage the crowd and she is so much fun too (and sexy for her age!). One of the highlights of the event was when a kid joined her on stage (I thought she was her grandchild, but surprised to know that she is not). Ms. Pilita let the talented kid danced with her, and even gave her a chance to sing.

The show didn’t end there. Ms. Pilita sang a Levi Celerio song in Lady Gaga tune! She’s so funny! I can give a standing ovation.

I am surprised to know that Levi Celerio is the composer behind songs like Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, Ikaw ang Mahal Ko, Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw, Ang Pipit and Waray-waray! (I know Waray Waray and even got to watch a film from Sampaguita Pictures! Yes, I am not ashamed of my age, and the things that I know!).

Below, Ms. Pilita asked one of Levi Celerio’s 
sons to sing with her.

These classic songs were revived not just through music but fashion too! Thanks to Freeway! I think this is far the best collection they released. I soooo love every piece. Wearable in casual days and even in the office.


I couldn’t let the chance to pass and I had my pic taken with G! She is so fun, when I asked for a pic, she asked me, Are you a model? Supermodel? with her cute cheerful voice.. I could just told her, I wish I were but I am just your fan!

Picture taken by Alex of Recycle Bin of Middle Child

After the event, the entrance appeared like a studio with fashion bloggers having their picture taken (endlessly). I relied on their cameras, but took some shots too.

Can you tell that I only had 3 hours of sleep then?

with Sai and Ace

with boy friend, Paul.

with Krissy who knows my
former co-manager, Big J!
Here’s some more grabbed from friends..
Taken by Mommy Lariza
with Ria and Krystl
with Ruth Floresca
We always get tagged by mistake. She looks so young
and she’s the “original” mommy blogger.
I love that pic!
I was not ready!
Really.. I just grabbed the dress, necklace (leaf inspiration?),
shoes and my bag & think pad – then off to the event 😀

Here’s an outfit shot taken by John of Kumagcow
Thanks John! Love it!

Thanks again to Freeway for the invite and for bringing such good collection (again!). And thanks for this nice Levi Celerio Limited Edition Mini-Harmonica and Wooden Pendant Necklace!
This one actually works!

Love the “from” field!

I will be posting more pictures in my fan page:

You might want to check out Freeway Stores as some of the previous National Artist Collection Series are on sale!

Freeway Fan Page:

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