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Travel Essentials: Huawei Freebuds SE & Huawei Band 7

June 29, 2022

There are brands that just become part of our everyday life. One of the brands that you always probably see me wearing is my Huawei GT 3 Watch. The truth is, I have never gotten back to wearing a traditional watch ever since I started wearing a smartwatch.

For those who need an everyday watch with technical aesthetics and all-day health monitoring, check out Huawei’s newest fitness band – the Huawei Band 7.

I had an opportunity to unbox and review this newest offering from Huawei Wearables, along with the new Huawei Freebuds SE.

The Huawei Band 7 is the brand’s thinnest and lightest fitness band that offers all-day health management systems that you can personalize and wear in style.

Huawei Band 7: Lightweight, Stylish, and Packed with Features

Premium even at an affordable price, the Huawei Band 7 comes with the unit, cable charger, and warranty card/manual.

There are so many things to talk about this Huawei Wearable and on top of the many lists, it offers remarkable functions that are present in more advanced smartwatches.

Huawei Band 7 Review and Philippine Price

As a minimalist, I like that it is simple and easy to pair with any outfit. I have the option to play with the watch face and choose from 4,000 watch faces. From the collection, there are 4,000 themes that show current styles and lifestyles that match different individuals’ aesthetics or mood. The watch can also display the time of daily sunrise and sunset and supports the presentation of 8 moon phases such
as new moon, full moon, and first quarter moon, etc and to learn the tidal change in real-time. I find it fitting for those who are into Lunar Calendar.

With every swipe, the screen view is amazing and lively – thanks to the 1.47-inch AMOLED full-view display and Ultrathin FullView display. The FullView display has a screen-to-body ratio of 64.88% and 194 x 368 resolution. I need not worry about not wearing my eyeglasses. I can clearly see the health metrics and notifications in full color.

Since it is connected to my phone, I can easily get notified of messages, as well as reminders to “stand up”, “drink water” or “take a deep breath”. It is especially helpful when working, or sitting for long hours that we forget to pause and recharge our body. This system is made possible through the Healthy Living Shamrock. I also use the Huawei Health app to monitor my Menstural Cycle (and plot travel againsts the red days).

Huawei Band 7 Review and Philippine Price

Lightweight and thin as it may appear, Huawei Band 7 has sensors to monitor sleep, stress, and Sp02 in the body. The HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 is one of my favorite features of a Huawei device. It provides comprehensive analysis every morning which is one of my favorite gauges of how well I slept the night before. The Huawei Band 7 also monitors SpO2 all day long, allowing you to set automatic low blood oxygen level reminders, and provide 24-hour intelligent monitoring of SpO2 level. Now that more people are in the move and lockdown is easing up, it is nice to have this feature handy.

HUAWEI Band 7 offers an upgraded workout monitoring feature, providing a total of 96 workout modes including running, cycling, swimming, rope skipping, and roller skating. It is especially perfect for runners as it has Huawei-exclusive HUAWEI TruSportTM algorithms, which measure each training index of runners from a scientific and quantitative perspective. It allows runners to monitor and evaluate their running abilities real-time.

What is more impressive is the 14-day battery life that makes it perfect for travels and extensive activities or workout. As for me, I mostly use it to count my steps and hiking activities (during travels).

HUAWEI Freebuds SE

Another Huawei wearable that you could pair with your Huawei Band 7 for working out or for travel is the Huawei Freebuds SE. For someone who has tested different earphones, I can say that the Huawei Freebuds SE is the most affordable earphones that offer decent audio quality.

Huawei Freebuds SE Review and Price

It comes in 2 colors – blue and white which represents the colors of the sky and clouds. True to its colors, it is compact and easy to bring on the plane or to the beach.

It is classic, yet modern in the right ways. It has a semi-in-ear design which fits perfectly for a more comfortable sound experience. The design has been crafted to fit the contours of the outer ear, and reduce pressure on the ear canal, providing a breathable, lightweight fit. The box comes with different silicon tips to make sure that users find the perfect fit.

I am surprised that when I opened it, it instantly connected to my phone allowing me to enjoy my music in an instant. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 which has lower power consumption, higher connection stability, faster transmission speed, and effectively reduce disconnection and lagging.

As usual, I listened to my favorite Kpop songs – Run BTS on one hour loop? Let’s go!

The Huawei Freebuds SE delivers a perfect balance of powerful bass, crisp sound, and clear voice quality. If you know #OT7’s voice, you would get to appreciate them more with Huawei Freebuds SE which makes it appear like they are singing right next to your ears. I usually get to experience this when using a full headphones, but for an in-ear earbuds such as Huawei Freebuds SE, this is pretty impressive.

I can control the music or skip to the next track by just tapping on it. When I take the earphones off, the music will automatically pause the playback.

Huawei Freebuds SE Review and Price

I can also take in calls seamlessly using the Huawei Freebuds SE. It has a Call Noise-Cancelling feature and dual-mic beamforming technology that ensures call are clear even on crowded area. There is no need to go to a quiet place (or in the island) to take or make a phone call.

The HUAWEI Freebuds SE can last up to 24 hours of playback (with charging case fully charged); while it promises 6 hours of playback and 4 hours of talk time (with earbuds fully charged).

Blogger wearing Huawei Band 7 Review

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Band 7 Smart Band to stay active and healthy for only P2,499 (SRP 2,599): Shopee, Lazada, Huawei Store

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