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naFlora: Feminine Wash for Every Woman’s Battles

March 26, 2015
Two things I have learned about femininity and womanhood:
1. A woman needs different feminine washes specific to her age and vaginal needs.
2. Woman Empowerment doesn’t need to be two-fisted, it can be fun, light and witty.
naFlora Feminine Wash and Think + Talk Creative Communications, Inc treated us to monologues of women who are facing daily matters of womanhood and femininity. 

Starting off with Marigold, a married mother who is on emotional crossroads enjoying the joys of motherhood and wanting badly to reach her long-time dream – to be a tri-athlete. Even if I am not yet wearing wedding bands and cuddling infants to sleep, I somehow understand the struggles of the many Marigolds I have met in my life. Great example are people and friends I know who are stuck at boring desk jobs that they cannot leave because they need to provide for their family – and setting aside the dreams and passions that they so wanted to live.
Then there’s the young Jasmine who was trapped in the bathroom that gave her an opportunity to confront her teen angst. I could completely understand and relate to her stories –  how her mom would feel anxious when she goes home late, and when she goes out with a guy (hello, teenage girl!)
Petunia is the funny cougar who knows how to have fun. She admitted to us  how her dance instructor would talk about her scent – alimoong – amoy-lupa that totally turned her off. But this woman can still attract lovers. She also shared what happened on her “first night” with her lover and more witty stories that I am so afraid to face in the future. 
It was an amazing performance and empowering. Woman plays different roles and I love how they use the quote my friend and I love so much:

Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.

Karen Bingo played Jasmine, while Wenah Nagales and Ruth Alferez alternately played Marigold. Joy Viado and Joann Co alternately portray Petunia. Joy was amazing. It was my first time for me to see her perform in theater. 


After the play, we got a short intimate lecture with OB-Gyne, Dr Ma Lourdes Escobar; followed by press con with the actors, and the playwright, Liza Magtoto and Think + Talk Managing Director, Michiko Unso. 
Michiko shares: 

What we want to achieve here is for women to be informed and be educated rearding the many facets of being a woman, and making her realize that the vagina is truly sacred and powerful, it being a passage of life. 

Indeed, woman needs to take care of her body and vagina (and labia as if it is her lips). 
Thankfully, naFlora supports its advocacy with 3 different variants  –
Protect: for daily use and during monthly period. It has 3.5 to 4.5 ph level that is what women needs. It has lactic acid and tea tree extract that helps protect vaginal infections. 
Restore: for post partum care and as an adjunct therapy to vaginal infection. This variant is perfect for those who have just given birth to help restore the balanced ph level of the vagina. 
Noisture: for women of menopausal stage. This is an interesting variant that only naFlora offers. It is perfect for women who are in menopausal stage. It helps soothe and protect the area with 6.0 to 7.5 ph level.

Naflora is available in all Mercury Drug Stores

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