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Human Nature Opens a Flagship Store in Commonwealth

March 5, 2012

If you are passing through the Commonwealth Avenue, you cannot miss the new Human Nature store near the Caltex Gas Station. It is strategically built in that place with the goal of coming up with something beautiful in a place/road that is not even considered a business or industrial spot (but even called the deadly highway). 

I was invited to visit the store last week and the tour gave me the chance to get to know the history of Human Nature, and other social businesses. All I know about Human Nature is that it is a leading brand which offers organic and natural products at affordable price. Human Nature has been invading my dresser and washroom – I super love the Citronella Bugspray (which is my travel essential). 
To know more about the Human Nature, please click Read More..

Anna Meloto-Wilk and sister Camille, were in the US and noticed that alot of organic products are making trend and dominating the US market (think of Burt Bee’s). When they checked the ingredients of such products, they realized that all are actually available in the Philippines. After careful research and passion to bring quality products to the Philippines, Human Nature is born.
What is good about the Human Nature is that it is pro-Philippines (supports our local farmers and suppliers even when it’s sometimes cheaper to source from abroad), pro-poor (farmers are given the chance to cultivate other crops aside from rice, which would mean more income for them), and pro-environment (all Human Nature products are natural and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives).
I love that Human Nature is so affordable and even if it is cheap – the brand still has that certain appeal that makes you proud of using it (as if you are using expensive beauty products). It is nice to also meet the people behind Human Nature. They are pleasant people and they talk about the brand with pride. I love talking with and meeting positive people. I can sense that their love for the brand is in them. It is not just about marketing – I can see how proud they are for being part of the brand. 
Let’s take a look at the new Human Nature store in Commonwealth (which is just right beside the Human Nature office).
Spacious and well-lit store
Human Nature Store sells cute shirts and eco bags too!

I love how they arranged the merchandise..

There is sure LOVE in there..

So neat!
Lookie, the interior has those tree-like design with interesting lights.

There is a children’s area where kids can play and be creative!
I love the display area.

During the event, we were served with really delicious food! The ingredients are from Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm (Human Nature supports Gawad Kalinga –  Human Nature employs Gawad Kalinga residents as part of their full time staff). 

Yummy burger made from organic pork and fresh veggies!

Fruits with Gourmet Keso! The first time I encountered Gourmet Keso was during the Ultimate Taste Test 6  (read my feature here)- and I invited them to our corporate event called Film.Food.Fusion.

During the company event, they also brought these.. 
I love Enchantea too! Very refreshing and all natural! 
(Xilca of Gawad Kalinga, gave me some samples, and I also brought during the event!)

Healthy Wraps indeed – made of fresh lettuce and Hamlet meat from Enchanted Farm.

This is my favorite! Gourmet Keso spring rolls with spring onion and pesto!
The event is very intimate and while everyone was busy getting to know each other, I took the time to check the other products available in the new Human Nature store. The products are mostly from the social entrepreneurs.
Cafe de Sug – Sulu Coffee

I was just telling Paul that I hope someday Sulu will also be popular as a name 
for coffee origin just like Sumatra, Java, and Kenya
Theo and Philo!
I love these chocolates! I got to meet the man behind this brand in the (yes you got it) The Ultimate Taste Test 6 and I fell inloved with the chocolates. I cannot forget the Chocolate with Green Mango and Salt – seems like it is everyone’s favorite! Found out he is actually an established professional in the US and discovered that most of the ingredients of popular chocolate brands are from the Philippines. So he went back here and taaddah.. Theo and Philo is born. Love the innovation that is made for each chocolate flavor!
Golden Eggs
Just like your typical salted egg, without the coloring. I got to try sample of the Golden Egg given by Xilca (during the preparation time for the event – Film.Food.Fusion) and I felt healthy eating a more natural egg. 

Filbambu Products
These products are food with bamboo! 

Everyone is raving about the BambuTido! It is like a cupcake with embutido toppings. The team gave us one of each, so I saved the best for last – and God, this is super good! I can even eat it with rice. This makes good pasalubong/gifts to relatives abroad.
Other social businesses featured in the store – Jacinto & Lirio (luxury bags made from leather and water hyacinth) Red Carpet, Blue Bamboo, Salabatea and more.

We got so engaged with the conversations and got enchanted with the nice new store that we forgot that we can actually shop! I honestly didn’t know what to buy because I want to bring home all the products.
Cute pouch!

There is a dresser in the store and customers can play make-up session.

We cannot miss the mugs!

My favorite! Citronella Bug Spray.

Look how cheap the products are..

Now, here’s in my shopping cart:

  • Feminine Wash
  • Kids Sanitizer in Bubble Gum (for my use!)
  • Shaving Oil – want to try this!
  • Beauty Oil – alternative for lotion
  • Pocket Sanitizer
  • Pocket Soap
  • Theo and Philo Green Mango and Salt

I forgot to tell that the team was recording our shopping activity and I got ambushed at one point, and once again interviewed at the counter where I showed what’s inside my shopping cart. I am not very comfy about interviews (seriously), but I think I need to get used to it. So anyway, just wait for my What’s In Your Shopping Cart interview in I laughed so hard when I found out it would be uploaded online. It is not the best video that you can watch. Just a warning.
Anyway, please visit the new Human Nature flagship store in Commonwealth. Customers get a free-flowing coffee from CafĂ© de Sug (Sulu Coffee). I like the coffee because it is dark roasted and full bodied.
And I just have to share that the store even has washroom.

Human Nature Store
460 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.
Human Nature is also available at Rustans, Shopwise, and Beauty Bar.

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