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#BetterTogether for a Simple and Productive Life

February 20, 2022

Connection and communication are two important processes that help us achieve our goals in life – be it personal, career or relationship. Taking a quote from my favorite movie:

I guess when you’re young you just believe there’s be many people with whom you connect … Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times. – Celine, Before Sunrise

The same is true when it comes to technology – not all technological breakthroughs or devices connect with other devices. It is important for me to have gadgets that connect with each other for a more seamless way of life. Besides, technology is here to help things become more simple and uncomplicated.’

Girl on a beach using a Huawei phone

HUAWEI’s 1+8+n strategy connects all devices for an immersive experience & enhanced productivity. With the smartphone serving as the remote control of our lives, it is the central device that connects with other devices. I personally use my HUAWEI smartphone to create content and communicate. I can simply connect it with the HUAWEI MateBoox X and it allows me to respond to my messages directly. It saves me time and attention compared to constantly checking my phone and responding to messages. Little things can truly help with productivity.


My HUAWEI phone is also connected to my HUAWEI GT 3 watch which monitors my health and workout routines. With quick access to the HUAWEI Health app I can see my workout records and adjust accordingly depending on my fitness goals. The HUAWEI Health app and GT 3 watch also communicate and updates me when it is almost the time of the month. I can also check my menstrual cycle allowing me to plot my travels against this period.

Upgrading my workout routines is as simle as connecting my HUAWEI Freebuds and playing some good music via the HUAWEEI Sound X. The devices simply communicates with each other and create a harmonious connectivity for my benefit.

These are just simple scenarios showing how my HUAWEI devices connect with each other and make everyday life simple and productive.

Although I go for my essential apps for communication and productivity, it is good to have access to different apps which I can access through The Huawei AppGallery. It offers a category of apps available for 5G devices, including essential apps for communication like Viber and Telegram.

Woman searching using the Huawei App Gallery

While the HUAWEI Petal Search is a gateway to a variety of apps and games (including the most popular titles!). I just need to type in the keyword and click search, and it offers me relevant results which I can download.

HUAWEI’s newest smartphone collections HUAWEI nova 8i and nova 9 are also integrated with the HUAWEI 1+8+n strategy. To know more about HUAWEI, check out

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