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Minimalism and Simple Entertainment: Free Online Games

April 27, 2021

Everyday, I strive to live more intentionally. But that doesn’t mean I am always productive, and I don’t have playtime. I actually have more time to do what I love to do – which allows me to reconnect with myself and be more creative. 

My current leisure activities include watching Netflix (documentaries are my favorite! check out my Instagram post for recommendations! ), listening to BTS songs and getting to know the boys 💜, and playing online games. 

All we really need is 30 minutes to recharge so we can be productive again. There is a lot of things we can do in 30 minutes (but it is okay if you extend your me-time 🙂 

I used to be a really good player when I was younger. But when I grew up, things and interests have changed. Recently, I discovered a site that carries simple free online games for relaxation. Some of the games even remind me of my younger netizen life when games are much simpler and Flash plug-ins are used. While other games would really challenge your skills. The best part, I don’t need to download anything that would take up my laptop’s memory. 

Sharing some of my favorite games:

Pac Rat: this is inspired by a the popular game, Pac Man. It brings back so much memories! Ang I love that I can play it by just using the arrow keys in my keyboard. 

Speed Type Game: for someone who always types and writes, this is a delightful game that measures my accuracy in typing and speed. I really like that I can practice this skill while enjoying the game and broadening my vocabulary. 

Burn Matches: Math Logic Game: I didn’t realize this can be really challenging! It is not just a math equation, but logic game wherein you need to remove or add matches to move to the next level. This is a good brain exercise!

You can also play online games for free without the need to upgrade your laptop or device.

What are your recent forms of entertainment?
I hope you include reading my blog as one in your list. 💗

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