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Mi Band 6: Php 1,990 Fitness Band You Can Personalize

May 8, 2021
Mi Band 6 Review

Mi Band 6:  Affordable Fitness Band Review

I am not the most fit person, but one of the things I find value on is my Smart Fitness Watch. I actually cannot imagine going back to traditional watches, especially that more brands are offering smart watches or fitness bands which offer functional lifestyle features that you can customize. 

Xiaomi has something interesting to offer for those who are looking for affordable fitness watch. 

I got a new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 that surprisingly offers more than what the typical fitness bands have. The best part, you can even customize its display to make it more suitable for your style.

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Band 6

This is actually my first time to own and review a Mi Band. For starters, let’s start with the unboxing. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

The box looks minimalist and stylish with embossed Mi Band 6 display. It comes with the Mi Band 6 unit, charger and manual. 

Charging the Mi Band 6 is easy and convenient. You can charge it via the USB port or via powerbank.

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

To set up the Mi Band 6, you have to connect it first via the Mi Fit app. I had a little challenge connecting it (because I connected it first via Bluetooth), but should have been via the “Add Device” button on the app. It appears that if you connect it first via Bluetooth, the app won’t be able to recognize or see the device. 

 Once connected and added, that is the only time the Mi Band 6 will show its display and features (other Smart Watches and Fitness Watches can work easily without the need to connect it first to the device). I think this security feature allows for more accurate monitoring and analysis of health reports. 

Mi Band Design and Features

1.56’’ Stunning Full Screen Touch Display

One of the things that truly stand out about the Mi Band 6 is its design. The 1.56’’ Stunning Full Screen Touch Display is an upgrade from the previous model. The display is clear and can be seen even under sunlight. The touch pad is sensitive with quick swipe up and down, and left and right commands.

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

The unique, running-track-shaped screen offers 326PPI crystal-clear resolution and  approximately 50% more screen space than its predecessor. One of the things that I love about it is that I can customize the display – of course I chose Kurt Cobain – which colors are stunning and clear. Now it looks more of my style. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

The strap is made of silicon rubber which can fit any wrist size. Interestingly, you can also buy a more stylish and luxe straps as the Mi Band 6 is compatible with it. The display is made of tempered glass, with anti-fingerprint coating. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

30 Workout Modes

As Mi Band 6 is specifically designed to be a fitness tracker, it offers 60 different workout modes ranging from HIIT, professional sports like gymnastics, to more fun activities like Zumba. I personally like that it included Yoga. But personally, I go for the FreeStyle (I do Barre and different exercises I see in Youtube). 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

It monitors breathing, calories burnt and time exercise. After working out, I can easily sync the fitness band to my phone so I can read the report.  It can also detect 6 common fitness activities to ensure key stats for sporadic bouts of activity throughout the day a – like running or walking. It is helpful when you are not able to set up the workout. You just need to click okay and start with the workout. To ensure that you don’t accidentally stop the workout tracking, the Mi Band 6 requires you to hard press on the stop button to close the tracking. This is a thoughtful feature that is not in my current Smart Watch. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

The Mi Band 6 is also water-resistant which makes it suitable for water activities like swimming and rowing (these workout modes are also included features). 

Health Tracking Features

The Mi Band 6 features Health Trackers like Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, Stress Tracking and SpO2 measurement which records your Blood Oxygen Level. For its affordable price, it is impressive to see this feature on a fitness band. 

Personally, I love the Sleep Tracker which monitors my sleep and the number of hours I had my deep sleep, light sleep and REM. I like that it can also monitor and differentiate nap time vs sleep time, giving a more accurate sleep analysis. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

The Female Health Tracking can also be activated in the app, and is useful for women users who want to monitor their menstrual cycle. Personally, I use a menstrual tracker to plot my activities (travels, pre-pandemic), and this allows me to prepare for the time of the month. 

Other Lifestyle Features

The Mi Band 6 also features these lifestyle functions like Notifications, Alarm, Music, Weather, World Clock, Camera, Stopwatch, Timer and Find Device which you can set and customize through the Mi Fit app. 

One of the helpful features for me is the DND mode which you can set in band itself. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

Battery Life

Charging time can take less than 2 hours to fully charge, and can last up to 14 days.  A fair battery life offering comparable to other fitness and smart watches.  

The Verdict

For someone who has used a more expensive Smart / Fitness Watch, I am impressed with Xiaomi Mi Band 6 features that are comparable to more expensive fitness watches. The Xiaomi Band 6 is easy to use and provides helpful data in the app that can help us make better lifestyle adjustments. 

I personally love the feature that allowed me to personalized the watch display. This is something that I haven’t seen in other fitness watches that I have, so I guess, I would be using and rocking this Xiaomi Mi Band 6 for a while. 

mi band 6 review ruth dela cruz affordable fitness watch

I would recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band to people who just want to try transitioning into fitness watches (even if they are not physically active or into sports). The features are advanced for its affordable price, and the personalized display can be a good conversation starter. 

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is sold for Php 1,990. 

Available at Shopee:

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