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New Artists I Currently Listen To

September 13, 2021

How do you guys discover new songs and artists? Back in the old days, we tune in to radio shows for music countdowns and best hits. In this age, I mostly discover new songs and artists via Youtube and Tiktok (still new in this platform).

I am sharing with you 4 new upcoming artists that you should watch out for. They are artists that are already making names with their unique talent and sound.

Manila Killa

Chris Gavino, also known as Manilla Killa is a young artist born in the United States, but was raised in different parts of the world. He, however makes sure that his screenname carries his heritage, and reminds his audience of his roots. Behind the electronic sound is a passionate producer who transformed from self-taught Ableton lessons into a full-fledged career earning him tens of millions of streams online, major festival billings, and prominent press coverage.

If you check his Youtube Channel, you will see a lot of remixes and collaboration with other artists. But Manila Killa is not new in the industry, he was featured in Beats 1, Sirius XM Chill, Spotify New Music Friday in 5+ countries, Apple Music A-List, BBC Radio 1, Triple J and other channels. His portfolio includes commission remixes with official remixes by Chvrches, The Knocks, Jack Garratt, Dawn Golden, Tegan & Sara.

Check out and follow his social media to know more about his Manila Killa



Soulful and powerful. I really love Yuna’s Don’t Blame It On Love with its carton video. Yuna started off her career just recording music in her bedroom and publishing it online at the early age of 19.

Yuna entered the music career after graduating from law school. She is popular in the Malaysian Scene with English singles generating listeners from the urban culture. At the age of 20, she started her own music label, Yuna Room Records. The US record scene took notice of her talent and signed her under Indie Pop Records. 10 years into the industry, her music matured through alternative sounds to Pop and slowly entered R&B.

She worked with Pharrell Williams, David Foster and Usher, establishing her international career in the U.S. and continues to grow, generating more music and content. Yuna’s critically acclaimed 4th studio album, “Rouge” is her best offering to date. With features from Tyler, The Creator to Masego, the album is a front to back listen. Born in Kedah, Malaysia and raised primarily in Kuala Lumpur, Yuna now splits her time between Malaysia and Los Angeles (where she is based). 

I really love how she stays true with herself and brand, which makes her a favorite brand ambassador among international brands and labels. She is now focused on releasing new singles and helping new artists.



daze’s music is the type that I would use as my background for my videos. daze is a singer-songwriter who is heavily influenced by the sounds of her youth being born in Pampanga and raised in Subic. From R&B tracks to old school 80s rock, Daze took inspiration from these influences to create her own sound.

Nostalgic, yet fresh. Her talent at writing poems at the age of 13 became a bridge for her to draft her first song with her College friends.

In 2020, daze joins Tarsier Records for her debut release, “1996”, a peek of the narrative of what’s to come for her debut EP in 2021. The multi-single project gravitates towards a theme of her flavor of love songs embodying divine femininity. From the upcoming EP, she released “Lonely” in 2021 debuting as the cover of Fresh Finds Philippines on and in 8 New Music Friday playlists by Spotify across Southeast Asia.


Steven Peregrina

If you love the remix of Ipagpatawad Mo x Kung Akin Ang Mundo, remember the artist’s name, Steven Peregrina. The viral hit with over 9 million views on Youtube is just one of the amazing remixes by Steven. He lives in a legacy of his own grandfather and OPM Legend Eddie Peregrina, but adds a new flavor and sound with his remixes and mash-ups that earned him over 100k subscribers in his Youtube channel.


What songs are in your playlist now?

  1. Puro kdrama OST ang nasa playlist ko right now 😆.
    Pinaka-naka on-repeat yung OST ng You are my Spring na kinanta ni Onew ng Shinee.
    Nadiscover ko si Onew sa Sea of Hope na healing variety show kasama nya si Lee Dong Wook, Lee Ji ah and Kim Go Eun. Ang ganda ng voice nya.

    1. Wow, checking Onew now.
      I love hearing recommendations from you guys. Hehe.
      Currently, BTS lang na enjoy ko K-pop songs. Hihi.

  2. Depend on my mood.. When stress, up beat music is up on my Playlist.. 😁 But mostly slow rnb hits for me ❤️

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