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13 New Fun Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

September 6, 2022

Kuala Lumpur is the stunning capital city of Malaysia. A big city that offers rich culture, iconic architecture, and exciting adventures – for foodies and adventurers alike.

Malaysia’s culture is shaped by the influences of Chinese, Indians, and British Colonists. It could be your next stop for your revenge travel adventure; or a beautiful pre-nup / wedding destination.

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When #CebFliesKualaLumpur , I got to travel and explore the city with fellow bloggers and content creators, together with the Malaysia Tourism. We had a blast exploring the city -with (and sometimes, without 😀) our tour guide, Suzie. Sharing with you things to do and places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1. Say hello to the Twin Towers – Petronas Towers

First on the list, take a photo of the stunning Petronas Twin Towers. The tallest twin towers in the world is built to house the headquarters of Petronas, the national petroleum company of Malaysia. Interestingly, there are alot of different interesting buildings in Kuala Lumpur that make the city stunning and vibrant – day or night.

2. Cross the Futuristic Bridge – Saloma Link

The Saloma Link is a single span steel structure bridge that is illuminated with 4,100 diamond facade panels that come with state-of-the-art LED lighting. It connects Kampung Baharu City Center (KBCC) to the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). Thanks to our friend from The Poor Traveler (hello @astalavista!) we found the perfect photo spot for Petronas Toweres and Saloma Link (see photos above).

3. Visit the Batu Caves

One of Malaysia’s main tourist attractions is the Batu Caves. The cave serves as a Hindu Temple devoted to Lord Muragan whose 42-meter-high gold statue stands guard outside. Prepare to climb 272 steps to the main entrance. Wear something that covers the legs and arms (as it is considered a holy place), and guard your belongings as monkeys might try to snatch them as you climb your way up the entrance.

4. Visit the King’s Palance (Istana Negara)

Istana Negara is the official residence of Yang di-Pertuan Agong, monarch of Malaysia. Tourists can take photos outside the gates and take a peek inside the grand palace.

5. Visit the Tegu Negara

The National Monument or Tegu Negara is a 15-meter high bronze monument that pays tribute to the brave Malaysian soldiers who died fighting for their country’s independence. It is overlooking the beautiful Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens (Taman Botani Perdana).

I love that Kuala Lumpur has huge parks and landmarks around the city.

6 Have a photo at the iconic I ❤️ KUALA LUMPUR Art Installation

A visit to Kuala Lumpur is not complete without a photo at the iconic I ❤️ Kuala Lumpur Art Installation. You can also visit the Galeri Kuala Lumpur to check the exhibit and know more about the country’s history and culture.

Kuala Lumpur 2022 Travel

7. Take photos around River of Life

The River of Life is an iconic landmark in Kuala Lumpur, located near Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad, the oldest mosque in the city. It is an ongoing transformation project that is a convergence point of two rivers: the Klang River and the Gombak River. Make sure that you take photos of the murals around the area.

8. Enjoy local food like Roti, Teh Tarik and Bah Kut Teh

Roti (flatbread) is a favorite breakfast and snack in Malaysia. It comes in different varieties, and you can taste all of them at Nasi Kandar Restaurant. Enjoy your Roti snack with Teh Tarik (milk tea drink). It is a popular drink that derived its name from the process of pulling the drink during preparation. They usually serve it hot, but I prefer the iced version.

Kuala Lumpur 2022 Travel 13 New Fun Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dry Bak Kut Teh from Sun Fong Restaurant

This looks like a Sorting Hat but it is called Roti Tisu (tissue – because it is thinly made)

9. Enjoy Authentic Malaysia Buffet and Meet Celebrity Chef Ismail

In an unsuspecting location, Restauran Rebung located in a multi-level car park offers authentic Malay cuisine prepared by Chef Ismail. A Malaysian Celebrity Chef , Chef Ismail welcomed us and toured us around the restaurant, and shared stories about his collection (including wood planks and a door from his childhood home). For RM 50 lunch buffet, and RM 70 dinner buffet, you would get to taste a variety of Malaysian food including coconut rice. If you are lucky, you can even get to meet him and have a photo with him. We were lucky as he fill us with good food and stories during our visit. He is gregarious and a natural conversationalist.

Rebung Restaurant Review
Rebung Restaurant Review
Rebung Restaurant Review

10. Get Married in Kuala Lumpur!

For those who are ready to tie the know, you may want to consider Kuala Lumpur as your wedding destination. During our trip, we got to understand the Malaysian wedding culture and how affordable a wedding package is in Kuala Lumpur! For around RM 20,000 (Php 250,000), you can book a wedding venue with catering (good for 300 pax!) complete with table set-up, audio, and lights. Check out @magicaevents for more details.

Wedding in Kuala Lumpur MagicaEvents

11. Buy Book Souvenir at REX KL x BookXcess

A new popular destination in Kuala Lumpur is the REX KL which is an old cinema turned into a bookstore, cafe, and art hub. Love how BookXcess transformed the place by keeping the old cinema elements and adding modernity through the shelving and book display. I wish we have more time to really check each section, but I spotted a lot of good titles and coffe table books.

You can check out more photos from my Instagram: @ruthilicious.

12 Shop at Central Market

Central Market is a popular landmark and was once a wet market built in 1888. You can find stores that sell local clothings, food, and vintage pieces like vinyl records and antique displays.

13 New Fun Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13. Just chill and enjoy the 60’s KL Chinatown vibe at Kwai Chai Hong

If you are like me who values me-time (even during travels), you can “escape” at the Kwai Chai Hong an old alley restored to mirror 1960s KL Chinatown. The place has nice coffee shops and murals where you can be creative with your photos. Unfortunately for us, it was raining when we visited; but we still had a great time experiencing afternoon rain in this hidden spot in Kuala Lumpur.

Outside Kuala Lumpur, you can also enjoy these day-trips at Sky World Theme Park and Sunway Lagoon.

Day trip to the theme park above the clouds: Sky World Theme Park

A theme park above the clouds! Considered the most anticipated theme park in Southeast Asia. It features 26 rides from 9 movies and adventure-inspired worlds including Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town, Andromeda Base, Ice Age, Studio Plaza, Epic and Rio.

The theme park is a good pre-nup destination, too! I will be sharing more stories and photos about our trip here. Keep following!

Cross the longest suspension bridge in Malaysia: Sunway Lagoon

Have the #BestDayEver at the Sunway Lagoon which is a multi-park destination. It offers 6 adventure zones including Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon– Asia’s 1st Nickelodeon Themed Land. We tried the horror house, river rapids and suspension bridge. You can book a hotel or camp out to enjoy the attractions like the largest surf pool in the world. Love that they promote sustainable business practices, including wildlife preservation.

Watch out for a separate post about my experience at Sunway Lagoon!

These are just some of the fun things we did and cool places we visited during our 4-day trip to Kuala Lumpur. Which one is your favorite on my list?

Cebu Pacific flies to Kuala Lumpur daily.

Thank you Cebu Pacific, Stratworks and Tourism Malaysia for having me.

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