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Simple Me-Time Activities Online

September 10, 2021

One of the things I value as a content creator and digital entrepreneur is my love for things I do. It means only accepting projects I enjoy doing, and having my me-time and 8 hours of sleep every night.

Lately, it has been a very busy month, and although I am thankful for the endless opportunities and trust of my clients, I always remind myself to always have a quick me-time or break after finishing a task. It is important for me to refresh my mind, and engage in different activities to help me re-connect with my creative side.

I am sharing with you simple me-time activities that I enjoy online.

Watch Videos and Clips Online

While movie marathon and binge-watching series is for weekend activities, I really enjoy watching short clips and videos during my quick afternoon breaks. I personally love watching videos of my current favorite band – BTS. I love the positive energy that they exude, even if it means that I have to watch the videos twice – read the subtitle first, then enjoy their personality and chemistry.

Play Online Games

Although there are many games now that we can play that allow us to even earn money. I go for simple games that I do not need to download in my laptop. I came across the website that offers different online games for different interests and levels. The website so much reminds me of the old internet with very simple design and interface.

Solitaire is one of my mom’s favorite games that she plays, so it is cool to access this game again online. Do you guys remember when everyone’s favorite Windows game is Solitaire?

The site also has Connect 3 Games that challenges your speed in connecting colors and dots. I love playing the Candy House, which is like Candy Crush. It showcases the same colorful interface and design, and the game becomes more challenging as you level up. I love challenging layout designs where some pieces are locked. The best part is when everything explodes when you hit the correct color, and the color aligns getting you closer to the goal for the next level.

Hidden Object Games are also very fun to play to kill time. I love The Palace Hotel that challenges me to find hidden objects. It helps that my laptop is touchscreen and I can easily pinch and zoom to locate the objects. It is nice to “be” in a hotel again, even just through online game.

Online Window Shopping

I try to be more intentional with how I spend my money, and I just find joy in browsing through different sites to check what’s new and on sale from my favorite online stores. I also use this time to check on possible gifts that I can buy for friends for their birthday/anniversary.

What are the simple ways you enjoy your quick breaks and me-time?
Comment down below. I want to hear your suggestions.

  1. Naglalaro ako ng candy bomb. Pero pag stress, nagja-jump rope ako o kaya naman minsan nagmamassage ako ng face ko using my gua sha. 😁

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