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Mama Mia! with Mama Mia!

February 21, 2012

Ok, it’s been four days, and I still hear the nice blending sound of voices of the cast of Mama Mia! Mamma Mia, here I go again.. My my, how can I resist you. Mamma Mia, does it show again.. My my, just how much I’ve missed you  I know the last show had been concluded. But I am not blogging for promotion. I am blogging because I am happy, and ecstatic! I am so glad I was given the chance to watch it, and of course, I brought my parents with me. Who else can better appreciate the music of ABBA?

My dad used to play the ABBA songs when I was younger – on a turntable – we had the album in vinyl! So somehow, I can sing along with the artists during the show.

For those who doesn’t know anything about Mama Mia!, it is a broadway show which was re-made on a movie, and was brought here in Manila for us to see! The last show was last Sunday, February 19th.

As soon as the curtain went up, and revealed Sophie, her soft, light voice gave a new meaning to the song – I Had a Dream.. I felt like dreaming. I love her voice. I wish I could also do musical shows, instead of just working in the office. This is when the story started. She got to read her mom’s diary.. and she shared the entries with her friends (and with all of us). The censored part were declared as DOT DOT DOT. Three diary entries got that DOT DOT DOT note, now she doesn’t know who her father is. So the story begins (ok, I don’t want to play granny sharing the whole story and plot. You can read about Mama Mia! here. And I am sure you have also watched the film).

The show is so engaging, and I hate the kid behind us who kept on kicking my mom’s seat. Honestly, kids should not be taken to this kind of show. I find it somewhat distracting.

I love the colorful costumes, the two backdrafts that transforms into different settings – from a tavern to a room. It is simple, yet impressive. The change of setting is seamless, even the transformation of lights – from day to night. The choreography and dance are graceful and the song fits perfectly in each scene.

One of my favorite scenes is that fun showdown of Tanya and one of the boys. Oh yeah, baby boys. I suddenly felt that I am changing preferences from bad boys to baby boys. Haha.

I also love the scene when the trio sang at Donna‘s room, and you guess it right, they sang The Dancing Queen. Candid, fun and unexpectedly glamorous.

Most of the time, I found myself dropping my jaw (literally), with amazement and amusement. I wonder if any of the audience noticed, but I guess they were as fixated as I was.

Even the final bow is so glam! I couldn’t count how many times they presented each cast member and took a bow. The crowd gave the biggest cheer to Rosie – probably because of her performance with Bill Take a Chance on Me. Now I like that song 😉

After the show, everyone wants a picture with Mama Mia! on background. I, included.

People also flocked the kiosk selling Mama Mia! items. I found the stuff expensive, so I just bought the official program worth Php500. The CD recording costs Php1,000. I thought probably it will soon be sold at a lower price after all the hype. But they say they will ship everything back to London after the show run.

It is really an experience to watch Mama Mia! and it’s also my first time to watch in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It’s an old structure – but thinking it was built some 20 years ago, I do admire the design of the building. Glad that it is still one of the preferred venues for performances such as this. I just hope though that management will add additional cubicles in the washroom. There are only 3 cubicles, and the 20-minute break/intermission is not enough to accommodate all the guests.
Now, I want to see more of shows and musicals. Suddenly, bars and drinking session no longer appeal to me. I am more excited about shows and musicals. Sign of aging? Probably not. I just have better appreciation of talents.

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