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The Sights, Sounds, and Scenes in Downtown Toronto

November 11, 2012

I started this draft last week, and only got to finish today.. 

So, the weekend is over. Almost. Unfortunately for us who support Canada expats, we do not follow Philippine holiday. Long weekend will rarely happen.

Tomorrow, back to the office. I had already accepted the difficulties of this work, but I wish I could just work from home and not worry about traffic, pollution and evil intentions. I used to tell my parents that I never wanted to work in another country because I felt safer here – but everything has changed after the trip.

I realized that although we are a free country, people never really feel the freedom – we cannot just freely use our phones outside when commuting, or even wear a skirt without men looking at you – there is not even a clean, fresh air to breathe, and you and your schedule are controlled by traffic.

When you get home, you see stories and news of killings, theft and juvenile crimes.

I am ranting. Again. I am just sad and frustrated about the situation in the country. But during this time that I am feeling helpless and down, I turn to my album and look at the pictures of the fun, interesting things I saw during my trip.

Downtown Toronto is one of the most visited places. It is the Central Business District in Toronto, 

Let me share some scenes and things I see in Downtown..

Batman and Spiderman are always in Downtown not to save the world, 
but to make your commute fun!

The streets are always busy and I only get to see this
after the rush hour..
The Yonge Street (pronounced as young)

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Fall and Winter Seasons are coming, 
I am guessing these are supporters of group for ethical
treatment to animals.
They say NO to Fur!
Religious Groups are also present

I know you were thinking, Wonder Woman gained a few extra weight..

There were also street dancers in the area.
All of these are happening outside the Eaton Center

One of the best performances I have seen is the one from Peter Rabbit
Nope, he is not the Peter Rabbit cartoon character.. 
He is the Peter Rabbit  – the bucket drummer. 
Like what his Facebook Fan Page says, he is a one-man percussion orchestra!

He really is a performer – with only a few people watching him prepare his stuff, 
he talks like a real performer and with a few hits to the buckets that he set-up..

People were hypnotized with the beat and excitement of seeing him make 
music with those empty buckets. 

He knows how to keep everyone engaged. 

Even this cute little kid who was just there to watch him perform

got the chance to jam with Peter Rabbit! Awesome!

Looks like Peter Rabbit enjoyed it more than the kid!


I am just so happy to be able to see Peter Rabbit perform live.. I thought he was just one of those guys outside the Eaton Center, but was surprised to know he is that popular! My friend actually recorded the performance and that was the perfect timing for me to drop a few toonies in his bucket to show my love for his talent! Thanks for the free show Peter Rabbit! You are awesome, I will see you somewhere in the globe!
 Downtown is not all fun though, (or maybe it is). 
I am telling you to be more careful.. especially with people. I don’t want to sound discriminating, but boys/men (not just because they have pointed nose) who make advances should be put on their proper place. 
This guy was trying to hit on my friend.
And this is the same guy who ruined the kid’s performance
by trying to teach him how to slam those buckets!

 Walking down the street, you will see art places..

Wide side streets are the best!

For some reason, it reminds me of Escolta, Manila
I wish Escolta were like this..

We are still not certain if this is indeed the World’s Biggest Bookstore,
or it is just the name. Too bad, I wasn’t able to buy any book in Toronto. 

 I got too excited when the ATM showed my name when I 
inserted my AmEx.

 Because of the cold weather, there are always two doors in any establishment
or revolving doors..

Starbucks stores are also present, but Tim Horton’s rules! 
I really wish Tim Horton’s opens a store here. 
My friend told me I should start the franchise! Lol

H&M also rules! I bought most of my fall/winter clothes from H&M! 😉

At night, in Spadina Avenue and Kings Street in Toronto, you will find the best places to party, eat and just have fun!
Below is the CTower from Spadina.
The place reminds me of Malate, Manila

Streetcars are still running in this place. 
I wish we have street cars in Manila.

 One touching scene I witnessed, party boys helping an old woman get into
the streetcar. My heart melted. Fancy clothes, party attitude and the
spunk – the boys have kind heart to help an old woman. Best scene I have
witnessed aside from see-through dresses, long legs, cleavage and manly bouncers in coat and tie (who refused to let my friend enter their club because of dress code!).
I looove that people are free to do what they want to do, and people just don’t care. They are free-spirited and know how to have fun – there are no “kill joys”. Another fun scene I witnessed while walking down the streets of Spadina, was a man who gave his girl friend (I think and hope) a piggy back ride while crossing a street – and they were screaming like a happy couple. I am guessing they were kind of drunk! They are fun, and the people who witnessed it were also laughing and sharing the fun. Including me.
Pre-nup shoots and pictorials are also popular in Toronto. I have also witnessed how as the traffic light goes Red, the couple ran and positioned themselves in the intersection, while the crew of photographers and videographers take shots from different angles. Amazing. As the traffic light goes Green, they were back in the pedestrian as if nothing happened. Cool crime.

Let me end this post with a story based on the first picture on this post.. Spiderman and Batman are probably the coolest attraction in Downtown, Toronto.

With just a few toonies and loonies, Spiderman would gladly carry you as  Batman does his thing..

 Oh yeah. I am the new Mary Jane!

Batman and Spiderman can also carry your babies!
Or ask them to do what you fancy..

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