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Marriott Cafe Brunch & Chocolate Room with Human Chocolate Sculpture

February 11, 2012
If Chyng Reyes calls it Food Porn, I will call it Food Sadomasochism. Why? Well, let’s just say I found pleasure in eating the most delicious and expensive food that would give me pain and a little more fat (a skinny person that I am with that big bulge in the tummy). But I cannot say NO to a brunch treat from Marriott Hotel last Sunday. Sunday is supposedly lazy-ing around day, but the timing of the event is perfect, plus Marriott Cafe has expanded its menu. I need to check it out!

I were like a kid (together with other blogger friends, media people and foodies), we went straight to the Chocolate Room and got amazed with not just chunks and bits of chocolates, or cakes, but most especially with this Chocolate Masterpiece – a Chocolate Chef.
She was sitting there for couple of hours holding that chocolate tablet while we had our pictures taken and got addicted with the smell of yummy chocolate filling the room (it is that good!). It was funny that one of the bloggies realized that “that” is a real person after our brunch. 

This artwork is made of chocolate. No kidding!

I want to take home those piles of chocolates!

This one is good. Bittersweet for me!

I haven’t tried this, but it looks beautiful!

How about a kiss, baby?

Bars and bars of chocolate!

Something new for a round cake!

Look at those macaroons – pick some and eat ’em!

Even this piece is made of chocolate.. Amazing!

Lookie, even the table is one big chunk of chocolate!

My eyes feasted on the Chocolate Room, it is time to explore the stations. Sunday Brunch Menu offers  Oyster Bar, Chilled Seafood, Salumiere, Cheese Studio, Carvery, Foies Gras, Yakitori, Chinese, and Tandoor.

Whenever we go to buffets, I always go straight to somewhere more expensive. Let’s skip the salad and the soup.. Let’s have.. 
Lechon.. Soo Pinoy!

Love Lamb!

Seafood Galore

US Ribeye
I want it well done, thinly sliced with peppercorn sauce.. Yum!
Roasted Duck
The Cheese Studio
With local specialty from Davao. Condiments include pineapple chutney, watermelon chutney, dry fruits (4 kinds), glass jars with whole walnuts, almonds. It has large cutting board with crisp baguette, lavoche stick, walnut bread loaf.

Look, you can even request for a pasta recipe, the station is called Antonio’s. Chefs do it from scratch. This Italian section will feature specialties like hand filed pumpkin tortellini’s, spinach gnocchi, salmon and cream cheese ravioli with truffle paste, risotto made to order with crab meat and fresh truffles . Classic home style cooking combined with seasonal fresh high end products. Run it like a small bistro. Menus changes every week. Not more than 4 specials each week. Marriott Cafe doesn’t have this station the last time I went there

I know kids would only be just content with ice cream and chocolate fountain, that they might find the whole buffet spread a little boring. So here’s a Friendly Mime doing rounds in the dining area – entertaining adults and kids alike. 

Dennison was a victim! The Mime took alot of pictures of him. It was fun watching them!
With the bloggies on table 3. Sorry for the dark photo. 

It’s time to explore other stations.. Let’s go to Cru Steakhouse. 
I love the dining set-up in here. You can hold business meetings..

 .. Or Brunch Dates?

Wines and liquors on display

And look at what I discovered in here.. Big, fat, chunky slices of 
Foie Gras!
Lace had taken a slice and shared with out table. One slice was shared with 6 of us. I thought, I wanted more. So it was breaded and fried..

You can have mashed potato, blanched veggies, corn and artichoke with your Foie Gras!
Jelly-like sauces to top your Foie Gras with!

Here you go.. Are you ready?
The slice of Foie Gras was glazed with mango sauce, fried perfectly – I took a small bite and straight to my mouth – there is a bite of crunch on the fried edges, but the insides just melted inside my mouth. The taste is like that of the fat between Lechon skin and the “real fat”. It is tasty and the flavor just goes down to my throat. Another small bite and it was like heaven. The resident Chef told us that it costs Php3,500 per kilo. I have money inside my mouth. 
The Sadomasochism kicks in – I feel my cholesterol rising up and my neck thickening like I have a goiter – but I love the flavor and taste. I took more small bites. But when I was done with half of the slice. I gave up. I put my fork down and breathe. Thank God for good food!
Time to do the desserts! When we went back to the Chocolate Room, Ms. Chocolate Chef (Chef Heart) is now talking. Those pralines are divine! They are not hollow balls but filled with chocolate, creamy ganache!
You can even have cocktails from the Bloody Mary Bar. This bar is connecting Cru Steakhouse and Marriott Cafe.
I seriously missed shaking those shakers and throwing bottles.

Garnitures: Cherries, Olives and Orange Slices.

After the brunch, Marriott Cafe staff conducted a quiz bee game. It’s more of a trivia game and bloggies were really competitive. Unfortunately I didn’t win. But trying the Brunch Buffet is already like winning.

The fun and cool chefs of Marriott Cafe with (Chocolate) Chef Heart.
 I suddenly missed working in the Hospitality Industry.
At the rate of Php2,000 per pax for Marriott Cafe Sunday Brunch, it really is a good deal. The food is really heavy that I wonder if I am having lunch or dinner. Whatever happened to omelettes, bacon and french toasts? Bottom line, you will leave the place full and satisfied. 
You may also availed of the Valentine Promo for the same price of Php2,000 (per pax) on February 13 and 14 (both dates) on dinner time. You may get a chance to have a photo op with Chocolate Chef!
If you need more privacy and intimacy, dine at Cru Steakhouse for only Php4,500 net  inclusive of a four-course dinner and service with staff who are knowledgeable about wine pairing. Then, you can say Cheers!
Eat with heart and love!
Visit the Marriott Cafe, and Cru Steakhouse at Marriott Hotel, Resorts World.
Thank you to Pusangkalye and Vannah for the invite.

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