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Dinner Date with Mom at Spiral (Sofitel) Before Typhoon Pedring Checked In

October 16, 2011

When the news about typhoon Pedring’s destructive aftermath hit the news, with Sofitel Hotel on news flash and headlines, it was like Pedring hitting the Metro all over again for my mom.

She was worried and saddened, as if she were a stockholder of the hotel. Like lovers in Paris, we once had a dinner date in the luxurious Spiral. She had a great time then, I know; and she was probably saddened that the great memory was washed away with the angry waves of Manila Bay.

I know it wouldn’t take long before Sofitel re-opens its doors and yes, the elegant hotel, is operating once again.

Being a graduate with the degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management, I know what to look for in a Deluxe Hotel (The star rating system is no longer used, Deluxe Hotel is equivalent to 5 Star Hotel),  and although I haven’t had a chance to stay in Sofitel yet, or even tour and check the facilities, furnishings, engineering and business center, I would give its hotel an A+ for the service and innovation.

I maybe wrong, but being a follower of Group Buying Sites, I think it was Spiral which started the trend in offering 50% discount on its buffet offering. I only counted days and the vouchers had been sold out. Months after, every known hotel then followed the trend and joined the competition. But the fact remains (and I had observed in the workplace and even in online forum) that people look forward for another Spiral offering.

It’s indeed a win-win situation for both hotel and customers, looking at it as someone who studied business. Thank you to Sofitel for letting us taste the gustatory offering of Spiral. I admit that its regular price would feed a group of 5 in a casual dining restaurant, but the Filipino dining experience had changed because of its tie-up with a Group Buying Site. Pinoy Food Blogs have something worthy to post and talk about.

I was one of those who bought vouchers which we redeemed few days before its expiration. I decided to treat and have a date with my mom a few weeks after Mother’s Day.

Per the terms printed in the voucher, we were required to make a reservation, and I did. We came 30 minutes early before the reservation. We had to be early because reservations are only good for 15 minutes. I don’t want to lose our seats. Like a suitor pursuing my mom, I want the experience to be memorable.

I just presented the vouchers and our IDs. Because we were early, this gave us time to take our pictures in the famous Spiral stairs.

One of the staff members who was wearing a coat and tie was kind enough to offer to take our pictures. I appreciate the sincere offer and he did take a good pic of me and my mom. Thank you.

We were escorted to our seats and I even saw former mayor in a meeting with two other gentlemen. I was not surprised that political names come to Spiral for meetings. The dining area gives a sense of privacy although it is open. The staff gives space, respect and privacy to its guests which is admirable; yet they are sensitive to know if the guest needs anything without the guest asking. That’s what we call Personalized Service.

When we got to the table, I found out it was too far from the buffet stations. I was a bit disappointed. I asked the staff if we could move especially that I was with a senior. They gave us a table which is a few steps from the appetizers. I liked the comfy chairs and new table. Thank you.

When we got settled, it was time to check the buffet table.

What greeted me were selections of seafood, makis, sashimis, cheese from all over the world, salamis and cold cuts, dimsums and other Chinese food, dishes from European and Mediterranean kitchens, desserts and sweets and so much more.

I asked for Penne with Meat Sauce

I love crepes! I requested for more chocolate syrup! My crepes was swimming with sauce!

Heaven or Haven?

I am not certain what flavor is the Green one.

I tasted the Peking Duck before flying to Beijing

I just tasted a few good food. Too bad, the staff was strict and did not allow food photography. I was able to take some pictures before I was told about the policy.

It was nice dining with other foodies and it was like a celebration of good food. Some food I ate.. was too busy eating and indulging forgot to take a lot of pics.

The dining staff was very accommodating. They also made sure to refill our drinks and water, folding the table napkins that made me feel that I was just starting on dinner everytime I would be back in my seat from the buffet table, and bussing out used plates to make room for more plates and food.

I meant to request for flat handles, it is the reason they are called Flatware right? Are these the type of cutleries they used in Luxurious Hotels? I cannot even handle it properly.. 🙂

There are too many Food Blogs and Lifestyle Blogs that talk about how good the selection, variety and taste of food in Spiral, but what I am stressing is the good service we got. Sometimes, it is the good service that makes me comeback to a place. In Sprial’s case, it has everything the people needed that make us want to come back.

Burping while taking this pic

You see, even the typhoon Pedring got curious – he visited and checked in at Sofitel. A little too selfish to eat and take away all the good food in Spiral.

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For those who are curious, the Spiral Restaurant will open mid-next year with new exciting offerings! Who is excited?!

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