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Huawei Vision S: My Smart TV Experience and Review

August 25, 2021

When I embraced a digital lifestyle, I found myself spending less time in front of a TV. I mostly do my work using my laptop, and even consume entertainment and information using the same device.

Huawei launched its first Smart TV, the Huawei Vision S, and I got the chance to be one of the first to experience its technology. I have been using it for more than a month, and I can say it totally changed the way I perceive and use TV and smart technology.

The Huawei Vision S Series comes in two models, the 55-inch and 65-inch, featuring a 4K screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and powered by HarmonyOS. I have at home the 55 – inch Huawei Vision S which sits perfectly in our living room.

Premium, sleek and minimal – just the things I can only expect from Huawei as a brand, yet Huawei Vision S is nothing minimal when it comes to its features. A Smart TV which you can use to watch movies, project photos and videos via your phone, hold meetings via Zoom, and even enjoy a Karaoke night. Not to mention, there is an intelligent AI Huawei Assistant which makes your viewing experience a lot more fun and smart.

You might have already seen and read reviews about the Huawei Vision S, including its impressive specs, so let me just share with you my experience using and enjoying the Huawei Vision S.

Setting Up the Huawei Vision S

Unboxing the Huawei Vision S can be a little challenging, and you would need someone to help you carry, unbox and set it up . There are helpful resources online that can you with the unboxing. Check out this page from Huawei with instructions on how to properly set-up the Huawei Vision S.

Once set in a secured TV stand, you just need to turn on the Huawei Vision S, and follow the instructions. It is easy and self-explanatory. The smart technology enables the user to easily access the features. If you have a Huawei Smartphone, I would recommend that you download the Huawei Vision S app to make the most of the experience (like, being able to control the Huawei Vision S via your mobile phone).

The Huawei Vision S Remote Control is a simple and user-friendly remote control that has the basic buttons – power on/off, navigation, volume, back button, settings and mic button.

Watch Movies Online

One of the things that I sorely miss about the old normal is watching movies in the big screen. I used to be content with my own little corner in my room where I can enjoy movies via my laptop, but watching movies via the Huawei Vision S, and sharing the experience with the family is a different bonding activity.

The Huawei Vision S has 4K resolution, 92% DCI-P3 color gamut, 120Hz refresh rate, and 350 nits of brightness which makes the movie/video more alive and true-to-life. The audio is powered by Huawei Sound with 4 built-in speakers placed at the bottom of the TV. It is loud enough, without the need to connect a separate soundbar and speakers. My mom can hear the sound even without her hearing aid. The Huawei Vision S’ audio system can also be used as is (you can turn off the monitor), but as for me, I would want to enjoy both worlds – audio and video.

Huawei understands that we might find ourselves more glued into Huawei Vision S, and the Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free Eye Care features are incorporated in the design. This is a really nice feature that I appreciate, especially for someone like me who always work in front of a monitor.

If you have movies saved in your USB, or phone, you can easily project via the Huawei Vision S. But you can also browse through the variety of movies available via the Huawei Video. It has a collection of Hollywood Films, Asian Dramas, Pinoy Movies, and even BBC Clips.

Sing with Platinum Karaoke App

There are only a few good reasons and instances when I sing – during worship services, for my nephew’s lullabyes, and when indulging myself in BTS Songs. 😀

But I wouldn’t pass a chance when I can download a Platinum Karaoke app via the Huawei Vision S. There is wide selection of songs from our favorite local and international artists, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, and Japanese songs.

This feature would be a great feature if you love hosting parties, or dinner get-together with friends. For now, we can enjoy this with the family.

Share My Screen: Mirror Control

Sharing my videos and photos, and even my phone screen is easy via the Mirror Control. I just need to open the Wireless Connection setting in my phone and put my Huawei phone on top of the remote control. It gives a seamless connection. I can easily share my nephew’s photos (for my parents to view them), and even share my favorite videos.

(Don’t get tired of my face in this blog, I cannot share photos of my nephew for the family’s privacy)

The Huawei Vision S mirrors the phone view, and I can adjust if I want to go full-screen, or navigate around my screen (I just need to swipe left and right, or use my phone as normal). From the portrait mode, I can just tilt my phone to view wide screen, and the Huawei Vision S will mirror the image/videos in my phone to the monitor.

The photos above shows my blog post featuring travel photos from Greece. The Huawei Vision S captured the actual colors – clear and vibrant. It seems that it was the first time my mom seeing the photos, and she said they are really nice.

I also shared my favorite videos by BTS. I love listening to their songs, and appreciating their visuals and aesthetics. Their videos are perfect for testing the screen resolution and color quality.

I really love this frame that shows different colors. I noticed the video quality will depend on the internet connection, but the connection between the Huawei Vision S and my Huawei Smartphone is stable.

When viewing videos directly from the Huawei Videos, the quality is crisp, solid and vibrant.

Hold Meetings and Make Calls

The Huawei Vision S also has Zoom Meetings app which you can download via the Petal App. The Huawei Vision S has detachable camera which you can easily connect via the magnet. Simply remove it if you are not using it, but it is also convenient to keep for quick calls with your family and friends via the MeeTime App.

The Petal App also allows you to download different apps like KonsultaMD and Wish 107.5

Connect Your TV Box

If you have a TV Box or Andoid/Apple Box, you can easily connect it to Huawei Vision S so you can continuously enjoy your Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOGO subscriptions, or simply watch local news. We receive good reception and stable connection. We currently own a TV Box and we simply connect it so we can watch local news and shows.

Talk to Celia: Voice Assistant

The Huawei Vision S has a Voice Assistant called Celia who can make your smart TV experience a lot more fun and engaging. You can ask her to check the weather for you, play good music, or even ask any random question. You can easily activate her by calling “Hey Celia”, or pressing the mic button on the remote control.

Unlike other Voice Assistants, you do not need to record your voice to be recognized, she will gladly attend to anyone who activates the voice assistant.

The Huawei Vision S has become our companion as we faced the third ECQ lockdown in Manila. I found myself spending more time outside my room, and staying in the living room to watch movies with the family. It is the closest we can get to experience the “big screen” again while staying home, and theaters are still closed due to the pandemic.

While most people use the same device for work and entertainment (I do – mostly using laptop), I love that I can separate work and entertainment through Huawei Vision S, yet it still gives me the flexibility to use it for work.

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I love that my Huawei phone and Huawei Vision S can instantly communicate with each other, allowing a smart and smooth connection for a more immersive and true-to-life experience.

The Huawei Vision S is available in all Huawei Concept Stores, Abenson and All Home.


55-inch Vision S Series: Php 36,999
65-inch VIsion S Series: Php 49,999


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